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  1. It Happened One Summer: A Novel Audiobook It Happened One Summer: A Novel
  2. The Viscount Who Loved Me Audiobook The Viscount Who Loved Me
  3. Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life Audiobook Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life
  4. The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World Audiobook The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World
  5. The Dictionary of Lost Words Audiobook The Dictionary of Lost Words
  6. The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close Audiobook The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close
  7. Arsenic and Adobo Audiobook Arsenic and Adobo
  8. The Cabinet Audiobook The Cabinet
  9. The Night Circus Audiobook The Night Circus
  10. Open Mind Audiobook Open Mind
When the Smoke Clears Audiobook

When the Smoke Clears

Author: Kenya Wright Narrator: Kentra Lynn, Theodore Rose Release Date: April 2021

Just released from the mental hospital for shooting her ex-husband, Kassie is in no mood to date men. Now a newly single mother, she's focused on raising her son. She also has to get her career as an author back on track and rediscover her passion for romance writing. She has things to do. But Lorenzo comes into her life, a gorgeous firefighter who isn't accustomed to hearing the word no. He's more than a heated distraction. He's an erotic inferno of lust and everything sizzling. So the chase begins. Neither are ready. There's too much at stake for them both. They've both been broken and betrayed, both misused and abused. Yet sensual flames surround them. Desire burns and twists with wet kisses on a moonlit beach. And they're both caught up in the passionate chaos, both intoxicated with the other. Hot sex ignites into something more. And both are left wondering who will be standing when the smoke clears...

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Enticed by a Thug Love 2 Audiobook

Enticed by a Thug Love 2

Author: Kelly Marie Narrator: Dylan Ford, Kentra Lynn Release Date: April 2021

Bombs have been dropped and lines have been crossed but that was just the beginning! Guns has put his loyalty into a woman and that's made him go against his family but will it all end how he wants it to? Who is his love and is she really loyal to him or herself? Just as Dior and Jashawn finally find their happiness, it's snatched away when they find out that their paths crossed long before they met. The couple find themselves at a road block and both have families who will stop at nothing to tear them apart. Do they allow it or is love enough to keep them together against the odds? But most importantly, was Dior helping her dad all along? A'Moya was hit with a truth she never saw coming-Legion killed his mom! Was he right when he said that he was a damaged monster? Does A'Moya run for the hills or is she ready for the heavy burden Legion dropped on her? Wrath and Kanada could no longer fight the inevitable-they belonged together. After all that she's been through, it seems that Kanada has finally found her knight in shining armor and life starts to get better for her. But is her past really behind her? She soon finds out that it's not and one mistake may cost her everything and a returning baby father doesn't seem to help. These women had no idea what was going to happen when they crossed paths with the Ramsey men. In part two, secrets, lies and exes come out of the shadows. Which couples will survive? Plus, we find out who Guns' love really is!

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The Purest Love for the Coldest Thug 2 Audiobook

The Purest Love for the Coldest Thug 2

Author: Miss Jenesequa Narrator: Kentra Lynn Release Date: March 2021

Who knew the purest love would turn out to be the most addictive substance? Kisan Williams knew from the second he laid eyes on Solána Winters that he wanted her. But from wanting her to now loving her was something that he never expected to happen. And now that it has, Kisan is torn. Should he make things work with the woman he loves or stay with the woman who birthed his precious daughter? Solána Winters is still distraught from Kisan's sudden end to their relationship. She knows she loves him and doesn't want to be without him. Despite her mind telling her to forget all about him, her heart yearns for his presence. Will her determination result in her taking control and going full force for the man she wants, regardless of his decision for them to be apart? Or will she fall into the arms of another? There's a big secret lurking, and it could send Kisan into a state of pure hatred. And that ice-cold heart that was once melted by Solána could instantly freeze into an icecold box. In the second installment of The Purest Love for the Coldest Thug, lines will be crossed, tears will be shed, and love will endure. But can everyone survive the conflicting times ahead, or will the conflict get the best of them?

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The Purest Love for the Coldest Thug Audiobook

The Purest Love for the Coldest Thug

Author: Miss Jenesequa Narrator: Kentra Lynn Release Date: March 2021

Who knew someone so dangerous could be so damn irresistible? The middle child of three girls, Solána Winters, was always one to oppose her mother's wishes for her to be the typical good girl. However, deep down Solána knew her stubbornness had sent her mother to an early grave. After tragedy strikes, she gets back on the right path and focuses solely on herself ... until she stumbles upon a bewitching addiction like no other, with not a single cure in sight. Kisan, known to many as Mace, on the surface appears to be a collected, handsome, and prestigious young man. And he is ... among many other things. Those that know more, know him to be bold, calculated, and extremely cold-hearted. They know how crazy he truly is; how he can lay one finger on a trigger and aim perfectly without fail; a gentle giant to not one single soul but the only woman who has his heart-his three-year-old. Kisan and Solána are immediately drawn to each other, sparking an uncontrollable fire between them that neither party are able to put out. However, when the attractive heavy hitter and stubborn beauty's worlds collide, it sets off a cascade of life-changing events. Events that not only change their lives but the lives of everyone around them. Loving a man like Kisan could potentially be the most intense and intimidating thing of Solána's life, but is she willing to risk it all for a man she should be running far away from? And is Kisan willing to let a woman access the deepest, darkest parts of him? They say the purest love is hard to find ... but now that Kisan has found it, can he make it last? Or will his inner demons get the best of him?

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Married to the Money Audiobook

Married to the Money

Author: India Narrator: Kentra Lynn Release Date: January 2021

Greed is defined as an excessive desire to possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially wealth and power. A gold-digger is defined as a person who dates someone simply to extract money from them. Twenty-six-year-old Chanel Franklin fits both definitions to a tee. Her 'Married to the Money' mentality leads her to make more than a few bad choices. On the road to riches, she gets caught up in a whirlwind affair with a certified baller. After losing her mind and common sense, she gives up a good job, a great man, and a comfy lifestyle just to live life in the fab lane. On Chanel's journey to obtain the finer things in life, she quickly realizes the grass isn't always greener on the other side. More money almost always means more problems! She's been betrayed by family, friends, and a few false admirers. She's also learned more lessons, both physical and mental, than she cares to remember. When she realizes money is the root of all evil, it may be too late. Everything comes at a price--hers just may be her life.

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Enticed by a Thug Love Audiobook

Enticed by a Thug Love

Author: Kelly Marie Narrator: Dylan Ford, Kentra Lynn Release Date: November 2020

He's rude, judgmental, intimidating and everything you don't want in a man, yet for some reason you find yourself enticed by a thug love - well that's what happens when three women cross paths with the Ramsey men. Kanada Alton is a twenty-six year old mother who finds herself homeless by the hands of her baby father. With her only hope to find her parents who moved to another State, she sets out for New York and in doing so she crosses paths with Alvaro 'Wrath' Ramsey - the King of New York. Their meeting is anything but pleasant when Kanada makes a mistake leaving Wrath believing she's an unfit mother. Still, he finds himself having to help the young mother and soon Kanada finds herself falling for the rude Wrath. But is her past really that? And can Wrath overlook what brought them together?A'Moya Morse is in the wrong place at the wrong time which leads her in the path of Pharaoh 'Legion' Ramsey - or was it destiny? Their worlds collide on that one night and despite Legion being a man that's carrying too many demons and believes he's too damaged to love, A'Moya finds herself drawn to him, even when he tries to push her away. However, eventually he gives in. But when he reveals a life changing secret to her, was he right when he said that he was too damaged for love? Nothing in life usually bothers Dior Alfred except drug dealers. She hates everything about them and what they do, for personal reasons. So when she meets Jashawn 'Surge' Ramsey he is the prime example of why she hates them so much. But soon Surge's life is in danger and the same person who hates him ends up helping him. And while doing so, Dior falls for the same person she grew to hate. Their connection is real and neither is willing to let the other go but their paths were connected long before they met, in a way they didn't expect. So what happens when they have no choice but to walk away? Come take a ride with Kanada, A'Moya and Dior whose lives are turned upside down when they find themselves enticed by a thug love.

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Full Figured 15 Audiobook

Full Figured 15

Author: Anna J., Honey Narrator: Kentra Lynn, Morae Brehon, Vance Goodwin, Vance Goodwin Release Date: April 2020

Urban bestseller Anna J and Honey bring the heat in this latest juicy installment of the Full Figured Series. 'Other Women's Husbands' by Anna J: Nobody wants a bone but a dog. That's been Zaria's motto for as long as she can remember. Gorgeous in the face and thick in the waist, she drapes every inch of her plus-size frame in nothing but designer if for no other reason than her own insecurities. She has to stay on point because in her world, she can't be fat and sloppy at the same time. She thinks she has met the love of her life in Tariq, but she soon finds out he's just like the rest of them--only with her for her clout, and still a cheater. Zaria makes the decision to play the same game everyone else is playing. No one's husband is off limits. Will Tariq learn from this flip in the script, or will he lose his wife forever? 'Whole Lotta Lovin'' by Honey: Thick in the waist with the most gorgeous face has always been the best description of Harmony Baxter. She has a pleasant personality and the IQ of a genius. Unbeknownst to most, Harmony also has the voice of a soulful angel. She's managed to keep her rich, velvet timbre a secret, simply blending in, until a handsome, sexy teddy bear of a choir director comes along. The brother has so much swagger that he makes Harmony want to sing seductive lullabies and rock him to sleep in her bed every night. After a sex scandal at his former church, Dorian Hendrix is blessed with a second chance with a new congregation in Atlanta. He still loves pretty women and 'grown folks' activities,' but he's vowed to be more careful this time around--until he accidentally discovers a secret about his most loyal choir member. Will Dorian's past as a hardcore player hinder his chances at making a love connection with Harmony? And will her insecurities stop her from lifting her voice in song and sharing all the love and passion in her heart with a brother who is ready to receive it?

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Across the Way Audiobook

Across the Way

Author: Mary Monroe Narrator: Adenrele Ojo, Beresford Bennett, James Shippy, Kentra Lynn Release Date: March 2020

Neighborhood tensions reach a breaking point in the finale of New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe's captivating series that sweeps readers back to 1930's Alabama and into the lives of two neighboring couples whose deceitful friendships and imperfect marriages are just the beginning of their troubles... In this captivating Depression-era set novel by New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe, two couples find their grudges endangering more than their Alabama small town's deceptive peace . . . When good-time couple Milton and Yvonne Hamilton moved one house over from the respectable-but-restless Odell and Joyce Watson, it was a fast friendship of shared secrets--and secret jealousies and betrayals. Their alliance was bound to crash and burn, but the Hamiltons won't quite let the flame die out, even after scandalous accusations get them arrested... Odell would do anything to be free of his bootlegging, blackmailing, money extorting neighbors and recover the peaceful--and financially prosperous--life he and Joyce once had. But Milton and Yvonne seem to always bounce back from bad luck, and this time they've returned angrier, and greedier, than ever. Determined to get what Odell 'owes' them, the Hamiltons have a big surprise for Joyce too, one that shows how far they will go to get revenge . . . Now pushed past his breaking point, Odell is sure he's got a foolproof plan to end the scheming once and for all. But it soon spirals into lies, shattering violence, and permanent damage that will roil their tranquil community, and alter his and Joyce's world forever . . .

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Loving a Borrego Brother 2 Audiobook

Loving a Borrego Brother 2

After a hurricane of events, so many lies and secrets are left undisclosed between the Borrego brothers and their leading ladies. As Micah fights to regain Risas trust, she battles against her past with Zo, as well as for her future as a lawyer. Shortly after Dre discovers Romis baby is his, he takes another life-changing blow that could ruin him and Romi indefinitely. Even though Dame and Raina are the youngest in the pack, they work hard to get their relationship in a good place. But will Dame have the self-control it takes to win Raina over for good or will there be someone else waiting to sweep her off her feet? And while Melo continues to break down Raquels tough exterior, she finds out some devastating news that could be detrimental to the entire Borrego family. Melo has an extremely difficult time processing it all. But will it come in between the two of them or bring them closer together? Find out in this second and final feature of Loving a Borrego Brother.

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The Double Cross Audiobook

The Double Cross

Author: Anna J. Narrator: Dylan Ford, Ebony Ford, Ebony Mendez, Kentra Lynn, Tamra Thompson, Tamra Thompson Release Date: February 2020

Anna J is back with her tenth novel, and she's coming out the door blazing hot! Get ready for the ride of your life. Two is company, but three is definitely a crowd, especially when we all want the same man. Who does a man love more: the woman he lies to or the woman he feeds the truth? In the game of love and war, it's so easy to get sidetracked when you're the most sought after guy in your city, but for Chase Warren, he wants more. Bedding chicks is light work for him, but finding a forever queen proves to be a little more challenging. That is, until he lays eyes on Selah. She has everything he's looking for and more, but one mistake could cost him everything. Will Chase tell Selah the truth to save his relationship, or will he slip up before he gets the chance to save face? Men will be men, but with a woman like Selah, being reckless comes with consequences that could truly be the end of him.

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The Family Business 5 Audiobook

The Family Business 5

New York Times bestselling author Carl Weber and Essence bestseller La Jill Hunt return with a story of love, betrayal and racism in the next addition to the wildly popular Family Business series. From the time he was a boy in Georgia, LC Duncan, patriarch and leader of the Duncan clan, has battled racism. Even now that he and his family are truly successful, the racism can still be in-your-face. Maybe its the political climate or perhaps its just bad timing, but LC and the rest of the Duncans are being challenged by the ultimate power-hungry racist, Sheriff KD Shrugs. Nevada Duncan is at that age when girls and sex are always on his mind. His handsome face and superior intellect attract Kia, the beautiful Blasian call girl who tempts him into running away to a place where the Duncans are definitely not wantedEl Paso, Texas, the home of KD Shrugs. What is the worst thing that can happen to a handsome, rich millennial? Rio Duncan would say its mistaken identity after being beat down in a nightclub by someone who thinks hes Roman Johnson, a stickup kid who happens to be Rios doppelganger. What happens next will open up the biggest can of worms the Duncans have ever had to deal with. Get ready for another roller coaster ride with the Duncan family.

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The Therapist Audiobook

The Therapist

Author: Latoya Chandler Narrator: Chante Ellison, Dylan Ford, Ebony Ford, Ebony Mendez, Kentra Lynn, Morae Brehon Release Date: November 2019

'Sometimes you have to give people a taste of their own medicine!' ~ Unknown Everyone has at least one secret they will carry with them to the grave. Some secrets have the power to destroy everything within their path. What happens when a secret has deadly consequences? Do you ignore it to escape the pain you have caused? Are you able to resist its grip on your life that would prevent any sign of progress? Dr. Binet, your favorite doctor from Latoya Chandler's The Case Manager, returns in The Therapist to remind you that even therapists need therapy. After hearing so many painful stories from her patients, Dr. Binet finds her mind consumed in ways that drive her to action. The purpose of counseling is to heal open wounds, yet it can fuel the urge for revenge. Discover how Dr. Binet's dark secrets and unhealed wounds spill over into her daily decisions. A vow to confront her skeletons brings out an unfamiliar side that scares her. Her need for revenge intensifies and rouses Dr. Binet's urge to inflict pain. How long will she be able to function as a therapist and heal from the secrets held deep inside? Join Dr. Binet, Candice, and numerous other characters from The Case Manager as they strive to heal once and for all.

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