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Audiobooks Narrated by Jo Van Es

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. The Final Twist Audiobook The Final Twist
  2. The Bomber Mafia: A Dream, a Temptation, and the Longest Night of the Second World War Audiobook The Bomber Mafia: A Dream, a Temptation, and the Longest Night of the Second World War
  3. Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking Audiobook Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking
  4. Win at Work and Succeed at Life: 5 Principles to Free Yourself from the Cult of Overwork Audiobook Win at Work and Succeed at Life: 5 Principles to Free Yourself from the Cult of Overwork
  5. Left You Dead Audiobook Left You Dead
  6. Protector: The epic new adventure through the battlefields of ancient Greece Audiobook Protector: The epic new adventure through the battlefields of ancient Greece
  7. Because of You: The instant Sunday Times bestseller 2020 Audiobook Because of You: The instant Sunday Times bestseller 2020
  8. The Wife Who Got a Life Audiobook The Wife Who Got a Life
  9. Covet Audiobook Covet
  10. The Power of Geography: Ten Maps That Reveal the Future of Our World Audiobook The Power of Geography: Ten Maps That Reveal the Future of Our World
Sex, Lies and Question Time Audiobook

Sex, Lies and Question Time

Author: Kate Ellis Narrator: Jo Van Es Release Date: April 2021

In Sex, Lies and Question Time, former MP Kate Ellis looks at what it is really like to be a woman in Australian politics today. In 2017, a survey showed zero per cent of young Australian women would consider entering politics. Zero. In a time when we critically need women in our parliament, and in a country that was an early leader in women's political participation, there is a perception that women and politics don't mix. Shocking incidents have exposed the sexism that women in politics face from opposition, the media, the public, even their own colleagues. And those headlines only tell half the story. In Sex, Lies and Question Time, Kate Ellis tells the sometimes enraging, often funny and incredibly honest full story of women in Australian politics today. As well as sharing the experiences of her own fifteen years in parliament, Kate has spoken to politicians from across Australia's political spectrum, including former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Julia Bishop, Penny Wong, Linda Burney, Sarah Hanson Young and Pauline Hanson. Kate explores issues like sexism, bullying, motherhood, appearances, social media, racism, the sisterhood and, of course, sex. But she also celebrates everything Australian female politicians have achieved. Because most of all this book is a powerful call for Australian women to inspire to political leadership, to shape a fairer Australia - where 'women's issues' are everyone's issues.

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How to Break Up with Friends Audiobook

How to Break Up with Friends

Author: Hannah Korrel Narrator: Jo Van Es Release Date: October 2020

The one who expects the world, but never remembers your birthday. The one who constantly ditches your dinner plans when you're already halfway to the restaurant. The one who leaves you feeling exhausted, used and completely emotionally battered. Why do we let these people into our lives? When is their friendship actually friend-shit? How do we dump these crappy companions? This is the no-bullshit, essential guide for anyone devoting their precious time and energy into maintaining friendships with toxic friends. Using activities, truth bombs, and real-life examples, neuropscyhologist Dr Hannah Korrel will help you to identify the bad friends in your life, understand what true friendship should look like, learn how to attract the best people, and become the best friend you can be yourself. Provocative, funny, and brutally honest, How To Break Up With Friends will change the way you look at friendship forever.

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Turning Down the Noise Audiobook

Turning Down the Noise

Author: Christine Jackman Narrator: Jo Van Es Release Date: September 2020

Through her personal quest for a better way of being, author and respected journalist Christine Jackman seeks out the best ways to regain clarity and peace of mind in a busy and noisy world. For centuries, wise men and women have sought silence to gain insight and creative inspiration. Now the modern world is catching up. Is neuroscience finally proving that the mystics, monks and medicine men were onto something? As her own world became noisier, author Christine Jackman embarked on a quest for a better way of being. Turning Down the Noise explores what is happening to our brains, our lives and our communities as we navigate a never-ending assault on our senses and attention, whether from actual noise, exposure to media or the pings and alerts on our phones. More importantly, it shows how we can reverse the damage through simple daily acts designed to strip out the stimuli and reclaim the silence. Seeking ways to channel and capture the clarity and peace of mind so often lacking in our lives, Jackman writes with a lightness of touch, sharing her own experiences and digging into her subject with the zeal of an investigative journalist and an enquiring mind.

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Career to Calling Audiobook

Career to Calling

Author: Annie Stewart Narrator: Jo Van Es Release Date: August 2020

Do you find yourself at a crossroads in your life? Do you want to make a switch in your career? Are you wondering what next? You are not alone. In this user-friendly book, career coach Annie Stewart guides you through the changes you can implement to move towards passion and purpose. In seven simple yet profound steps, Career to Calling: How to make the switch outlines how you can find and follow your calling, and overcome the fears that are so often in the way of success. Featuring inspirational stories and practical tools based on years of research and experience, this book removes the mystery surrounding callings to help you find clarity and direction. As the founder of The Callings Program, and director of Sympatico Coaching Practice, Annie Stewart is a much sought-after voice for those wanting to find work they love, earn a good living, and make a difference. Whether you're a university graduate, a return-to-work parent, or a working professional, Career to Calling illuminates the path towards fulfilment, and inspires the courage to make a change.

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Dear Parents: Letters from the Teacher - your children, their education, and how you can help Audiobook

Dear Parents: Letters from the Teacher - your children, their education, and how you can help

Author: Gabbie Stroud Narrator: Jo Van Es Release Date: February 2020

Written by Gabbie Stroud, author of the national bestseller Teacher, Dear Parents is a passionate call to arms for all parents to understand their role as their children's lifelong teachers, showing how they can help their kids' educators and schools achieve the best outcomes for the next generation. So many Australian parents are buying the government line about standardised testing of students through programs like NAPLAN and My School, which make them think they are getting results because of rankings and comparisons. But they don't seem to realise that these new forms of assessment are actually negatively affecting our kids' ability to gain the crucial life skills and appreciation for learning that have been, and should be, the main aim of teaching. In Dear Parents, a funny, heartfelt and impassioned series of letters to the mothers, fathers and caregivers of Australia, Gabbie Stroud makes a plea to all parents to understand the fundamental changes to the way their children are being taught, and the results of this process on the development of future generations. She wants parents to recognise their responsibility as their children's primary educators and to appreciate the lifelong benefits that committed and dedicated school teachers can bring to their kids. "Caused tears of nostalgia and rage to soak my pillow." HELEN GARNER on Teacher

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Shattered to Shining: Journeys of Surviving and Thriving After Domestic Violence Stories Of Strength Audiobook

Shattered to Shining: Journeys of Surviving and Thriving After Domestic Violence Stories Of Strength

‘It began with fluttering excitement, joy and a world full of possibilities. There was a slow chiselling away of me. I felt disbelief and foggy confusion, before the ugly reality of abuse dawned on me.’  In Shattered to Shining, nine women and one male domestic violence survivor describe how they were shattered, as their home became a place where physical and sexual violence, emotional and psychological control dominated their lives. Through persistence and courage, they have risen above their situation and come out the other side shining with positivity, strength, commitment and empathy for others. The journey of surviving and thriving is chaotic, emotional, and unique to each person. Each chapter is filled with the shortcuts and tools needed to travel this road of recovery to stand in your new life, with your future brightly shining. Broken to Brilliant is an Australian not-for-profit charity where domestic violence survivors mentor other survivors to re-establish successful lives using the power of story. When we saw the impact on people’s lives of our first two books – the changes made, the hope in their hearts, the joy and gratitude for their new lives – we had to continue to share the brave, resilient and brilliant stories of hope and healing. There had to be a third book. We commend each of our authors for sharing their real, raw and inspiring stories. Our hope is that Shattered to Shining will provide you with the roadmap for the journey to a much brighter destination. Get started on your journey away from abuse – there is a world of happiness shining brightly for you to join.

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Terror to Triumph: Rebuilding Your Life After Domestic Violence - Stories of Strength and Success Audiobook

Terror to Triumph: Rebuilding Your Life After Domestic Violence - Stories of Strength and Success

'People congratulated me when I left my abusive marriage, but I didn't feel like celebrating. I felt loss, grief, shame, anger, resentment, regret, uncertainty, relief and excitement. How can one person feel so many emotions at once? Where could I go for help? Who would understand?' From these questions, the charity Broken to Brilliant was born, where survivors help other survivors rebuild their lives using the power of story. In Terror to Triumph, twelve domestic violence survivors describe the terror they experienced and the additional challenges they encountered from a system that was supposed to help them. Most importantly, they tell of the practical steps they have taken - physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually - to journey from darkness to light and build new lives. They tell of continued recovery, and how they have reclaimed self to reach a sense of triumph.   Broken to Brilliant is an Australian not-for-profit charity where domestic violence survivors mentor other survivors to re-establish successful lives. When we saw the impact our first book, Broken to Brilliant, had on people's lives - how the words breathed hope into people's hearts, how it gave them a spark that jump-started a new chapter in their lives, and how the power of people's stories created ripples of recovery and repair - we could not turn away and stop these ripples of healing. There had to be a second book. We salute each of our authors for their courage and dedication, and hope Terror to Triumph will bring change and possibility into your life, too.

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Troll Hunting Audiobook

Troll Hunting

Author: Ginger Gorman Narrator: Jo Van Es Release Date: April 2019

In 2013, journalist Ginger Gorman was trolled online and terrified, but once the attack subsided, she found herself curious. Who were these trolls? How and why did they coordinate such an attack? And how does someone fight back? Over the next five years, Gorman spoke to psychologists, trolling victims, law enforcement, academics and, most importantly, trolls themselves, embedding herself into their online communities and their psyches in ways she had never anticipated. She uncovered links between trolling, cyberhate and real-life crimes. She mapped out a cohort of men - mostly angry, young and white - who rightly or wrongly feel marginalised and disenfranchised and use the internet to express this. Troll Hunting is an utterly engrossing, often frightening, but ultimately eye-opening and important window into the mindset of trolls and how they reflect a real aspect of our modern society. It will also change the way you think about the internet, and what it means to be a human online.

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Teacher Audiobook


Author: Gabbie Stroud Narrator: Jo Van Es Release Date: December 2018

Watching children learn is a beautiful and extraordinary experience.... It is a kind of magic, a kind of loving, a kind of art. It is teaching. Just teaching. Just what I do. What I did. Past tense.In 2014, Gabrielle Stroud was a very dedicated teacher with over a decade of experience. Months later, she resigned in frustration and despair when she realised that the Naplan-test education model was stopping her from doing the very thing she was best at: teaching individual children according to their needs and talents. Her ground-breaking essay 'Teaching Australia' in the Feb 2016 Griffith Review outlined her experiences and provoked a huge response from former and current teachers around the world. That essay lifted the lid on a scandal that is yet to properly break - that our education system is unfair to our children and destroying their teachers. In a powerful memoir inspired by her original ground-breaking essay, Gabrielle tells the full story: how she came to teaching, what makes a great teacher, what our kids need from their teachers, and what it was that finally broke her. A brilliant and heart-breaking memoir that cuts to the heart of a vital matter of national importance.

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The Happiness Plan Audiobook

The Happiness Plan

Author: Dr Elise Bialylew Narrator: Jo Van Es Release Date: May 2018

What if you could train your brain to experience greater happiness, focus, and emotional balance in daily life? What if it took just ten minutes a day? In The Happiness Plan, Dr Elise Bialylew offers a roadmap to a happier life. Drawing on her background in medicine, psychiatry and mindfulness meditation, she has created a powerful one-month mindfulness program that will lead you to a more balanced and fulfilled existence. In this transformative guidebook you'll discover simple practices to: • Increase your sense of wellbeing, balance and joy • Reduce stress and worry (and its negative impact on your body) • Improve your focus, performance and fulfilment at work • Create more fulfilling relationships • Increase your sense of purpose, connection and meaning in life. Including guided meditations, daily mindfulness exercises, fascinating scientific insights and recipes to inspire mindful eating, The Happiness Plan has the power to transform your mind, and your life. "Elise makes meditation easy, accessible and most importantly doable" MAGDA SZUBANSKI Dr Elise Bialylew is an Australian doctor trained in psychiatry and mindfulness. She is also a respected speaker and founder of the global initiative Mindful in May.

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Emerald Springs Audiobook

Emerald Springs

Author: Fleur McDonald Narrator: Jo Van Es Release Date: February 2016

Flushed with triumph on the evening of the best rodeo in the town's history, Amelia is driving the bags of cash into town when she becomes the victim of a terrifying smash and grab. Injured and distraught after her ordeal, Amelia must convince a skeptical detective that her account of what happened does add up and that he must help her track down the real culprits...

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Cinderella's Secrets Audiobook

Cinderella's Secrets

Author: George Helou Narrator: Jo Van Es Release Date: January 2016

Could the classic Cinderella story be encoded with an inspiring story of a girl's personal transformation? Could we have missed the hidden gems that reveal a story we all wished we knew? George Helou reveals a hidden story of the classic version of Cinderella to show how Ella underwent a remarkable change of mind. Ella moved beyond exploitation, bullying and disillusionment by becoming aware of her personal need for love and respect and the important role of her dignity. As you read the Cinderella's Secrets, Ella's inner dialogue and personal change seamlessly aligns with the magic that unfolds around her. This is how the enchanting story we all grew to love remains intact while we witness the true magic of personal triumph over what was relentless adversity. Cinderella's Secrets is a remarkable journey of a girl who learns the art of reinventing herself to reclaim self-worth and her personal power to arrive at love and abundance. Ella becomes empowered to make her precious dreams come true. It turns out that the wand was always within and the miracle of magic is within our innate ability to adapt to a way of being that creates a new and enriching destiny.

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