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  1. It Happened One Summer: A Novel Audiobook It Happened One Summer: A Novel
  2. The Viscount Who Loved Me Audiobook The Viscount Who Loved Me
  3. Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life Audiobook Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life
  4. The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World Audiobook The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World
  5. The Dictionary of Lost Words Audiobook The Dictionary of Lost Words
  6. The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close Audiobook The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close
  7. Arsenic and Adobo Audiobook Arsenic and Adobo
  8. The Cabinet Audiobook The Cabinet
  9. The Night Circus Audiobook The Night Circus
  10. Open Mind Audiobook Open Mind
Savage King Audiobook

Savage King

Author: V.L. Silva, Vera Sullivan Narrator: Jade Hallow, Jameson Adams Release Date: February 2021

HOPE It should have been an easy sell. He was just another client, a wealthy target. I offered him what I had. He stole the rest. Beautiful. Confident. His mafia lineage made him a conqueror. He dominated my senses. He planned to rule my body as well. I didn't have a chance at keeping my heart. AXEL Her name said it all. Hope. She came to me in my darkness. The compass that would guide me out of the storm. A goddess. She's with me as I fight the enemy that took everything from me. I am at war now, but the moment the dust settles I'm taking Hope as my prize. She's a challenge. Resistant. Catching her will be like catching a wind. But the Gustavon men are wolves. We know how to tame the wind. And I'm a patient man. Victory is my only option.

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Kendric Audiobook


Author: Bella Jewel Narrator: Jameson Adams, Sarah Puckett Release Date: November 2020

I'm a cop, sworn to protect, to keep people safe. I'm supposed to abide by the rules, to always do right. I fight for justice. That's what the rule book says, doesn't it? And I take my job seriously, even if my job doesn't always take me seriously...So how I got tangled up with a notorious MC, dealing with illegal investigations that would have my job ripped from beneath me, is beyond my comprehension.Yet, here I am, dipping my toes into dangerous waters, doing illegal research, risking it all for justice. I want justice for the innocent girls, but mostly I want justice for him-a man I let down, a man who can't stand me, a man who will go away for a very long time if I don't fix what I've broken, a man who is everything I'm not...dangerous, deadly, a biker, a man I shouldn't care about, who I shouldn't want, who makes me question everything I am...Yet, here I am, and it's too late to turn back now.

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Maker: The Men of Whiskey Mountain, Book Four Audiobook

Maker: The Men of Whiskey Mountain, Book Four

Author: Frankie Love Narrator: Jameson Adams, Kelsey Navarro Release Date: September 2020

I'm not the kind of man an innocent girl should fall for.But Marley River says she knows what she wants. And she wants me.She says she can handle a mountain man, after all, this freckled face slice of sunshine grew up in Alaska.But I'm more than a feral mountain man.I'm an ex-drug lord, reformed con-man, an exonerated criminal.Her brothers are the River Boys and they want me off Whiskey Mountain.I want to turn a new leaf, but not if it means giving up what I want.I love Marley more than life itself. But is that enough when the world is dead set against it?It's high time we find out. 
Because I'm not going down without a fight. I'll be here, on Whiskey Mountain, defending what - and who- is mine. With guns blazing.

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Flesh to Flesh Audiobook

Flesh to Flesh

Author: Lee Hayes Narrator: Dean Watson, Jameson Adams Release Date: September 2020

From award-winning author Lee Hayes -- an erotic exploration into the lives of African-American gay men and their desires for love and acceptance. Unapologetically raw in its approach to the sexual lives and happenings of African-American gay men, Flesh to Flesh is a gritty, pulsing view into a demographic that is often demonized and condemned. These stories provide a rare, true revelation of how gay men are faring in an age where sensuality is a major factor in everyday media and consciousness. What do gay men feel about life, love, relationships, and intimacy? For anyone who has wondered about the passion between two men, this explosive, sexually charged anthology peels back the layers to show what lies beneath modern stereotypes and homophobia. With contributors such as Lee Hayes (Passion Marks, A Deeper Blue and The Messiah), L.M. Ross (Manhood and The Long Blue Moan), and Dayne Avery (I Wrote This Song), the stories in Flesh to Flesh reveal deep emotions and a powerful commitment to life and love.

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Beam: The Men of Whiskey Mountain, Book Three Audiobook

Beam: The Men of Whiskey Mountain, Book Three

Author: Frankie Love Narrator: Jameson Adams, Kelsey Navarro Release Date: July 2020

The moment I saw her, I knew. She'd be mine someday.Of course the feeling wasn't mutual.She was all sunshine and optimism ... I was burly, broken, and hell-bent on keeping my word.Don't touch the girls. No matter how tempting.And damn, how Julia tempted me.It's been a year since I saw her, and things are different now, the trouble we faced in L.A. is behind us. Isn't it?When I hear that she's up in Alaska, same as me, I know this is my chance.I've done lots of terrible things in my life -- but I have only one regret.I never told her how I truly feel.I love her. And it's high time she knew. Even if I have to kidnap her in order to make that happen.I may represent everything she's running from, but I can be more than a ghost from the past.I can be her future.

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Jameson: The Men of Whiskey Mountain, Book Two Audiobook

Jameson: The Men of Whiskey Mountain, Book Two

Author: Frankie Love Narrator: Jameson Adams, Kelsey Navarro Release Date: June 2020

I've been on Whiskey Mountain for years, refusing to live off my family's fortune.I can take care of myself like a real ass man by flying sea planes, delivering illegal cargo, and keeping my profile low.Then Jemma knocks on my door.And my world changes.Everyone thinks she's dead.But by the way she moves ... Hell, she is very much alive.And she needs a man who can protect her, a man she can trust.She thinks I'm a good guy.I better become one before it's too late.Dear Reader, We're back on Whiskey Mountain ... and trouble is afoot. But before the sh*t hits the fan, Jameson's determined to give Jemma the night of her life! He's next level mountain man and he's swinging more than an axe, just sayin! He's carrying solid wood, baby! It's filthy, it's sweet, it's everything you need. Xo, Frankie

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Walker: The Men of Whiskey Mountain, Book One Audiobook

Walker: The Men of Whiskey Mountain, Book One

Author: Frankie Love Narrator: Jameson Adams, Kelsey Navarro Release Date: May 2020

Amazon Bestselling Author Frankie Love brings you a new full-length standalone romance …With all the mountain man goodness you crave…I came to the Whiskey Mountains to outrun my past, but now it's knocking on my cabin door.One look, one kiss, one night -- and I know Waverly is mine.But this innocent woman is linked to my family in a way that will break her.I can't let her go. Not yet.And the trouble I'm dodging is hell-bent on finding us both.When it does, Waverly will know the truth.I'm the brother of the drug lord who killed her sister.My family is coming … and it's up to me to save the woman I love.Dear Reader,This is the novel you've been waiting for:A virgin named Waverly waiting for her hero to take her.A rugged man named Walker who's dirty, dangerous, and willing to do the deed.In classic Frankie Love fashion, the Whiskey Mountains were made for miracles, and this filthy-sweet romance was made for you.Xo, Frankie

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Working Back: A House Flipping Rom Com (Cook Brothers, Book Three) Audiobook

Working Back: A House Flipping Rom Com (Cook Brothers, Book Three)

Author: Bj Harvey Narrator: Jameson Adams, Monique Makena Release Date: February 2020

Girls weren't on Bryant Cook's radar until the day he moved next door to the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. Fortunately for him, Faith Baker fell just as hard that first day as well.From ages eight to twenty-two, it was the 'Faith and Bryant' show, and their happily forever after seemed certain. Until it wasn't.Now she's back after twelve years and she wants what they had.That's when Bryant issues a challenge. One Faith can't resist. After all, her future-their future-is riding on it.She said she'd do anything. She just didn't think he meant *that*..***Working Back is a full-length, second chance, childhood soulmates, house flipping romantic comedy that can be read as a complete standalone and is book 3 in the Cook County series.

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Work Violation: A House Flipping Rom-Com (Cook Brothers, Book Two) Audiobook

Work Violation: A House Flipping Rom-Com (Cook Brothers, Book Two)

Author: Bj Harvey Narrator: Beth Roeg, Jameson Adams Release Date: January 2020

Ronnie Nelson likes to be chased.Jaxon Cook loves a challenge.Ronnie wants a man who pulls out all the stops.Jax doesn't stop until he gets what he wants.Seems like a match made in heaven. Until an unexpected development-of the 'call me Professor Cook' variety-makes their attraction-and what they did last Saturday night-a lot more forbidden.Now, committing a work violation has become a forgone conclusion and the chase just became a lot more complicated. Lucky for Ronnie, Jax loves breaking the rules.Lucky for Jax, Ronnie does too.

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The Wright Kind of Love: Toby and Niecey Audiobook

The Wright Kind of Love: Toby and Niecey

Author: Genesis Woods Narrator: Ace Bentley, Ebony Ford, Ian Ryan, Jameson Adams, Kentra Lynn Release Date: August 2019

Tobias Wright has always gotten everything he's wanted, including Niecey, the love of his life. A chance meeting at one of the lounge bars that he owns was all it took for him to fall head over heels in love with her. Fast forward two years later, Toby and Niecey are happily engaged and ready to become man and wife. That is, until her ex-boyfriend, Will, pops back into the picture, causing trust issues between her and Tobias. The only man who could possibly cause ShaNiece Taylor to ever doubt her love for Toby is William 'Big Will' Davis, the man she will always remember as her first love. Their childhood romance wasn't an ordinary fairy tale love, but it did come close. The on again, off again relationship was a normal routine for them, until Will fathered a child with her twin sister, LaNiece. Even with all that drama, can you fully take your love away from someone after years of giving it away so freely? When you stop listening to your heart and start to entertain the thoughts in your mind, don't be surprised if you end up losing the best thing that has ever happened to you. One night of pleasure can lead to a lifetime of regret, especially if it isn't the right kind of love.

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Milkman: The Man Cave Collection Audiobook

Milkman: The Man Cave Collection

Author: Shari J. Ryan Narrator: Jameson Adams, Samantha Summers Release Date: June 2019

**A Standalone Romantic Comedy ** Everything in life was going perfectly, but then my luck expired.It all started when I got a new job, which came with a new guy. That's when I managed to cause an unforeseeable disaster, which took down an entire company in less than a week. The new job, the new guy and a big mouth led to another giant mistake. Then, one more for good measure. Flash forward a couple of weeks, and ... I've got milk ... because I'm dating the milkman, and yes, milk did his body good. Not only do milkmen still exist, but I've come to learn that some women hire a milkman to deliver more than just milk.I'm not the sharing type, but I also don't like to cry over spilled-you get my point. So, I can either have a cow or search for greener pastures. Depending on my decision, though, I need to ask myself if I'm prepared to tell my future children that their father is, in fact, the milkman.

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Forbidden Heat Audiobook

Forbidden Heat

Author: Opal Carew Narrator: Jameson Adams Release Date: April 2019

Winner, 2010 Golden Leaf Award for best Single Title Romance Finalist, Colorado Romance Writer's Award of Excellence If you could make your most forbidden fantasy come true, would you dare? Danielle, Jake and Trey were inseparable back in college.  They used to tell each other everything--except for one big secret Danielle always kept hidden.  That even though they were best friends, Danielle always had a huge crush on them.  But it was a harmless, hopeless crush, because the two men were in love...with each other.` Years later, Danielle learns a startling truth.  Jake and Trey have not only broken up-- they date women now.  Danielle's most sinful fantasy has always been to have a threesome--and now she finally has the chance to spend the night with not just one, but with both sexy men.  Yet when fantasy becomes reality, life gets complicated fast.  Despite Jake and Trey's rocky past, it's clear to Danielle that they're still deeply in love with each other.  The trouble is, now Danielle's falling for them too...

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