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  1. The Eye of the World: Book One of The Wheel of Time Audiobook The Eye of the World: Book One of The Wheel of Time
  2. Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone Audiobook Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone
  3. Under the Whispering Door Audiobook Under the Whispering Door
  4. The Last Days of John Lennon Audiobook The Last Days of John Lennon
  5. Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Inspired by the hit BBC series Audiobook Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Inspired by the hit BBC series
  6. Go Set a Watchman Audiobook Go Set a Watchman
  7. Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life Audiobook Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life
  8. It Ends With Us Audiobook It Ends With Us
  10. Ride Audiobook Ride
Vows Audiobook


Author: Lavyrle Spencer Narrator: Emily Sutton-Smith Release Date: December 2021

New York Times bestselling author LaVyrle Spencer presents a beautiful and moving story filled with people who will live in your heart forever. A captivating woman with blue eyes and big dreams, Emily was engaged to a man whose touch left her aching for something more. Tom, the handsome new man in town, was her father's rival in business, and challenged her heart's destiny with a single, stolen kiss. Whenever they met, sparks flew. Until she showed him how tender she could be, and he showed her how true passion could feel. Until they both realized the importance of taking vows with someone you really, truly love.

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The Best Mystery Stories of the Year: 2021 Audiobook

The Best Mystery Stories of the Year: 2021

Author: Lee Child, Otto Penzler Narrator: Emily Sutton-Smith, Matt Godfrey Release Date: September 2021

Lee Child selects the twenty best mystery short stories of the year, including tales by Stephen King, Sara Paretsky, and many more. Under the auspices of New York City's legendary mystery fiction specialty bookstore, The Mysterious Bookshop, and aided by Edgar Award-winning anthologist Otto Penzler, international bestseller Lee Child has selected the twenty most suspenseful, most confounding, and most mysterious short stories from the past year, collected now in one entertaining volume. Includes stories by: Alison Gaylin, David Morrell, James Lee Burke, Joyce Carol Oates, Martin Edwards, Sara Paretsky, Stephen King, Sue Grafton (with a new, posthumously published work), and many more!

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Lizzy and   Jane Audiobook

Lizzy and Jane

Author: Katherine Reay Narrator: Emily Sutton-Smith Release Date: September 2021

Lizzy and Jane couldn't be further from Jane Austen's famous sisters for whom they are named. Elizabeth left her family's home in Seattle fifteen years ago to pursue her lifelong dream-chefing her own restaurant in New York City. Jane stayed behind to raise a family. Estranged since their mother's death many years ago, the circumstances of their lives are about to bring them together once again. Known for her absolute command of her culinary domain, Elizabeth's gifts in the kitchen have begun to elude her. And patrons and reviewers are noticing. In need of some rest and an opportunity to recover her passion for cooking, Elizabeth jumps at the excuse to rush to her sister's bedside when Jane is diagnosed with cancer. After all, Elizabeth did the same for their mother. Perhaps this time, it will make a difference. As Elizabeth pours her renewed energy into her sister's care and into her burgeoning interest in Nick, Jane's handsome coworker, her life begins to evolve from the singular pursuit of her own dream into the beautiful world of family, food, literature, and love that was shattered when she and Jane lost their mother. Will she stay and become Lizzy to her sister's Jane-and Elizabeth to Nick's Mr. Darcy-or will she return to the life she has worked so hard to create?

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The Gamble Audiobook

The Gamble

Author: Lavyrle Spencer Narrator: Emily Sutton-Smith Release Date: August 2021

A story of honesty and humor for anyone who has ever lived and loved from New York Times bestselling author LaVyrle Spencer. Agatha was the picture of primness and propriety, but her green eyes could blaze with anger-or sparkle with humor. Scott was the picture of lazy charm and happy indifference to what others thought was right and wrong. They were enemies, then friends. Then the sweet innocence of a child opened their eyes and their hearts-and they were reborn in each other's arms by the soft, wondrous gift of love.

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The Gold in These Hills Audiobook

The Gold in These Hills

Author: Joanne Bischof Narrator: Emily Sutton-Smith Release Date: August 2021

One wild and mysterious ghost town. Two second-chance love stories. And the century-old legacy that binds them together. Upon arriving in Kenworthy, California, mail-order bride Juniper Cohen is met by the pounding of the gold mine, an untamable landscape, and her greatest surprise of all: the kind and loving man who awaits her. But when the mine proves empty of profit, and when Juniper's husband, John, vanishes, Juniper is left to fend for herself and her young daughter in the dwindling boomtown that is now her home. Juniper pens letters to her husband but fears she is waiting on a ghost. Perhaps worse, rumors abound claiming the man she loves could be an outlaw. Surviving in a ghost town requires trusting the kindness of a few remaining souls, including the one who can unlock the mystery of her husband's disappearance-and Juniper's survival depends not only upon these friends but also the strength of heart she must fight to maintain. Present day. Trying to escape the heartache of his failed marriage, Johnny Sutherland throws himself into raising his children and restoring a hundred-year-old abandoned farmhouse in what was once known as Kenworthy, California, in the San Jacinto Mountains. While exploring its secrets he uncovers Juniper's letters and is moved by the handwritten accounts that bear his name-and as a love story from the past touches his own world, Johnny might discover yet that hope and resilience go hand in hand. With The Gold in These Hills, acclaimed and beloved author Joanne Bischof returns with an absorbing masterpiece of faith, perseverance, and love that changes the course of history. - Inspirational fiction with historical and contemporary timelines - Stand-alone novel - Book length: 93,000 words

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Bygones Audiobook


Author: Lavyrle Spencer Narrator: Emily Sutton-Smith Release Date: July 2021

Bess Curran, forty, is an interior designer in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, still lonely and bitter after her traumatic divorce six years earlier. Her adult daughter, Lisa, anxious for her parents to reconcile, arranges a surprise dinner meeting where she informs them that she is pregnant and about to marry. Bess and former husband Michael (he left her for another woman, who, in turn, has just left him) can barely control their mutual animosity yet must come to grips with the startling news. To exacerbate matters, their nineteen-year-old son, Randy, is intractably hostile toward his father and seems headed for a future of drugs and unsavory companions. Bess and Michael are attracted to each other but wary-they're suffering and groping for help.

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Forgiving Audiobook


Author: Lavyrle Spencer Narrator: Emily Sutton-Smith Release Date: July 2021

When Sarah Merritt arrives in Dakota Territory in 1876, she steps off the dusty Cheyenne stagecoach determined to start this ramshackle gold-rush town's first newspaper. In Deadwood, her runaway younger sister, Addie, is living and working as domestic help at Mrs. Hossiter's boardinghouse, according to her letters. Five years after Addie's flight from home, Sarah is carrying the sad news that their one remaining parent, newspaper publisher Isaac Merritt, has died. But when Sarah-tall, prim, and nearly a spinster at twenty-five-sets up her father's printing press in the middle of Main Street, she finds herself at loggerheads with Sheriff Noah Campbell. Headstrong and opinionated, with an auburn mustache and grinning gray eyes, he arrests her on the spot. And so begins an enmity between two willful individuals that can change only when they find themselves united in a common goal: to reclaim the Addie that Sarah once knew. But life is never simple. Mrs. Hossiter is more commonly known as Rosie in this bawdy frontier town, and Addie's work is as an 'upstairs girl,' not an upstairs maid. Addie is furious when Sarah turns up at the bordello-and she tells her proper sister to get out. What could have happened to change Addie so-and what can Sarah do to regain the sweet sister of her youth and bring her home again?

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That Camden Summer Audiobook

That Camden Summer

Author: Lavyrle Spencer Narrator: Emily Sutton-Smith Release Date: May 2021

LaVyrle Spencer, known for her 'heartrending slices of Americana' writes of how love can be more special the second time around in this New York Times bestseller. It is 1916 and Roberta Jewett is surprised to find that her hometown of Camden, Maine, considers a divorced woman little more than a prostitute. Condemned by her mother and scorned by neighbors, she nonetheless perseveres in her struggle to forge a good life for her girls and herself. Behaving like no 'respectable' woman would, she gets a job as a county nurse, learns to drive, and buys her very own Model T. Embittered by her painful marriage to an unfaithful husband, she has no intention of being any man's victim again. So Roberta is taken aback to find the widowed carpenter Gabriel Farley has somehow found his way into her heart. And in the ultimate test of will and devotion, she must depend on the man she has grown to love-and summon the courage to stand up to an entire town.

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Time Pebbles Audiobook

Time Pebbles

Author: Jerry Merritt Narrator: Emily Sutton-Smith Release Date: May 2021

Tekla, son of an ancient shaman, loses Ka Li when she is torn from his life by a brutal tribe of Denisovans in a Late Pleistocene kidnapping. Ka Li escapes but is unarmed and forced to flee across the Bering land bridge where she becomes hopelessly lost in the endless tracts of North America. Only Tekla cares enough to search for her over the years. As Ka Li survives fierce predators and scarce resources she leaves behind a series of signal cairns to help Tekla find her. Skipping forward 60,000 years, Helen Ryland, a mid-twentieth century archaeologist, unearths one of Ka Li’s surviving signal cairns and realizes she has found trace of people who populated the Americas even before the Clovis culture. Helen’s detective work tracking Ka Li’s timeless signals across the Alaskan wilderness now intertwines with Ka Li’s story. As Helen solves the puzzle of the signal cairns she finds universal fame and suffers devastating misfortune. In the end Helen discovers that science in isolation cannot answer all of her questions for Tekla’s devotion to Ka Li had not died even though six hundred centuries had passed.

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Small Town Girl Audiobook

Small Town Girl

Author: Lavyrle Spencer Narrator: Emily Sutton-Smith Release Date: April 2021

New York Times bestselling author LaVyrle Spencer, 'famous for her heartrending slices of Americana,' is at her best in this sweet, small-town romance about a country music star discovering the true meaning of love . . . Eighteen years ago, Tess McPhail left her tiny hometown of Wintergreen, Missouri, for the bright lights of Nashville and never looked back. Now, one of country music's biggest stars, 'Mac' is a hardworking woman with little time for a personal life-until her sister insists she come home to help care for their widowed mother. The welcome Mac receives is less than warm, especially from her former next-door neighbor Kenny Kronek. With a teenage daughter to raise, the handsome divorce refuses to give Mac the time of day. But when Mac discovers that Kenny's daughter is a promising country talent, she begins mentoring the girl in the music of love-and opening her own hardened heart to a man who makes her soul sing . . .

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Spring Fancy Audiobook

Spring Fancy

Author: Lavyrle Spencer Narrator: Emily Sutton-Smith Release Date: April 2021

From New York Times bestselling author LaVyrle Spencer comes a novel that perfectly captures the tender and delicate beginnings of love in bloom. Confident and practical, Winn never imagined anything-or anyone-could overturn her perfect world and perfect wedding plans. But in a single passing moment, her heart told her otherwise. Joseph knew Winn's love was promised to another man, that he must hide his heartfelt passions. But he also knew that the heart doesn't lie: This was that love of a lifetime. They met at a spring wedding, only months before Winn's own. Were they carried away by the intoxicating spirit of the moment? Or was this the start of a love they would cherish forever?

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