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  1. freckles Audiobook freckles
  2. A Slow Fire Burning: The addictive new Sunday Times No.1 bestseller from the author of The Girl on t Audiobook A Slow Fire Burning: The addictive new Sunday Times No.1 bestseller from the author of The Girl on t
  4. Piranesi Audiobook Piranesi
  5. 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think Audiobook 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think
  6. Impostor: An Alexander Gregory Thriller (The Alexander Gregory Thrillers Book 1): The Alexander Greg Audiobook Impostor: An Alexander Gregory Thriller (The Alexander Gregory Thrillers Book 1): The Alexander Greg
  7. State of Terror Audiobook State of Terror
  8. The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music Audiobook The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music
  9. Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them Audiobook Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them
  10. Bad Boss Audiobook Bad Boss
Valedictorians at the Gate: Standing Out, Getting In, and Staying Sane While Applying to College Audiobook

Valedictorians at the Gate: Standing Out, Getting In, and Staying Sane While Applying to College

Author: Becky Munsterer Sabky Narrator: Eliza Foss Release Date: August 2021

An inspiring battle cry for sanity in the college application process that looks beyond the rankings to successfully determine what’s truly the best school for you or your child After spending years as an admissions director at Dartmouth, Becky Sabky had seen it all. The perfect grades, the perfect scores, and the perfect extracurriculars. Valedictorians were knocking at the gate, but Becky realized that in their quest for admission many of these students were missing something. Their transcripts were golden, their interviews polished, but they weren’t applying for college, they were competing for it—and in the end they didn’t know what prize they were really striving for. In Valedictorians at the Gate, Sabky looks beyond the smoke and mirrors of the intimidating admissions gauntlet and places the power firmly where it should be: in the hands of the students themselves. Offering prescriptive, actionable advice for students and their (hopefully not helicoptering) parents, Sabky illuminates the pathway to finding the school that is the ideal match. Witty and warm, informative and inspiring, Valedictorians at the Gate is the needed tonic for overstressed, overworked, and overwhelmed students on their way to the perfect college for them. A Macmillan Audio production from Henry Holt and Company

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Saving the News: Why the Constitution Calls for Government Action to Preserve Freedom of Speech Audiobook

Saving the News: Why the Constitution Calls for Government Action to Preserve Freedom of Speech

Author: Martha Minow Narrator: Eliza Foss Release Date: July 2021

In Saving the News, Martha Minow takes stock of the new media landscape. As Minow shows, the First Amendment of the US Constitution assumes the existence and durability of a private industry. Although the First Amendment does not govern the conduct of entirely private enterprises, nothing in the Constitution forecloses government action to regulate concentrated economic power, to require disclosure of who is financing communications, or to support news initiatives where there are market failures. Moreover, the federal government has contributed financial resources, laws, and regulations to develop and shape media in the United States. Thus, Minow argues that the transformation of media from printing presses to the internet was shaped by deliberate government policies that influenced the direction of private enterprise. In short, the government has crafted the direction and contours of America's media ecosystem. Building upon this basic argument, Minow outlines an array of reforms, including a new fairness doctrine, regulating digital platforms as public utilities, using antitrust authority to regulate the media, policing fraud, and more robust funding of public media. As she stresses, such reforms are the kinds of initiatives needed if the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of the press continues to hold meaning in the twenty-first century.

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Citadels of Pride: Sexual Abuse, Accountability, and Reconciliation Audiobook

Citadels of Pride: Sexual Abuse, Accountability, and Reconciliation

Author: Martha C. Nussbaum Narrator: Eliza Foss Release Date: May 2021

A groundbreaking exploration of sexual violence by one of our most celebrated experts in law and philosophy. In this essential philosophical and practical reckoning, Martha C. Nussbaum, renowned for her eloquence and clarity of moral vision, shows how sexual abuse and harassment derive from using people as things to one's own benefit?like other forms of exploitation, they are rooted in the ugly emotion of pride. She exposes three "Citadels of Pride" and the men who hoard power at the apex of each. In the judiciary, the arts, and sports, Nussbaum analyzes how pride perpetuates systemic sexual abuse, narcissism, and toxic masculinity. The courage of many has brought about some reforms, but justice is still elusive?warped sometimes by money, power, or inertia; sometimes by a collective desire for revenge. By analyzing the effects of law and public policy on our ever-evolving definitions of sexual violence, Nussbaum clarifies how gaps in U.S. law allow this violence to proliferate; why criminal laws dealing with sexual assault and Title VII, the federal law that is the basis for sexual harassment doctrine, need to be complemented by an understanding of the distorted emotions that breed abuse; and why anger and vengeance rarely achieve lasting change. Citadels of Pride offers a damning indictment of the culture of male power that insulates high-profile abusers from accountability. Yet Nussbaum offers a hopeful way forward, envisioning a future in which, as survivors mobilize to tell their stories and institutions pursue fair and nuanced reform, we might fully recognize the equal dignity of all people.

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Grace & Steel: Dorothy, Barbara, Laura, and the Women of the Bush Dynasty Audiobook

Grace & Steel: Dorothy, Barbara, Laura, and the Women of the Bush Dynasty

Author: J. Randy Taraborrelli Narrator: Eliza Foss Release Date: March 2021

From New York Times bestselling celebrity biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli comes Grace & Steel, the epic, hidden history of the exceptional women behind the greatest political dynasty of all time—the Bush family. Bestselling author J. Randy Taraborrelli reveals the unsung heroines of the inimitable Bush family dynasty: not only First Ladies Barbara and Laura, but other colorful women whose stories have been left out of history for far too long, including Barbara’s mother-in-law, the formidable Dorothy Bush; the enigmatic Columba and the controversial Sharon; and Laura’s twins, Jenna and Barbara. No matter the challenges related to power and politics, the women of the Bush dynasty always fought for equality in their marriages as they raised their children to be true to American values. In doing so, they inspired everyday Americans to do the same. Or, as Barbara Bush put it, “The future of this nation does not depend on what happens in the White House, but what happens in your house.” Details from the book include: —The tragedy Barbara faced in burying her three-year-old daughter, Robin, and her struggle with depression over the decades that followed. —The tragic night a teenage Laura Bush accidentally killed a good friend—a story she did not discuss publicly for decades. —The revelation of the affair that almost doomed George HW's hopes for the presidency. —The truth behind the fraught relationship between Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush that culminated in an angry phone call during which Barbara told her she would never speak to her again—and she didn't. A Macmillan Audio production from St. Martin's Press '...a unique and colorful look at one of America’s most powerful political families.” -- Publishers Weekly “Where Taraborrelli excels is in excavating the personal histories of the three women and how they were forever shadowed by painful episodes in their lives. [The Bush women] created a singular, admirable legacy, and this book portrays them as genuine, struggling human beings.” -- Washington Post

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Time Smart: How to Reclaim Your Time and Live a Happier Life Audiobook

Time Smart: How to Reclaim Your Time and Live a Happier Life

Author: Ashley Whillans Narrator: Eliza Foss Release Date: October 2020

There's an 80 percent chance you're poor. Time poor, that is. Four out of five adults report feeling that they have too much to do and not enough time to do it. These time-poor people experience less joy each day. They laugh less. They are less healthy, less productive, and more likely to divorce. In one study, time stress produced a stronger negative effect on happiness than unemployment. How can we escape the time traps that make us feel this way and keep us from living our best lives? Time Smart is your playbook for taking back the time you lose to mindless tasks and unfulfilling chores. Author and Harvard Business School professor Ashley Whillans will give you proven strategies for improving your ''time affluence.'' The techniques Whillans provides will free up seconds, minutes, and hours that, over the long term, become weeks and months that you can reinvest in positive, healthy activities. Time Smart doesn't stop at telling you what to do. It also shows you how to do it, helping you achieve the mindset shift that will make these activities part of your everyday regimen through assessments, checklists, and activities you can use right away. The strategies Whillans presents will help you make the shift to time-smart living and, in the process, build a happier, more fulfilling life.

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The Runaway Audiobook

The Runaway

Author: Lisa Childs Narrator: Eliza Foss Release Date: October 2020

I'm in trouble. Come get me. On a remote island off the coast of Maine lies a secluded estate. There, behind wrought iron gates and rock walls, sits Halcyon Hall. Today, it is an exclusive spa catering to wealthy elites and pampered celebrities. But once, it had another name-and a terrifying reputation ... Rosemary Tulle has come to Halcyon Hall desperate to find her younger sister. Seventeen-year-old Genevieve left a brief, troubling message on Rosemary's phone, begging to be picked up. But Rosemary is not on the visitor list, and no one will let her in ... Halcyon Hall was once Bainesworth Manor, an asylum for the insane. Such places often draw whispers about gruesome treatments and tortured inmates. In the case of Bainesworth, the reality may have been far worse. Now, staff insist that Genevieve ran away, but Rosemary's instincts say otherwise. Rosemary and Genevieve share an unusual bond, and she knows Genevieve wouldn't have just left. Compelled to turn for help to a man she hoped never to see again, Judge Whit Lawrence, she tries to learn the truth about Genevieve. But it will mean uncovering secrets about Bainseworth Manor, and about Rosemary's own dark past- secrets with the power to kill ...

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Christmas Card Murder Audiobook

Christmas Card Murder

Author: Lee Hollis, Leslie Meier, Peggy Erhart Narrator: Eliza Foss Release Date: October 2020

Everyone dreams of a picture-perfect small-town Christmas, but when murder is in the cards, some holiday greetings are addressed to kill... Christmas Card Murder by Leslie Meier In the midst of holiday home renovations, Lucy Stone accidentally unwraps a murder mystery decades in the making when she discovers an old Christmas card with a nasty message belonging to one of her farmhouse's previous residents. The case may be colder than a New England Christmas, but Lucy's determined to sort it out before Santa comes to town. Death of a Christmas Carol by Lee Hollis The Island Times Christmas soiree gets off to a scroogey start when Hayley Powell, Mona Barnes, and Rosana Moretti receive a Christmas card from the town flirt, Carol Waterman, who threatens to run off with one of their husbands! The ladies chalk it up to an imprudent prank...until they find Carol mistletoe-up under her tree... Death of a Christmas Card Crafter by Peggy Ehrhart Slay bells ring when the body of Arborville High School's beloved art teacher (and annual Christmas card designer), Karma Karling, is discovered on the first day of the Holiday Craft Fair. Now, Pamela Paterson and the Knit and Nibble crew must swap swatching for sleuthing in order to put a Christmas killer on ice.

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Big Dirty Money: The Shocking Injustice and Unseen Cost of White Collar Crime Audiobook

Big Dirty Money: The Shocking Injustice and Unseen Cost of White Collar Crime

Author: Jennifer Taub Narrator: Eliza Foss Release Date: September 2020

How ordinary Americans suffer when the rich and powerful break the law to get richer and more powerful--and how we can stop it. There is an elite crime spree happening in America, and the privileged perps are getting away with it. Selling loose cigarettes on a city sidewalk can lead to a choke-hold arrest, and death, if you are not among the top 1%. But if you're rich and commit mail, wire, or bank fraud, embezzle pension funds, lie in court, obstruct justice, bribe a public official, launder money, or cheat on your taxes, you're likely to get off scot-free (or even win an election). When caught and convicted, such as for bribing their kids' way into college, high-class criminals make brief stops in minimum security 'Club Fed' camps. Operate the scam from the executive suite of a giant corporation, and you can prosper with impunity. Consider Wells Fargo & Co. Pressured by management, employees at the bank opened more than three million bank and credit card accounts without customer consent, and charged late fees and penalties to account holders. When CEO John Stumpf resigned in 'shame,' the board of directors granted him a $134 million golden parachute. This is not victimless crime. Big Dirty Money details the scandalously common and concrete ways that ordinary Americans suffer when the well-heeled use white collar crime to gain and sustain wealth, social status, and political influence. Profiteers caused the mortgage meltdown and the prescription opioid crisis, they've evaded taxes and deprived communities of public funds for education, public health, and infrastructure. Taub goes beyond the headlines (of which there is no shortage) to track how we got here (essentially a post-Enron failure of prosecutorial muscle, the growth of 'too big to jail' syndrome, and a developing implicit immunity of the upper class) and pose solutions that can help catch and convict offenders.

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Letters to a Young Therapist Audiobook

Letters to a Young Therapist

Author: Mary Pipher Narrator: Eliza Foss Release Date: June 2020

From 'one of America's best-known psychologists' (Chicago Tribune) and the bestselling author of Women Rowing North and Reviving Ophelia, an essential and inspiring book for therapists and anyone seeking to live a good life Mary Pipher's groundbreaking investigation of America's 'girl-poisoning culture,' Reviving Ophelia, established its author as one of the nation's foremost authorities on family issues. In Letters to a Young Therapist, Pipher shares what she has learned in thirty years of clinical practice, helping warring families, alienated adolescents, and harried professionals restore peace and beauty to their lives. Through an exhilarating mix of storytelling and sharp-eyed observation, Pipher reveals her refreshingly inventive approach to therapy-fiercely optimistic, free of dogma or psychobabble, and laced with generous warmth and practical common sense. Whether she's recommending daily swims for a sluggish teenager, encouraging a timid husband to become bolder, or simply bearing witness to a bereaved parent's sorrow, Pipher's compassion and insight shine from every page. With a preface by the author addressing recent changes in therapy and the surprising challenges of the digital age, Letters to a Young Therapist is a powerfully engaging guide to living a healthy life.

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Unleashed: The Unapologetic Leader's Guide to Empowering Everyone Around You Audiobook

Unleashed: The Unapologetic Leader's Guide to Empowering Everyone Around You

Author: Anne Morriss, Frances Frei Narrator: Eliza Foss Release Date: June 2020

The Power of Empowering Others Leadership isn't easy. It takes grit, courage, and vision, among other things, that can be hard to come by on your toughest days. When leaders and aspiring leaders seek out advice, they're often told to try harder. Dig deeper. Look in the mirror and own your natural-born strengths and fix any real or perceived career-limiting deficiencies. Frances Frei and Anne Morriss offer a different worldview. They argue that this popular leadership advice glosses over the most important thing you do as a leader: build others up. Leadership isn't about you. It's about how effective you are at empowering other peopleand making sure this impact endures even in your absence. As Frei and Morriss show through inspiring stories from ancient Rome to present-day Silicon Valley, the origins of great leadership are found, paradoxically, not in worrying about your own status and advancement, but in the unrelenting focus on other people's potential. Unleashed provides radical advice for the practice of leadership today. Showing how the boldest, most effective leaders use a special combination of trust, love, and belonging to create an environment in which other people can excel, Frei and Morriss offer practical, battle-tested toolsbased on their work with companies such as Uber, Riot Games, WeWork, and othersalong with interviews and stories from their own personal experience, to make these ideas come alive. This book is your indispensable guide for unleashing greatness in other people...and, ultimately, in yourself.

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Uncommon Service: How to Win by Putting Customers at the Core of Your Business Audiobook

Uncommon Service: How to Win by Putting Customers at the Core of Your Business

Author: Anne Morriss, Frances Frei Narrator: Eliza Foss Release Date: June 2020

Are you meeting your customers demand for great serviceand saving money at the same time? If not, youre at a serious disadvantagemissing out on building a sustainable business thats profitable, scalable, and capable of delivering excellence every day. In Uncommon Service, Harvard Business School professor Frances Frei and coauthor Anne Morriss bring a provocative new argument to the table: that companies must dare to be bad in order to be great, choosing strategic ways to underperform while fueling a winning service advantage. According to the authors, uncommon service is created by specific design choices made in the very blueprint of a business model. And its not about making a customer happy; instead, its about creating an organization where all employeesnot just star performersprovide excellent service as a matter of routine. Outstanding service organizations create offerings, funding strategies, systems, and cultures that set their people up to excel casually. Introducing a decidedly fresh view of service, the authors present an organizational design model built on tough choices you must make about four dimensions of your business: Your service offering: How do customers define excellence in your offering? Your service funding mechanism: How will you get paid for delivering excellence? Your employee management system: How will you prepare your employees to deliver excellence every day? Your customer management system: How will you get your customers to behave in ways that improve their service experiencewithout disrupting anyone elses? Create an organizational culture that reinforces smart decisions around these four dimensions and youll achieve a service advantage that rivals cant hope to copy. Frei and Morriss illustrate the power of this approach with examples of winning companies from a wide array of industriesincluding financial services, commercial aviation, health care, and retail. Practical and engaging, Uncommon Service makes a powerful case for a new and systematic approach to customer service as a pathway to unprecedented productivity and profitability

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Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart For Life: The Mayo Clinic Plan For Preventing and Conquering Heart Disease Audiobook

Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart For Life: The Mayo Clinic Plan For Preventing and Conquering Heart Disease

Author: Martha Grogan, Mayo Clinic Narrator: Eliza Foss Release Date: February 2020

Improving your heart health and reducing your risk of heart disease are two central goals of Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart for Life! This book identifies all the factors Mayo Clinic doctors know you can use to achieve those ends, organized into 10 easy-to-follow steps. Heart disease is very serious. It kills more of us than all cancers combined. And yet advances in medicine and selfcare give you far more control over your heart health than ever. This book helps you start making the changes that will improve your heart health. You can start small. In fact, well bring you page after page of ordinary but effective things you can do to fight heart disease. In Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart for Life youll learn: How to calculate your chance of a heart attack in the next 10 years. Tips for improving medication effectiveness and avoiding harmful side effects. Three heart-healthy goals you can set to make your heart healthier and stronger. The causes, symptoms, complications, diagnostic techniques and treatments for coronary artery disease. What your test results mean and how they can direct your next steps to better health. Five keys to sleep and heart health. This book is not only for people who know they have heart diseaseit will prove to be of potentially lifesaving value to them. It is also dedicated to anyone who wants to enjoy a healthy heart at any age and the extraordinary health and lifestyle benefits that go with it. Let Mayo Clinics expertise in cardiology help you improve your heart health.

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