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Audiobooks by Josi S. Kilpack

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Troy: Our Greatest Story Retold Audiobook Troy: Our Greatest Story Retold
  2. A Christmas to Remember: The enchanting new novel from Sunday Times bestselling author Anton Du Beke Audiobook A Christmas to Remember: The enchanting new novel from Sunday Times bestselling author Anton Du Beke
  3. A Del of a Life: The hilarious new memoir from the national treasure Audiobook A Del of a Life: The hilarious new memoir from the national treasure
  4. Hungry: The Highly Anticipated Memoir from One of the Greatest Food Writers of All Time Audiobook Hungry: The Highly Anticipated Memoir from One of the Greatest Food Writers of All Time
  5. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day Audiobook I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day
  6. Ghosts Audiobook Ghosts
  7. Rag-and-Bone Christmas Audiobook Rag-and-Bone Christmas
  8. 19th Christmas: (Women's Murder Club 19) Audiobook 19th Christmas: (Women's Murder Club 19)
  9. Why Mummy’s Sloshed: The Bigger the Kids, the Bigger the Drink Audiobook Why Mummy’s Sloshed: The Bigger the Kids, the Bigger the Drink
  10. Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day: My Autobiography Audiobook Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day: My Autobiography
Rakes and Roses Audiobook

Rakes and Roses

Author: Josi S. Kilpack Narrator: Justine Eyre Release Date: August 2020

Harry Stillman cares nothing for his future and spends his time at gaming tables, horse races, and in the company of whatever beautiful woman has caught his eye that week. He has little use for society or his uncle’s approval—until his debts begin exceeding his profits. When Uncle Elliott refuses to pay off the debt and instead offers him a large, monetary wedding gift if Harry were to marry a woman of his uncle’s approval, Harry is offended, angry—and scared. His dire straits drives him to seek out the infamous Lord Damion—a money lender who extolls a heavy price for his assistance. Lord Damion, however, is not a lord at all, or even a man. When Lady Sabrina’s cheating husband leaves her, then ends up dying in a carriage accident, she creates a plan to ensure her future security through the secret persona of Lord Damion, and she is quickly becoming the richest woman in England. Knee-deep in secrets, both Harry and Sabrina must decide what true love means to them and how to navigate the pitfalls of English high society. In the end, both must decide which is more important: wealth or true love.

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The Candy Cane Caper: A Cozy Culinary Mystery Audiobook

The Candy Cane Caper: A Cozy Culinary Mystery

Author: Josi S. Kilpack Narrator: Pam Ward Release Date: December 2019

The theft of a friend's priceless, family-legacy Christmas ornaments brings amateur detective and culinary expert, Sadie Hoffmiller, back on the case in a new standalone cozy mystery. In the latest chapter to the Culinary Mystery series, amateur detective Sadie Hoffmiller continues combining her sleuthing with her cooking and baking to connect with people and gain information she might otherwise not have access to. Moreover, now that Sadie is married to Detective Pete Cunningham, she has a street-savvy husband to test out her crime-solving theories. With Christmas approaching, Sadie is preparing for a large blended-family gathering including many new grandchildren-in their home in Fort Collins, Colorado. Even with the festive chaos, Sadie drops everything when word gets out that her friend, Mary, is the victim of a holiday robbery. At ninety-four years old, and nearly blind, Mary knows this is may be her last Christmas and the last year to enjoy her family heirloom Christmas tree ornaments. She wants just one more holiday to display her ornaments and following Christmas Eve Mass, she'll pass them on to her great-granddaughter, Joy. Though priceless to the family, the collection has been valued at $40,000, and the Christmas tree in the care facility has never looked so good. But before the ornaments can be retrieved by Mary, eleven of the most expensive ornaments are stolen. A holiday Christmas caper might be new to Sadie, but she's ready to mix in her seasoned crime-solving skills with a pinch of new holiday recipes.

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Daisies and Devotion Audiobook

Daisies and Devotion

Author: Josi S. Kilpack Narrator: Justine Eyre Release Date: May 2019

Timothy Mayfield has nearly given up on his search for a wife. Though he is the picture of a fine, social gentleman, Timothy wishes his finances provided a more stable foundation. Then his Uncle Elliott presents to him a solution: participate in his 'marriage campaign,' and upon approval of his choice for a wife, Timothy's inheritance will be his. Freed from the constraints of having to marry for money, Timothy is ready to marry for love instead. And he knows exactly what he wants in a wife: youth, optimism, beauty, blonde hair, fine-boned features, shapely shoulders, small waist, blue eyes, button nose, solid fashion sense, a light laugh, low voice, arched eyebrows, fair skin, elegant fingers, quick wit, calm manner, and a dazzling smile. His friend, Maryann Morrington, an heiress in her own right, tells him outright that his expectations are ridiculous-no such woman exists. Maryann had considered Timothy as a potential suitor for a time, but then their relationship shifted to friendship and she has avoided allowing herself to have feelings for him again. She agrees to help him find his 'perfect wife,' because she's certain that the search will render nothing. Until it does. Miss Shaw appears to fulfill every single item on Timothy's list-unlike Maryann who has brown hair, brown eyes, lacks delicate features, and possesses a laugh that is definitely unladylike. But when Timothy and Miss Shaw begin courting, Timothy realizes something profound. He'd rather spend his time with Maryann. But can he trust his judgment when his heart has led him wrong so many times before? It is only when Maryann leaves the London season early, that Timothy realizes that he had truly fallen in love with her and that his list of requirements were nothing but fantasy. If he hopes to build a strong relationship, Timothy must convince Maryann that she is the very woman he'd been looking for all along-before it is too late.

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Promises and Primroses Audiobook

Promises and Primroses

Author: Josi S. Kilpack Narrator: Justine Eyre Release Date: September 2018

Lord Elliott Mayfield has done his best to take care of his family, first his siblings and now his nieces and nephews. Unfortunately, he sees this new generation moving in the same direction of bad matches and scandalous relationships as the last. In hopes to change their course, he establishes a 'marriage campaign' to motivate them to improve themselves through making respectable matches. With his heart in the right place, what could possibly go wrong? Peter, Elliott's eldest nephew, thinks the entire idea is ridiculous. A widower with two young daughters, he simply needs a governess, not a wife. Julia Hollingsworth certainly has the credentials and the experience, but is altogether too young and pretty for such a job. So why can't he stop thinking about her? Julia loves working as a governess, despite the objections of her mother, Amelia. And as it turns out, Amelia has a lot to say about the Mayfield men-none of it good. But Julia dismisses the rumors of ruined reputations and instead concentrates on helping Peter with his children and his fledgling business in canine husbandry. His kindness and gentleness is endearing-and increasingly attractive. But Amelia, whose heart was broken thirty years ago by none other than Elliott Mayfield, is determined to prevent any relationship from blooming either between Peter and Julia-or between herself and Elliott. Hearts and history collide as both couples must face their pasts and decide if risking it all is worth the promise of new love and a new future.

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A Country Christmas Audiobook

A Country Christmas

Author: Carla Kelly, Jennifer Moore, Josi S. Kilpack Narrator: Sarah Zimmerman Release Date: September 2017

Family traditions fill us with familiarity, and there's nothing better than being home for Christmas. This collection gives us all the best of a magical Christmas when love is in the air. In Saints and Sinners, Neville's best friend Burke wants to wager who can kiss Eloise first, but Neville feels protective of his childhood friend. At the annual Christmas ball, Eloise makes it clear she's no longer a girl, but a beautiful woman, and Neville realizes how much he truly cares for her. But will Burke get in the way of their courtship? In The Christmas Angle, Sailing Master Able Six is home from the navy and takes a job teaching young pupils at the home of a vicar. There, he unexpectedly meets Meridee, and knows he's finally met a woman he could love. But with no way to support a wife, their union seems impossible, unless they get a Christmas miracle. In The Perfect Christmas, Archie Clawson plans to give Jane the perfect Christmas holiday and then propose to her, but everything goes wrong. First, they get caught in a snowstorm and then find that the staff was unaware of their arrival so nothing is prepared. It's a disaster, but should he go through with the proposal and if he does, will Jane find it in her heart to accept him?

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All Regency Collection Audiobook

All Regency Collection

THE WEDDING GIFT: A PRIDE AND PREJUDICE STORY: Mr. Darcy gave Elizabeth the perfect wedding gift, but she can't come up with anything for the man who has everything. After several attempts, Elizabeth finally realizes she's had the perfect gift all along. DREAM OF A GLORIOUS SEASON: Liz has always loved Julian, but he's been intended for her sister since childhood. When he helps introduce her to society, he finds himself falling in love with her. Is there too much standing in their way to ever be together? THE MENDER: Thankful is taking a final voyage before choosing someone to marry, but when their ship comes under siege, she's asked to help the ship's doctor with the injured. Adam is world-weary and has nearly given up on finding happiness, but Thankful gives him hope that love might not be out of his reach. BEGIN AGAIN: Regina gave up on love the day Ross walked out of her life, but when he returns fifteen years later, he claims he never stopped loving her. If what he says is true, someone in her family has deliberately kept them apart. Can they find their way back to each other? THE AFFAIR AT WILDEMOORE: Ellen Stanhope's love-match has faded over her marriage, but when she sees her husband dancing with a woman he courted years ago, her feelings of love come rushing back. THE DUKE'S BROTHER: Mabel reluctantly goes to London for the Season, and accidentally runs over Mr. Gregory Clark. Their embarrassing introduction soon leads to interest on both sides, but Gregory is part of the dreaded ton. Can Mabel ever fit into his life?

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Autumn Masquerade Audiobook

Autumn Masquerade

Author: Donna Hatch, Josi S. Kilpack, Nancy Campbell Allen Narrator: Sarah Zimmerman Release Date: July 2017

Autumn Masquerade features three historical novellas centered around the delicious thrill of masquerades where a few hours of anonymity may lead to love-or heartbreak. In A Merry Dance, Lila learns the importance of "never say never" when, though she is in love with her absent cousin, her uncle asks her to consider marrying Mortimer Luthford, a man she's sure to never love. But when she tries every trick known to women to show her disinterest in Mortimer, she struggles to maintain that façade when he turns out to be very interesting indeed. In Unmasking the Duke, Hannah only attends the masquerade ball to support her sister, but finds herself enjoying a dance with a stranger. He charms her with his wit and their evening ends in a memorable kiss, but when they remove their masks Hannah is horrified to realize she's been flirting with the despised Duke of Suttenberg. No matter how wonderful he seemed, he's the last man she'd ever accept. In What's in a Name, Penelope has been secretly writing to the Duke of Wilmington pretending to be her twin sister. But when the duke unexpectedly comes to visit, she'll have to keep up the pretense to protect her family. When the duke realizes right away what has happened, he decides to jump into the game of deception to see how far the twin sisters will take it.

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Spring Vacation Collection: Six Romance Novellas Audiobook

Spring Vacation Collection: Six Romance Novellas

MOONLIGHT KISS: This vacation collection starts at a company retreat where Sarah will finally meet her online mystery man, but will he live up to her expectations? CHASING TESS: And Tess takes her vacation driving cross-country while her should-have-been fiancé but now ex-boyfriend tries to win her back. DANCING AT THE FLEA MARKET: Mara spends her spring break in Texas, but the southern charm is nowhere to be found in a man like Carter. Can he convince her a long-distance relationship is worth fighting for? THE BEST LAID PLANS: And when Madison is forced to give up her vacation in Cancun to help her mother, ex-boyfriend Derek gives her unexpected support, making her wonder if she should give him a second chance. PICTURE PERFECT: Then, at a spring vacation getaway with old high school friends Gemma gets a new perspective when her oldest friend Drew is suddenly looking at her differently. But would their friendship be ruined by a romance? THE SCIENCE OF SENTIMENT: And Rosie's visit to her family's cabin is anything but relaxing when Kevin, the man she's trying to forget, shows up. From company retreats to mountain cabins, each story will remind readers of how fun-and exasperating-love can be, especially when you're on spring vacation.

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