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  1. It Happened One Summer: A Novel Audiobook It Happened One Summer: A Novel
  2. The Viscount Who Loved Me Audiobook The Viscount Who Loved Me
  3. Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life Audiobook Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life
  4. The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World Audiobook The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World
  5. The Dictionary of Lost Words Audiobook The Dictionary of Lost Words
  6. The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close Audiobook The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close
  7. Arsenic and Adobo Audiobook Arsenic and Adobo
  8. The Cabinet Audiobook The Cabinet
  9. The Night Circus Audiobook The Night Circus
  10. Open Mind Audiobook Open Mind
Classic Radio's Greatest Science Fiction Shows, Vol. 2 Audiobook

Classic Radio's Greatest Science Fiction Shows, Vol. 2

Author: Hollywood 360 Narrator: A Full Cast, A Full Cast, Orson Welles, Orson Welles Release Date: December 2016

This collection contains twelve episodes from the greatest science fiction shows ever broadcast during the golden age of radio, including a two-part Suspense episode starring Orson Welles written by Curt Siodmak, author of The Wolf Man, one of Universal Pictures' biggest hits. Other classics include stories by H. G. Wells, Robert Heinlein, Frederick Pohl, and Murray Leinster on Dimension X, Escape, and X Minus One. You'll hear radio's finest actors perform before the microphone, including Lawrence Olivier, Raymond Burr, John McIntire, Jeanette Nolan, Daws Butler, Alan Reed, June Foray, Joseph Kearns, John Dehner, Dick Beals, Betty Lou Gerson, and more. Relive twelve of the best science fiction radio shows from yesteryear and the legendary stars that made them great in this incredible collection. Included are the following shows and episodes: Suspense. "Donovan's Brain, Part 1" by Curt Siodmak (18 May 1944) Suspense. "Donovan's Brain, Part 2" by Curt Siodmak (25 May 1944) The Sealed Book. "Beware of Tomorrow" by Robert Arthur and David Kogan (29 Jul 1945) Escape. "Dream of Armageddon" by H. G. Wells (5 Sep 1948) Mysterious Traveler. "The Big Brain" by Robert Arthur and David Kogan (14 Mar 1950) Dimension X. "The Roads Must Roll" by Robert Heinlein (1 Sep 1950) Theatre Royal. "The Country of the Blind" by H. G. Wells (2 Jan 1954) Exploring Tomorrow. "First Contact" by Murray Leinster (15 Jan 1958) X Minus One. "Requiem" by Robert Heinlein (27 Oct 1955) X Minus One. "Tunnel under the World" by Frederick Pohl (14 Mar 1956) CBS Radio Workshop. "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (25 May 1956) CBS Radio Workshop. "A Pride of Carrots, or Venus Well Served" by Robert Nathan (14 Sep 1956)

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The Whistler, Vol. 3 Audiobook

The Whistler, Vol. 3

Author: Hollywood 360 Narrator: Bill Forman Release Date: December 2016

The Whistler was one of radio's top mystery programs airing from May 16, 1942 until September 22, 1955, sponsored by the Signal Oil Company. The Whistler was an ominous narrator who opened each episode with: "I am the Whistler, and I know many things, for I walk by night. I know many strange tales, many secrets hidden in the hearts of men and women who have stepped into the shadows. I know the nameless terrors of which they dare not speak." The opening dialog was heard over the echo of footsteps and a haunting signature thirteen-note theme, whistled each week by Dorothy Roberts. The stories followed an effective formula in which a person's criminal acts were typically undone by their own missteps. The Whistler narrated the story, often commenting directly upon the action in the manner of a Greek chorus, taunting the criminal from an omniscient perspective. One of the show's trademarks was the ironic twist endings that helped serve as a payoff for the listener. Bill Forman held the title role of host and narrator the longest. Others who portrayed the Whistler include Gale Gordon (later starring in I Love Lucy), Joseph Kearns (Mr. Wilson in television's Dennis the Menace), Marvin Miller (later starring on television as Michael Anthony in The Millionaire), Bill Johnstone (The Shadow on radio from 1938 to 1943) and Everett Clarke. The twelve half-hour episodes starring Bill Forman included here with the date of broadcast, are: "Strange Sisters" (28 Jan 1946) "Panic" (4 Feb 1946) "Six Letter Word for Death" (11 Feb 1946) "Murder in Haste" (25 Feb 1946) "Terror Stricken" (8 Apr 1946) "Smart Boy" (15 Apr 1946) "Ambassador of Death" (16 Jun 1947) "Beyond Reasonable Doubt" (16 Jul 1947) "Whispered Verdict" (13 Aug 1947) "Curtain Call" (27 Aug 1947) "A Question of Murder" (4 Aug 1948) "Payment in Full" (1 Sept 1948)

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Pat Novak, for Hire, Vol. 1 Audiobook

Pat Novak, for Hire, Vol. 1

Author: Hollywood 360 Narrator: Ben Morris, Jack Webb Release Date: December 2016

These twelve exciting episodes take you to the San Francisco waterfront as you follow Pat Novak as he solves some shady crimes. Pat Novak, for Hire began in 1946 as a regional radio show produced at KGO in San Francisco and starred Jack Webb in the title role, with scripts by Webb's friend Richard L. Breen. When Webb moved to Los Angeles in 1947, Ben Morris replaced Webb as Novak. In a later network version, Jack Webb resumed the role, along with Breen as scriptwriter. Pat Novak, for Hire lasted until 1949, when Jack Webb turned his attention to the series that would make him a star, Dragnet. The twelve episodes in this collection, with the actor in the role of Pat Novak and the date of its broadcast, are the following: "John Brown Gambling Ring" with Ben Morris (3 August 1947), "The Mysterious Set of Books" with Ben Morris (10 August 1947), "Death in Herald Square" with Ben Morris (30 November 1947), "The Jack of Clubs" with Jack Webb (20 February 1949), "Marcia Halpern" with Jack Webb (27 February 1949), "Reuben Callaway's Pictures" with Jack Webb (13 March 1949), "Rory Malone" with Jack Webb (20 March 1949), "Joe Candano" with Jack Webb (27 March 1949), "Shirt Mix-Up at the Laundry" with Jack Webb (9 April 1949), "Sam Tolliver" with Jack Webb (23 April 1949), "Rita Malloy" with Jack Webb (1 May 1949), "Geranium Plant" with Jack Webb (15 May 1949).

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Escape, Vol. 3 Audiobook

Escape, Vol. 3

Author: Hollywood 360 Narrator: Full Cast, Full Cast Release Date: December 2016

Escape was radio's leading anthology series of high-adventure, airing on CBS radio from 1947 to 1954. The series' well-remembered opening combined Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain with an introduction spoken by Paul Frees and William Conrad: "Tired of the everyday grind? Ever dream of a life of romantic adventure? Want to get away from it all? We offer you ... Escape!" Following the opening theme, a second announcer, usually Roy Rowan, would add, "Escape-designed to free you from the four walls of today for a half-hour of high adventure!" Many story premises, both originals and adaptations, involved a protagonist in dire life-or-death straits. Actors starring in the series include Victor Mature, Frank Lovejoy, Ed Begley, Parley Baer, William Conrad, Jack Webb, John Dehner, and many others. Music was supplied by Del Castillo, organist Ivan Ditmars, Cy Feuer, Wilbur Hatch, and Leith Stevens.

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Suspense, Vol. 3 Audiobook

Suspense, Vol. 3

Author: Hollywood 360 Narrator: Various, Various Narrators, Various Narrators Release Date: November 2016

Conceived as a potential radio vehicle for Alfred Hitchcock to direct, Suspense was a radio series of epic proportion. It aired on CBS from 1942 to 1962, and is considered by many to be the best mystery/drama series of the golden age. Often referred to as "Radio's Outstanding Theater of Thrills" it focused on suspenseful, thrillers starring the biggest names in Hollywood. Early in the run, the episodes were hosted by the 'Man in Black' who, from an omniscient perch, narrated stories of people thrown into dangerous or bizarre situations with plots that, at the very end, usually had an unseen twist or two. Hollywood's finest actors jumped at the chance to appear on Suspense, including: Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Alan Ladd, Henry Fonda, Humphrey Bogart, Bette Davis and Orson Welles. Scripts were by John Dickson Carr, Lucille Fletcher, James Poe, Ray Bradbury and many others. Running more than twenty years, Suspense aired nearly 1,000 radio broadcasts. It made the transition to television in 1949, but it was on radio that Suspense enjoyed its glory days. "Suspense was a dramatic anthology series and one of the very best OTR programs, with many episodes still fresh and exciting to listen to today. It was produced by CBS and ran from 1942 to 1962. It drew upon the talents of many of the leading Hollywood stars of the day, such as Orson Welles, Cary Grant, Peter Lorre, and Agnes Moorehead. As the name suggests, Suspense focused mainly on thrillers, but it also offered science fiction, fantasy, and horror tales. Indeed, one of the great strengths of the series was its range of subject matter: one week, the listener would be presented with a chilling ghost story, the next, a hard-boiled detective tale. Episodes were adapted from the works of many of the greats of their respective genres, with stories by as diverse a range of writers as Edgar Allan Poe, Raymond Chandler, John Buchan, and H. P. Lovecraft."-Old Time Radio Review

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Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Vol. 3 Audiobook

Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Vol. 3

Author: Hollywood 360 Narrator: Various, Various Narrators, Various Narrators Release Date: November 2016

Every week, Inner Sanctum Mysteries told a story of ghosts, murderers, and lunatics. Taking its name from a popular series of mystery novels, Inner Sanctum Mysteries debuted over NBC radio's Blue Network in January 1941 and featured one of the most memorable and atmospheric openings in radio history as an organist hit a dissonant chord, a doorknob turned, and a creaking door slowly began to open. Inner Sanctum Mysteries was produced in New York, the cast usually consisting of veteran radio actors, with occasional guest appearances by such Hollywood stars as Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, and Claude Rains. What made Inner Sanctum Mysteries unique among radio horror shows was its host, a slightly sinister sounding fellow originally known as "Raymond." The host had a droll sense of humor and an appetite for ghoulish puns, and his influence can be seen among horror hosts everywhere, from the Crypt Keeper to Elvira. Raymond Edward Johnson was the show's host until 1945; Paul McGrath took over as host until the show left the air in 1952. Producer Himan Brown would utilize the creaking door again in the 1970s, when he produced and directed The CBS Radio Mystery Theater. In this collection are the following episodes and the date they aired on radio: "Corridor of Doom" (23 Oct 45) "The Wailing Wall" (6 Nov 45) "Boomerang" (20 Nov 45) "The Dark Chamber" (11 Dec 45) "The Confession" (22 Jan 46) "Death of a Doll" (18 Oct 48) "The Devil's Fortune" (31 Jan 49) "The Unburied Dead" (16 May 49) "The Corpse without a Conscience" (20 Jun 49) "Beneficiary: Death" (17 Apr 50) "No Rest for the Dead" (13 Jul 50) "Twice Dead" (6 Nov 50)

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Night Beat, Vol. 2 Audiobook

Night Beat, Vol. 2

Author: Hollywood 360 Narrator: Various, Various Narrators, Various Narrators Release Date: November 2016

This radio drama stars Frank Lovejoy in twelve half-hour episodes that aired in 1950, during the golden age of radio. Among several newspaper-based dramas during radio's golden age, Night Beat was a cut above the others. It was the story of Randy Stone, a hard-nosed Chicago Star newsman, and his quest for the human-interest story behind the headlines. Frank Lovejoy starred as Randy Stone, who came to vivid life thanks to expert scripts by Russell Hughes, Larry Marcus, E. Jack Neumann, and John Michael Hayes, who would later write the Hitchcock film classics To Catch a Thief and Rear Window. Lovejoy's distinctive voice and approach to the role, combined with top performances by veteran radio actors, gave Night Beat a noir style that listeners loved. The stories ran the gamut from lighthearted to tragic, and through it all, Randy Stone, in a hard-boiled yet sensitive portrayal, would narrate the story and comment on it from beginning to end-often with a hard-edged cynicism. Night Beat aired on NBC radio from 1950 to 1952. This collection includes the following episodes: The Devil's Bible (24 Jul 50) A City at Your Fingertips (31 Jul 50) Old Blind Pop (7 Aug 50) Gunner's Last Fight (14 Aug 50) Doctor's Secret (21 Aug 50) Old Home Week (4 Sep 50) The Hunter Becomes the Hunted (11 Sep 50) Wanna Buy a Story? (18 Sep 50) A Case of Butter (25 Sep 50) The Kenny Day Amnesia Case (6 Oct 50) Einar Pierce and Family (13 Oct 50) Judge Arnold's Daughter (20 Oct 50) "Night Beat...starred Frank Lovejoy as Randy Stone, a tough and streetwise reporter...It is generally regarded as a 'quality' show, and it stands up extremely well. Frank Lovejoy (1914-1962) isn't remembered today, but he was a powerful and believable actor with a strong delivery, and his portrayal of Randy Stone as tough guy with humanity was perfect. The scripts were excellent, given that they had to cover much in a short time. There was a good supporting cast, orchestra, and sound effects."-Paul Begg, author of Jack the Ripper: The Definitive History

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Classic Radio Spotlights: Jack Webb Audiobook

Classic Radio Spotlights: Jack Webb

Author: Hollywood 360 Narrator: Various, Various Narrators, Various Narrators Release Date: November 2016

Jack Webb (1920-1982) was a popular American actor, television producer, director, and screenwriter. He started out in the entertainment industry in comedy but achieved his first success playing the title character in the radio show Pat Novak, for Hire. His greater success came from his role as Los Angeles Police Department sergeant Joe Friday in the show Dragnet, which he created based on actual LAPD criminal case files and which ran for many years on both radio and television. This classic radio collection spotlights Jack Webb in episodes from a variety of series from the golden age of radio. The Jack Webb Show: "Slim Slade, Western Bandleader" (17 Apr 46) Suspense: "Murder by an Expert" (24 Jul 47) Escape: "Ring of Thoth" (11 Aug 47) The Whistler: "Meeting on Tenth Street" ( 25 Feb 48) Jeff Regan, Investigator: "The Guy from Gower Gulch" (13 Nov 48) Pat Novak, for Hire: "Watch Wendy Morris" (8 May 49) The Whistler: "The Eager Pigeon" (28 Aug 49) Escape: "Border Town" (13 Dec 49) Escape: "Poison" (28 Jul 50) Pete Kelly's Blues: "Shy Woman" (29 Aug 51) Dragnet: "Big Jolt" (5 Oct 52) Dragnet: "Big Pill" (19 Oct 52)

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The Man Called X, Vol. 1 Audiobook

The Man Called X, Vol. 1

Author: Hollywood 360 Narrator: Various, Various Narrators, Various Narrators Release Date: November 2016

Here are twelve exciting episodes of international intrigue from the golden age of radio. "Wherever there is mystery, adventure, intrigue, in all the strange and dangerous places in the world, there you will find the man called X!" Debonair British actor Herbert Marshall stars as FBI secret agent Ken Thurston, "the man who crosses the ocean as readily as you and I cross town; he is the man who fights today's war in his unique fashion, so that tomorrow's peace will make the world a neighborhood for all of us." Leon Belasco plays Mr. X's comedic sidekick, Pagan Zeldchmidt, who always turns up in remote parts of the world to assist Thurston. The Man Called X debuted over CBS radio on July 10, 1944, moved to NBC in 1950, and continued through May 20, 1952. In 1956 Ziv Television adapted The Man Called X as a thirty-nine-episode syndicated series starring Barry Sullivan as Ken Thurston. This collection contains the following episodes and the dates they aired on radio: Antarctic Expedition (3 Apr 47) Mr. Messler and the Insurance (17 Apr 47) Acme Oil Refinery (24 Apr 47) Stamp Story (15 May 47) A Journey to Xenophon (27 Oct 50) Professor Czorny Disappears behind the Iron Curtain (3 Nov 50) Race against Death (21 Apr 51) Knocked off His Feet (11 May 51) Enough Intrigue to Fill a Book (18 May 51) Amazon River (15 Jun 51) Petroleum Sabotage in Lima (1 Jan 52) A Flying Trip to Nowhere (8 Jan 52)

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Classic Radio's Greatest Mystery Shows, Vol. 2 Audiobook

Classic Radio's Greatest Mystery Shows, Vol. 2

Author: Hollywood 360 Narrator: A Full Cast, A Full Cast Release Date: October 2016

This collection contains twelve of the greatest mystery shows ever broadcast during the golden age of radio, featuring the legendary stars that made them great. You will hear Orson Welles, Humphrey Bogart, Peter Lorre, Vincent Price, Basil Rathbone, Joan Fontaine, and other stars in classic radio episodes from such radio shows as Suspense, Escape, The Whistler, Inner Sanctum, The Screen Director's Playhouse,and The Weird Circle, among others. Settle in to relive twelve of the best classic radio mystery shows from yesteryear: "The Bloody, Bloody Banks of the Fall River" a.k.a. "The Story of Lizzie Borden," with Lou Merrill (09/30/1953); Escape: "Present Tense," with Vincent Price (01/31/1950); The Humphrey Bogart Theatre: "Dead Man," with Humphrey Bogart (09/17/1949); Inner Sanctum: "Murder Faces East," with Karl Swenson (12/13/1948); Murder at Midnight: "The Dead Come Back," with Joseph Julian (06/14/1946); Screen Directors Playhouse: "The Uninvited," with Ray Milland (11/18/1949); Screen Directors Playhouse: "The Spiral Staircase," with Dorothy McGuire (11/25/1949); The Screen Guild Theatre: "Suspicion," with Joan Fontaine, Basil Rathbone, and Nigel Bruce (01/04/1943); Suspense: "The Moment of Darkness," with Peter Lorre (04/20/1943); Suspense: "Lazarus Walks," with Orson Welles (10/19/1943); The Weird Circle: "The Thing in the Tunnel," based on a story by Charles Dickens (01/19/1945); and The Whistler: "The Gentle Way," with Howard McNear (07/23/1947).

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The Cisco Kid, Vol. 1 Audiobook

The Cisco Kid, Vol. 1

Author: Hollywood 360 Narrator: A Full Cast, A Full Cast Release Date: October 2016

Enjoy twelve half-hour episodes of the Western adventures of the Cisco Kid and his sidekick Pancho from the popular radio series of the 1940s and '50s. The Cisco Kid was a popular film, radio, television, and comic-book series based on the fictional Western character created by O. Henry in his short story, "The Caballero's Way," published in 1907 in the collection Heart of the West. Films and television depicted the Cisco Kid as a heroic Mexican caballero, a more honorable character than in O. Henry's original story. The Cisco Kid came to radio October 2, 1942, with Jackson Beck in the title role and Louis Sorin as Pancho. It was followed by another Mutual series in 1946, starring Jack Mather and Harry Lang, who continued to head the cast in the syndicated radio series of more than 600 episodes. The radio episodes ended with one or the other of them making a corny joke about the adventure they had just completed. They would laugh, saying, "Oh, Pancho!" "Oh, Cisco!" before galloping off, while laughing. The twelve episodes included in this collection are "Morbid Jones and the Web of Death" (09/26/1957), "Wheel of Chance" (10/01/1957), "The Vengeance of Laughing Lou" (10/03/1957), "Pancho and the Princess" (10/08/1957), "Flood at Humbug City" (12/31/1957), "Salmon River Rustlers" (01/02/1958), "Stampede in Texas" (01/14/1958), "Jingle Bob's Last Stand" (01/16/1958), "The Fighting Deputies" (01/21/1958), "The Old Shell Game" (01/23/1958), "The Law's a Fool" (01/28/1958), and "The Son of Rawhide Cargan" (01/30/58).

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The Amos 'n' Andy Show, Vol. 3 Audiobook

The Amos 'n' Andy Show, Vol. 3

Author: Hollywood 360, Paula Quinn Narrator: A Full Cast, A Full Cast, Paula Quinn Release Date: October 2016

Here are twelve more episodes of the antics of Amos, Andy, and the Kingfish, along with guest stars, including Jack Benny, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, and "Wizard of Oz" Frank Morgan. Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll made their radio debut on January 12, 1926, as the comedic blackface characters Sam 'n' Henry. On March 19, 1928, they introduced Amos 'n' Andy, which went on to become one of the most popular and longest-running programs in radio history. During the height of its popularity, almost the entire country tuned in to their adventures. The characters were members of the Mystic Knights of the Sea Lodge, of which George Stevens was "the Kingfish." Amos and Andy ran the Fresh-Air Taxi Company, with the more stable, married Amos doing most of the work while Andy chased girls. In 1943, after 4,091 quarter-hour episodes, it switched to a half-hour weekly comedy. Many of the half-hour programs were written by Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher, later the writing team for Leave It to Beaver and The Munsters. Amos 'n' Andy became a nightly disc-jockey program from 1954 to 1960. It later was the basis for a comic strip, a television show, and a film. "As a result of its extraordinary popularity, Amos 'n' Andy profoundly influenced the development of dramatic radio. Working alone in a small studio, Correll and Gosden created an intimate, understated acting style that differed sharply from the broad manner of stage actors-a technique requiring careful voice modulation, especially in the portrayal of multiple characters...Listeners could easily imagine that they were in the taxicab office, listening to the conversation of close friends. The result was a uniquely absorbing experience for listeners, who, in radio's short history, had never heard anything quite like Amos 'n' Andy...The series celebrated the virtues of friendship, persistence, hard work, and common sense, and as the years passed and the characterizations were refined...Above all, Correll and Gosden were gifted dramatists."-Elizabeth McLeod, author of The Original Amos 'n' Andy

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