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  4. Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness Audiobook Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness
  5. Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain Audiobook Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain
  6. As Good As Dead Audiobook As Good As Dead
  7. How to Kill Your Family Audiobook How to Kill Your Family
  8. Never Audiobook Never
  9. Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography Audiobook Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography
  10. Touch of Regret Audiobook Touch of Regret
The Ultimate Allan Quatermain Collection: 8 Novels, 4 Short Stories & 1 Extracanonical Work Audiobook

The Ultimate Allan Quatermain Collection: 8 Novels, 4 Short Stories & 1 Extracanonical Work

The Ultimate Allan Quatermain Collection includes the 8 full-length novels, 4 short stories and 1 extracanonical work featuring Allan Quatermain. The character Allan Quatermain is an English-born professional big game hunter and occasional trader living in South Africa. An outdoorsman who finds English cities and climate unbearable, he prefers to spend most of his life in Africa, where he grew up under the care of his widower father, a Christian missionary. In the earliest-written novels, native Africans refer to Quatermain as Macumazahn, meaning Watcher-by-Night, a reference to his nocturnal habits and keen instincts. In later-written novels, Macumazahn is said to be a short form of Macumazana, meaning One who stands out. Quatermain is frequently accompanied by his native servant, the Hottentot Hans, a wise and caring family retainer from his youth. His sarcastic comments offer a sharp critique of European conventions. In his final adventures, Quatermain is joined by two British companions, Sir Henry Curtis and Captain John Good of the Royal Navy, and by his African friend Umslopogaas. Included in this collection: 1. King Solomon's Mines (1885) 2. Allan Quatermain (1887) 3. Allan's Wife and Other Tales (1887): Allan's Wife / Hunter Quatermain's Story / A Tale of Three Lions / Long Odds 4. Marie (1912) 5. Child of Storm (1913) 6. Allan and the Holy Flower (1915) 7. The Ivory Child (1916) 8. The Ancient Allan (1920) 9. She and Allan (1920) 10. Extracanonical Work: Magepa the Buck (1912)

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King Solomon's Mines Audiobook

King Solomon's Mines

Author: H. Rider Haggard Narrator: Seth Thompson Release Date: July 2020

“Out of the dark we came, into the dark we go. Like a storm-driven bird at night we fly out of the Nowhere; for a moment our wings are seen in the light of the fire, and, lo! we are gone again into the Nowhere.' An instant best-seller when it was released in 1885, King Solomon’s Mines is regarded as one of the earliest works of “lost world” fiction in which explorers discover an unknown world full of adventure and mystery. In King Solomon’s Mine, adventurer Allan Quatermain sets out on an expedition to find a friend’s brother who was lost while searching for the mines of the biblical King Solomon. The mines are said to hold the riches and treasures of Solomon’s kingdom, a temptation that Quatermain cannot deny. The expedition takes Quatermain through dangers encounters with fierce animals, the perils of wildnerness, and into mysterious lands with vast armies and hidden kingdoms. This novel is full of exciting adventures and examinations of human desires in the face of the uncaring natural world. A long-standing classic with beautiful prose and imagery, King Solomon’s Mines has been adapted many times for film and television, and its themes and plot have informed the adventure and lost world genres for decades.

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King Solomon's Mines Audiobook

King Solomon's Mines

Author: H. Rider Haggard Narrator: Toby Scott Mclellan Release Date: July 2020

The irascible Allan Quatermain first reveals one of his many adventures with the story that captured the imagination of the world. His quest for treasure leads him to a lost civilization, and then he finds he must start a revolution. The biggest question he has is how can he get the treasure and escape with his life?

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King Solomons Mines Audiobook

King Solomons Mines

Author: H. Rider Haggard Narrator: Michael Ward Release Date: May 2020

'What was it that you heard about my brother's journey at Bamangwato?' asked Sir Henry, as I paused to fill my pipe before replying to Captain Good. 'I heard this,' I answered, 'and I have never mentioned it to a soul till to-day. I heard that he was starting for Solomon's Mines.' 'Solomon's Mines?' ejaculated both my hearers at once. 'Where are they?' ... And so begins the adventure of Allan Quatermain, Sir Henry Curtis and Captain Good as they penetrate into the unknown regions of South Africa in search of a missing brother, and the fabulous wealth, said to still reside in 'King Solomon's Mines'. First published in September 1885 amid considerable fanfare, with billboards and posters around London announcing it as 'The Most Amazing Book Ever Written', this tale of action and adventure by Sir H. Rider Haggard was released in 1885 and became an immiediate best seller.

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Allan Quatermain: Classic Tales Edition Audiobook

Allan Quatermain: Classic Tales Edition

Author: H. Rider Haggard Narrator: B.J. Harrison Release Date: September 2017

Haggard wrote Allan Quatermain immediately after King Solomon’s Mines, though it takes place at the chronological tail end of Quatermain’s adventures. He has just lost his only son, and is now wearied with the traditional English lifestyle. He longs for the wilds of Africa. He convinces his friends Sir Henry Curtis and Captain John Good as well as the Zulu chief Umbopa to return to Africa in search of a fabled race of white people. Fierce Masai warriors, subterranean rivers, creatures from the deep, and a spectacular civil war are all in store for our seasoned adventurers. It’s an adventure you won’t want to miss!

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She Audiobook


Author: H. Rider Haggard Narrator: Stephen Pacey Release Date: May 2017

From the moment the dying man, Vincey, bursts into his friend Holly's Cambridge rooms with his dramatic announcement, increasing mystery and tension mark She as Henry Rider Haggard's greatest novel. At the centre of the story is young Leo, Vincey's son, who becomes Holly's ward. After discovering his fateful heritage, Leo travels to Africa to avenge a wrong committed over 2,000 years ago. There he comes under the power of Ayesha, an immortal queen of incredible beauty. Also awaiting Leo and Holly on their adventure is an ordeal to test their moral and physical courage, from which they will not return unchanged. 1. Momentous Meeting. The narrator reminisces over an encounter with two men ? the younger resembling a Greek god, the older as ugly as the younger is beautiful. Five years later he receives a letter and a manuscript from Ludwig Horace Holly, the older man. In the manuscript Holly relates how, years before, he was visited in his rooms by Vincey, a friend at Cambridge University. Vincey, clearly ill, left an iron box with Holly and asked him to be guardian to his young son. Leo. Vincey revealed his ancient lineage and Holly accepted the guardianship. Next day, Vincey was found dead. 2. Into Africa. On Leo's 25th birthday, the iron box is opened as decreed. Amongst the contents is a potsherd with Greek inscriptions and a letter from Vincey. A translation of the inscription tells how Amenartas, the Pharaoh's daughter, fled with her lover Kallikrates to Africa. There they encountered a beautiful, immortal white queen who showed them the magical Pillar of Life. When Kallikrates rejected her advances, she killed him. Amenartas urged her descendants to take revenge on the Queen. Holly is sceptical about the legend but Leo is determined to investigate, so they set out for Africa with Job, their servant. As they sail along the east African coast, a storm blows up. When the boat is swamped, they clamber into a passing ship with their guide Mahomed. 3. Taken Captive. The party sails upriver. Several days later, while they are sleeping, they are captured by Amahagger tribesmen, who take them inland. Holly is interrogated by Billali. their leader, who says that his queen, Ayesha, or 'She-who-must-be-obeyed', as the Amahagger call her, mysteriously knows of their arrival. On the journey, they meet an African girl, Ustane, who kisses Leo and, according to local custom, thereby chooses him as her husband. When Billali leaves the group to consult with 'She', the tribe hold a feast. The English captives are invited to the celebrations but, when Holly realizes that Mahomed is intended as meat, he starts shooting and the guide is accidentally killed. They try to escape but are pursued and attacked. Only Billali's timely arrival saves them. 4. Ayesha's Palace. Leo is wounded and feverish, but they continue their journey, for Billali says that they must go on. Later, Billali is nearly drowned when his litter falls into a swamp. Holly saves him as the tribesmen look on. The group finally reach a mountain, and the palace of Ayesha. Holly is summoned by 'She', but grows nervous when he observes Billali's reverence for her and when Ayesha greets them veiled from head to toe. Billali prostrates himself in front of her but Holly remains standing. Ayesha interrogates Billali angrily about the attack on her 'guests'. 5. A Terrible Beauty. When Ayesha questions Holly about Egypt, he is shocked to realize that she is talking of events 2,000 years ago. At his request, she unveils, displaying a dazzling, evil beauty. She is shaken to see a scarab ring on Holly's finger, which came from Leo's father's strongbox. Holly visits Leo and finds him dying. Ayesha shows Holly her palace, with its pit full of skeletons, then they go to see Leo. She staggers at seeing Leo's face because she recognizes him as her dead lover Kallikrates. She restores Leo with a magic potion and while he is still unconscious, Ayesha summons her rival Ustane. She banishes her and when Ustane refuses to go, she strikes her and terrifies her into leaving. 6. Lovers Reunited. As Leo recovers, Ayesha shows him her palace, but she is evasive about Ustane's whereabouts. She hosts a macabre dance, at which fiery mummified corpses are used as torches and dancers cavort dressed as animals. Leo and Holly are approached by Ustane disguised as a leopard. She urges them to flee but Ayesha discovers them. Unveiling, she kills the defiant Ustane with a single look. Leo is sickened until 'She' turns her eyes on him. His resistance falters and they embrace over Ustane's corpse. 'She' reveals the preserved corpse of Kallikrates before dramatically destroying it. 7. Pillar of Fire. 'She' and the three Englishmen enter a volcano, seeking immortality from the Pillar of Fire. They make a difficult journey which leads to a spur of rock over a chasm, then wait until the setting sun lights up a chosen stone. Using a plank brought with them, Ayesha runs lightly across the void. Job almost falls to his doom, as the plank tumbles away. Ayesha shows them a cave where a hermit once lived who revealed the Fire of Immortality to her. They enter the chamber which is filled with an intoxicating glow. Ayesha urges Leo, whom she calls Kallikrates, to enter the fire. When he hesitates, she offers to go first. 8. A Hideous Ending. Ayesha throws off her clothes and enters the flames. For a moment she is wonderfully beautiful, then a change overcomes her. 'She' grows unspeakably old before their eyes, shrivelling into a crone. Calling on Kallikrates to remember her, 'She' collapses and dies. Watching this scene, Job dies of shock and Leo's hair turns white. Utterly shaken, Leo and Holly leave and Billali helps them return to England.

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King Solomon's Mines: BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation Audiobook

King Solomon's Mines: BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation

Author: H. Rider Haggard Narrator: , David Sturzaker, Tim McInnerny, Tim Mcinnerny Release Date: May 2017

Tim McInnerny stars as Allan Quatermaine in this dramatic full-cast BBC Radio 4 adaptation of H Rider Haggard's classic Victorian novel. A chance meeting with Sir Henry Curtis and his friend John Good leads professional game hunter Allan Quatermaine on a dangerous expedition to the uncharted, hostile heart of Africa. Curtis’s brother disappeared while searching for the legendary diamond mine of King Solomon, and he needs Quatermaine’s expertise to re-trace his brother’s journey. Quatermaine agrees to Curtis’s generous terms, on the condition that the money is paid to his son if he does not survive. Joined by the imposing, mysterious Zulu Umbopa, the trio set off into the unknown. As they journey from the barren desert to the precipitous mountains, they discover clues from a past adventurer, now dead – and come close to death themselves. They encounter fierce Kukuana warriors, the beautiful Foulata, the blood-thirsty King Twala and his ancient, evil witch-finder Gagool – but will they find the mine and the treasure that is rumoured to lie within it? And if they do, will they make it out alive? This vivid dramatisation of Haggard’s popular adventure story is a combination of thrilling treasure hunt, suspenseful mystery and gripping psychological drama. Among the cast are Sope Dirisu and Adjoa Andoh. Duration: 2 hours approx.

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King Solomon's Mines Audiobook

King Solomon's Mines

Author: H. Rider Haggard Narrator: John Nicholson Release Date: February 2017

One of the bestselling novels of the nineteenth century, King Solomon's Mines has inspired dozens of adventure stories, including Edgar Rice Burroughs's Tarzan books and the Indiana Jones movies. Vivid and enormously action-packed, Henry Rider Haggard's tale of danger and discovery continues to shock and thrill, as it has since it was first presented to the public and heralded as "the most amazing book ever written." Following a map, adventurer Allan Quartermain embarks on a perilous and thrilling journey into the heart of Africa with Sir Henry Curtis and Captain John Good to find Sir Henry's missing younger brother - and the fabled lost diamond mines of King Solomon. This gripping adventure into dangerous and unknown lands will stay with you for a lifetime.

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Allan Quatermain Audiobook

Allan Quatermain

Author: H. Rider Haggard Narrator: John Nicholson Release Date: February 2017

This sequel to King Solomon's Mines is filled with the spirit of adventure. Three men and their guide trek into remote Africa in search of a lost white race. Their perilous journey takes them to Zu-Vendis, a kingdom ruled by the beautiful twin sisters, Nyleptha and Sorais. Thrilled by rumors of a lost civilization, three Englishmen decide to travel to the heart of Africa with their Zulu guide, where they meet with continual peril: an attack by a cruel warrior tribe, the scorch of underground volcanic fires, and an encounter with a huge species of ferocious black crab. Exhausted and depleted of supplies, the men at last arrive at a mysterious city in the highlands of the interior. The people, called the Zu-Vendi, enjoy a civilization suggesting Egyptian origin, which includes a sun-worshiping priesthood. The travelers immediately fall into disfavor with the priests by shooting some sacred hippopotami. More problems arise when Sir Henry falls in love with one of the twin queens who rule the land. Her devious sister becomes jealous, and civil war erupts.

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The Tale of Three Lions Audiobook

The Tale of Three Lions

Author: H. Rider Haggard Narrator: Kristine Bekere Release Date: January 2017

Taking place in the heart of Africa, "The Tale of Three Lions" is one more thrilling adventure from the eventful life of old hunter Quatermain, the famous hero of "King Solomons Mines". This time, though there are no bloodthirsty people for the old hunter to deal with, the dangers are no less. He has to face the mighty and fierce King of Animals - the Lion. (Summary by Kristine Bekere)

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Only a Dream Audiobook

Only a Dream

Author: H. Rider Haggard Narrator: Cathy Dobson Release Date: July 2016

Sir Henry Rider Haggard (1856 - 1925), known as H. Rider Haggard, was an English writer of adventure stories, often set in exotic locations, especially Africa, and a pioneer of the Lost World literary genre. Only a Dream is a ghost story about the strange experience of a widower about to remarry, who is visited on the eve of his wedding by the ghastly apparition of his dead first wife.

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She Audiobook


Author: H. Rider Haggard Narrator: Robert Bethune, Susie Berneis Release Date: December 2015

At one point in his moody, erotic, and barbarous romance of She, H. Rider Haggard puts into the mouth of his narrator, Horace L. Holly, the observation that her story "sounded like some extraordinary invention of a speculative brain." That, precisely, is what She is: a really marvelously inventive story, combining an amazing variety of what should be utterly implausible ideas into a fabric that constantly feels like truth. Even though we know that there was never a diabolical, immortal, fantastically beautiful white queen ruling over a barbarous tribe of cannibals in the heart of what is now Mozambique, it is hard to resist the impulse to pull up the map and muse about where she might have been hidden. As we get to know Her, H. Rider Haggard ensures that the mystery only deepens. We see her dispense cruel swift justice; we see her indulge murderous passion; we see her show superhuman devotion; we see her speak from the wisdom gathered in her twenty centuries of life. We can never be sure just who or what she is. We see Her through the eyes of Haggard's protagonist, Holly, a Cambridge don utterly out of his depth in a wild and savage world, utterly English to the core, which is what sees him through in the end. Bitter, misogynistic, and more than mildly racist, we know he is also a devoted father to his adopted son Leo, who turns out to be the carrier of an incredible fate, and an unusually determined survivor. We have no trouble believing in Holly, and thereby we suspend belief and accept his tale. There was a strong streak of racism and anti-Semitism in Victorian England, and Haggard was not proof against it. We have not altered or omitted such passages, but rather have left them as Haggard wrote them. We do well to remember that, just as Haggard fell prey to such thinking from time to time, so too can we, despite all our modern enlightenment. A Freshwater Seas production.

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