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Big Bangs and God Particles, landers on Comets, Star nurseries at the end of the Universe … and literally everything in between.

Books of the Month

Thing Explainer Complicated Stuff in Simple Words
Randall Munroe
December 2015 Book of the Month. Remarkably clear, simple, occasionally funny explanations and diagrams about 55 complicated things. With fabulous blueprints, some...
Format: Hardback - Released: 24/11/2015

Other Featured Books this Month

Neurotribes The Legacy of Autism and How to Think Smarter About People Who Think Differently
Steve Silberman
Winner of the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction 2015. A groundbreaking book that upends conventional thinking about autism and suggests a broader model for acceptance, understanding, and full participation in society for people who think differently.
Format: Paperback - Released: 03/09/2015
Adventures in the Anthropocene A Journey to the Heart of the Planet We Made
Gaia Vince
Winner of The Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books 2015. The changes we humans have made in recent decades have altered our world beyondanything it has experienced in its 4.5 billion-year history - we have become a force on...
Format: Hardback - Released: 03/07/2014
Chance The Science and Secrets of Luck, Randomness and Probability
Jeremy Webb, Michael Brooks
In Chance, a (not entirely) random selection of the New Scientist's sharpest minds provide fascinating insights into luck, randomness, risk and probability. From the secrets of coincidence to placing the perfect bet, the science of random number generation to the...
Format: Paperback - Released: 02/10/2014
They Laughed at Galileo
Albert Jack
A fascinating look at the inventions developed by visionaries who dreamt of the seemingly impossible, but who were opposed by an array of experts publicly declaring that 'It cannot be done.' Well, yes it could ... And here's the story...
Format: Hardback - Released: 07/05/2015

Last Month's Featured Books

The Evolution of Everything How Ideas Emerge
Matt Ridley
October 2015 Non-Fiction Book of the Month. Matt Ridley explores the Theory of Evolution in Everything from Religion to Politics...

Behavioural Economics Saved My Dog Life Advice for the Imperfect Human
Dan Ariely
With the driest of humour, Dan Ariely presents some of the questions he's answered via his Wall Street Journal column. He has a genius for coming at problems from unforseen...

Ben Goldacre
A campaigning handbook, a thrilling work of popular science, and a call to arms for doctors, researchers and patients from Britain's finest writer on the science behind medicine. Drawing on...

The Magic and Mystery of Birds The Surprising Lives of Birds and What They Reveal About Being Human
Noah Strycker
Noah Strycker gives Birds the great attention they deserve; their variety, skill and emotion, a study of birds where we can also learn much about the human condition. One of...

The Four Dimensional Human Ways of Being in the Digital World
Laurence Scott
Shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction 2015. Winner of the Jerwood Prize for Non-Fiction 2014. What does it feel like to be four-dimensional? How do digital technologies influence...

The Month Before's Featured Books

At the Edge of Uncertainty 11 Discoveries Taking Science by Surprise
Michael Brooks
The frontiers of Science, a review of where science may be leading us - the thought I might be a hologram left me feeling rather insubstantial but I grasped the...

The Neanderthals Rediscovered How Modern Science is Rewriting Their Story
Dimitra Papagianni, Michael A. Morse
In a compelling narrative, this book takes a fresh and engaging look at the whole story of the Neanderthals, setting out all the evidence, redressing the balance and arriving at...

Jack Challoner
Gives readers an insight into the minds and lives of some of the great men and women who have helped shape the modern world. This book transports the reader back...

The Marshmallow Test Understanding Self-Control and How to Master it
Walter Mischel
The marshmallow test - eat one now or enjoy 2 later? The principles of delayed gratification, will-power and self-control are explained and having indentified these skills Walter Mischel, the originator...

The Human Age The World Shaped by Us
Diane Ackerman
For good or ill, Humans have changed Planet Earth, we are at a crossroads – will our vision, optimism and inventiveness allow us to find a way forward? Not just...
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Life, the Universe & Everything


Science has never been more popular. You don’t have to understand it to love it. We live in a golden age where we know more about the world and its origins than ever before. Here, some of the biggest questions ever asked find answers, as well as some of the smallest. This is a section bursting from its nucleus with protons of knowledge especially compiled for the lay enthusiast and the curious. Accessible science is no longer the domain of the scientist. We can all have a go at broadening our minds … and what’s more, we can do it from the relative comfort of our favourite chair. Relative comfort, because the chair is merely a mass of vibrating particles on a planet, hurtling through space and time, bending both as it goes in a Universe that may itself just be one of an infinite number of possible universes in an undefinable dimension of matter.

We love this section and hope that you will too!