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BOSH! Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. the Most Anticipated Vegan Cookbook of 2018 Reader Reviews

BOSH! Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. the Most Anticipated Vegan Cookbook of 2018

E. L Norry

A beautifully presented cookery book. The idea behind the book - 'Simple Recipes, Amazing Food, All plants' is topical. The instructions are precise and clear. The book would suit all levels of cook.

Wow! What a beautifully presented cookery book. The orange type literally leaps off the page. The idea behind the book - 'Simple Recipes, Amazing Food, All plants' is topical. I think a cookbook is about presentation almost as much as the recipes, and the presentation here is gorgeous. I love the colour scheme of orange and black - feels very modern and clear and clean. 

 I have a child with a dairy intolerance so I was excited to see the variety in these menus. Really liked the 'Fantastic Feasts' opening, whereby the recipes are listed in 'flavours', so if you want the taste of Thai, for example it's easy to see at a glance, those recipes listed. There were a couple of ingredients that, even as a keen cook, I wasn't familiar with - sriracha sauce? I'd have liked alternatives for these, because I've never seen them outside London, but apart from that... 

 The instructions are precise and clearly laid out. I think the book would suit all levels of cook. Everything you need is spelled out, even the utensils needed. 

 I would have liked some rough timings for the Big Eats section right at the top of the recipe, but that's small criticism. I loved the BOSH bowls section, and loved the sauces/dips - big flavours. 

 Having a practical online channel to check out, alongside the book is a brilliant idea.

 There is definitely something here for everyone. I'm wondering if perhaps the book is slightly too ambitious? I'm not sure that I'll ever use the 'cocktails' section, for example, but it certainly has plenty in there - value for money.

Carolyn Fraser

BOSH! Is a cookbook with “simple recipes, amazing food and all plants based recipes". Try it you will not be disappointed.

I love the idea that BOSH! Is a cookbook with “simple recipes, amazing food and all plants”. The book starts with a list of equipment that you will need and then gives a list of both essential and speciality ingredients. This is great as there is nothing more annoying than finding that you have one essential ingredient missing as you set out to prepare a meal.

The authors have then set out 3 pages of “fantastic feasts” such as The Big Thai Takeaway or the Mezze  Platter – with the recipes and the page number. I loved this feature and decided to try the Spanish spread which comprised Pettigrew's Paella, Spanish Tapas and proper aioli.  (For the tapas I made garlic mushrooms and patatas bravas)

Each recipe gives a full list of ingredients , a comprehensive yet easy to follow method and most recipes have a mouth watering picture.

The book is really well thought with sections for sauces, quick eats, lunch ideas- as well as breakfasts, desserts and cocktails

The index is laid out do that you can find a recipe by the main ingredient – very useful when you have a veg that you want to use but lack inspiration.

I love BOSH! And cannot wait to try more delicious recipes.

Adrienne Kinsella

Vegan cooking has never looked so tempting and the dishes the easy to follow recipes create are so delicious.

This book will appeal to both vegans and to those who want to incorporate some plant based meals into their diet. I love the layout of the book and the fantastic feasts section is a great idea. It's based on different takeaways, from Thai to BBQ and would be great for a dinner party. The ingredients in the inspiring recipes throughout the book are easy to find and lots of them will already be in any kitchen store cupboard. There is a great mix of flavours and textures and the Bosh Bowls are delicious. The quick eats section will really appeal to those who need to produce a tasty meal quickly and contains some really great ideas. The food illustrations are brilliant and really capture perfectly what the finished dish should look like. There is a video on their website to help with any trickier dishes. The churros in the dessert section are mouth-wateringly good, although I would have liked to have seen more alternatives to sugar used in the dessert recipes. This book overall though would be a fantastic addition to any kitchen and really demystifies plant based cooking. It is bound to be a bestseller.

Reba Khatun

I’ve only made a few recipes from this cookbook but I’m already impressed. I get a feeling the BOSH! cookbook will be well used in our house.

What a fabulous cookbook! I can’t wait to make all the recipes from the BOSH! cookbook. You’ve got everything from basic sauces to tasty condiments, quick dishes to elaborate dinner party worthy recipes. Each fabulous recipe is accompanied by a beautiful photo - I hate it when cookbooks skimp on the photos. I need to know what the finished dish looks like! The dessert section looks amazing.


 The stir-fry pick and mix menu is ingenious. By picking from a range of alternatives you can make so many different variations. The same goes for the BOSH! bowl recipes. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with last minute dishes on the spot so the pick and mix menu for the BOSH! bowl is so handy.


A creative and appetising selection of easy to follow plant-based recipes.

This will be a really useful book to have. It has a great variety of recipes to cover all occasions from a quick snack to a full blown dinner party, everyday favourites and a range of cuisines from different countries represented. Whilst I am not vegetarian, 2 of my family are and it has been tempting in the past to just use commercially available meat substitutes in our normal cooking. I thought a lot of the recipes may be fairly repetitive but I was amazed, on looking through this collection, at the creative possibilities. I have only had time to try two recipes so far, but both were easy and straightforward to follow. On my initial reading, the ingredients all seem to be things that will be easily found in most supermarkets apart from the tinned jackfruit (but I suspect it won't be long until it is as the rise of veganism continues). Even the most committed meat eaters should find something they like in here!

Emma Lewis

HURRAH! At last a decent inspiring book for the veggies out there!

Hurrah, finally a very decent & accessible cookbook for a vegetarian. Over the years I have been waiting for a really strong veggie book and was given BOSH! to review. I have over the last 5 days cooked a recipe from BOSH! every single day. So far the recipes are super easy to create and very tasty. Best thing is the ingredients required are not at all obscure however maple syrup is now on the shopping list. Not that I’m complaining! Thank you to the authors for a brilliant book and I look forward to continuing trying more recipes.

Sarah Harper

Visually stunning, inspirational, achievable and 100% plant based – what more can you want from a cookbook? Bosh! is a must have. You’ll never look at veggies in the same way again!

In my experience, cookbooks fall into three categories;


1. Purely cosmetic. Looks great but has taken up permanent residence on my bookshelf.

2. Shows promise. Sits attractively on a coffee table, potential recipes marked with bookmarks.

3. Kitchen essential. Never strays far from the kitchen, well-thumbed pages speckled with sauce droplets and floury fingerprints.


I would estimate that I own a disproportionate number of type 1, a few of type 2 and no more than half a dozen of type 3. Bosh! is undoubtedly a type 3. Henry Firth and Ian Theasby have absolutely nailed it. Producing a visually stunning book stuffed full of mouth-watering inspiration and perfectly achievable recipes. They have created a very rare thing – a set of recipes that are simple, straightforward, inventive, quirky and delicious enough to inspire me to actually get into the kitchen and cook them rather than just admiring them in all their glossy-page splendour. This is fast becoming a firm favourite that has breathed new life into my repertoire, indeed they are the new go-to classics that the authors promise. Then come the results, the proof of the they say. And yes, they work. From the Quick Puttanesca Spaghetti to the show-stopping Spiral Tart, not only are these recipes exciting, the results are easily attainable. But you have been warned – do not attempt to read this on an empty stomach or you will find yourself rifling through the kitchen cupboards in search of ingredients and firing up the oven whatever the hour.

Book Information

ISBN: 9780008262907
Publication date: 19th April 2018
Author: Henry Firth, Ian Theasby
Publisher: HQ an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 288 pages
Genres: Reader Reviewed Books, Cookery, Food and Drink, eBook Favourites, UK Top 10,
Categories: Vegetarian cookery, Quick & easy cooking,