Making Sense

Paperback edition released 01/11/2019

by Martin Stanton

Part of the Future Perfect Trilogy Series

Mind & Body - books to help you be better Health & Fitness

LoveReading Expert Review of Making Sense

A kaleidoscopic blend of real and imagined characters with psychoanalytical theory for a world dominated by social media communication.

“Curiouser and curiouser”, as Alice remarked during her Wonderland sojourn, a description that might also be applied to this genre-melding book. It’s a creative collision of genre and style (fiction, travel writing, self-help thinking and script), steeped in R.D. Laing’s theories, and underpinned by the view that life cannot be understood or explained in a linear fashion. It opens by drawing an analogy between a rollercoaster ride and “the way we use technology to make sense of the open-endedness, instability, and unpredictability of our life”. The author seeks to “provide whatever helps us make sense on every section of the ride,” doing what he can “to provoke us to (re)think and (re)locate exactly where we stand when faced with such uncontrollable rollercoaster feelings.”

Referencing art, theatre, history and poetry, and (for one example) describing how physical interactions with nature intersect with digital counterparts (such as checking Trip Advisor and maps), this passionately descriptive, personal work organically leaps, jolts and careers in a manner somewhat reminiscent of a surrealist manifesto. There’s a strong thread on the dissonance between one’s real and constructed digital self: “All my waking hours, I wander around the Internet. I am constantly online on every social network. I never reveal a social status, and I never tick a ‘like’ box, unless someone says something flattering about me...My photos are always carefully posed.” And yet, “I am totally terrified. I do not know who I am behind this carefully lacquered artifice.”

Like the human mind and the modern world, this book has its own curious logic and will be an exhilarating experience for readers interested in psychoanalysis, especially those seeking insight into navigating the jungle of contemporary communications.

Joanne Owen

Making Sense Synopsis

An epic rollercoaster ride that provokes us to realise that life cannot be explained or thought out – it can only make sense through major areas of feeling that resist interpretation and display no underlying logic. Due out in November 2019, this is the first book from the Future Perfect Trilogy by Martin Stanton. Still Life and Timeout will follow over the next few years.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781912691555
Publication date: 1st November 2019
Author: Martin Stanton
Publisher: Pheonix Publishing
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 230 pages
Primary Genre Mind & Body - books to help you be better
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ISBN: 9781912691555
Publication date: 01/11/2019
Format: Paperback

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