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Knitted Mug Hugs by Val Pierce

Knitted Mug Hugs

Part of the Twenty to Make Series

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Knitted Mug Hugs by Val Pierce

Mug cosies are a new and growing trend in home knitting, and are arguably the most stylish way to keep your hot drinks hot. Now you can knit them quickly and easily using the simple patterns in this book. There are 20 'mug hugs' to choose from and 20 alternative colourways, ranging in style from traditional to contemporary, fun and funky to cute and homely. All the designs can be easily adapted to match your home style or colour scheme, or to complement your favourite set of coffee cups. They make fantastic gifts too for special friends and relatives, or indeed anyone you share a coffee with regularly. And why not make a personalised one for each member of your knitting or sewing group, book club or staff room? The mug hugs are very quick and easy to make, and can be knitted up in an hour or two from scraps and oddments of wool. They are suitable for knitters of all abilities, and an ideal starting point for adults and children who are just learning to knit.


Nov 10 You might well be wondering, as I was, what on earth a mug hug might be. It is one of those very useful items you will wonder how you did without, unless you live in a country where it never gets cold! These ingenious wee jackets keep your drinks hot, as they should be until it is time for you to drink them and yes, they really do work. Here are twenty of them to make, plus another twenty variations to inspire you. Most of these will be fine for knitters who know the basics, with a few more challenging projects (eg cable, intarsia, Fair Isle) for those who fancy flexing their knitting muscles a little more. Most of the projects are fairly plain but dressed up with fancy buttons or other trims, making them quick to make up and ideal for fundraisers, stocking fillers or even party favors. Choose from floral, Celtic, Christmas, seasonal, animal and abstract designs to suit most tastes. One word of warning it that it is a good idea to look carefully at the picture of the mug modelling your chosen hug, as this will help determine the type of vessel it is meant for and the shape of handle. Don't be like me and make a hug suitable for a tubby mug with a large handle for a tall skinny one with a smaller, fancier handle. Knitting stretches but it does not shrink to fit and mugs vary vastly in shape and size. This is a truly useful and unusual book, and pretty much guaranteed to please anybody you make one of these hugs for. Now I need to go buy a fatter mug with a larger handle... Jan 11 If you shop in M&S you'll have seen the cabled knitted mug hugs and thought, as we did, that we must be able to make them. Yes we can, and here's the book to help. It includes 20 gorgeous mug hugs to hand knit with 20 alternative colourways. Mug cosies are new, a growing trend in home knitting and arguably the most stylish way to keep your drinks hot. Knitting is quick and easy using the simple patterns and styles range from traditional to contemporary, fun and funky to cute and homely. All the designs can be easily adapted to match your home, colour scheme or to complement your favourite set of coffee mugs. They make fantastic gifts for special friends and relatives or anyone you drink coffee with regularly. They're very quick and easy to make and can be knitted up in an hour or two from scraps and oddments of yarn. They're suitable for knitters of all abilities and ideal for adults and children just learning to knit. Machine Knitting Monthly Dec 10 Mug hugs, if they have passed you by, are knitted wraps that button round mugs to keep hot drinks warm. The book makes use of embroidery, beads and buttons to add to the basic knitted strips that can be made to fit a variety of mug shapes and sizes, and have names such as 'Celtic Plait

'Strawberry Fair'. Quick ideas incorporating a lot of different techniques. SlipKnot Jan 11 This collection by Val Pierce will enable you to knit a mug hug for each of your friends and family. Embellishments abound, from buttons to beads and embroidered motifs, while other designs challenge you to knit the adornments yourself - ideal for using up yarn remnants. We love 'Ship Ahoy!'
with its maritime motif, and

'Celtic Plait'
with its gorgeous textured stitches. The designs are easy to personalise for your chosen recipient too. Most of the patterns use DK yarns, with slightly fewer knitted in 4ply. They

'd make great stocking gifts in themselves, or a main present wrapped around a pretty mug filled with decadent chocs. Simply Knitting'

About the Author

Val Pierce's passion for knitting began when her father taught her to knit at the age of five. Later in life she began home knitting for yarn manufacturers, and since then she has made a huge range of items, from evening dresses to teddy bears. She later began designing items of her own, and before long Val's designs were appearing regularly in national knitting and crochet magazines. She also teaches knitting, as well as a range of other needlecrafts, to both adults and children. Val lives and works in Shropshire.

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Publication date

6th September 2010


Val Pierce

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Search Press Ltd


48 pages


Knitting & crochet



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