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Arthur Synopsis

The breathtaking new novel from the author of the bestselling Lancelot, called 'a masterpiece' by Conn Iggulden . . .

Years have passed since the clash of shieldwalls echoed across the land. The Saxons are now the lords of Britain. And yet the bards still sing of Arthur - 'In our darkest time, when we need him most, shall he come again.'

Old Beran has no love of bards' songs. Nor of people, unless they are paying him to steal or kill. He is a mercenary, in the employ of the cutthroat Nabor ap Nabor, and he has been ordered to murder a boy fleeing a burning city. No ordinary boy either. No, this boy is the son of King Constantine and the grandson of High King Ambrosius. And he could be the hope of Britain . . . if he lives.

Betraying his companions and returning to a world he thought he had left forever, Beran gives his word that he will take the boy to the one place that still holds out against the Saxons: Camelot.

As they make their way across a hostile land, they will seek the help of Guivret, called the Little King, and the Saracen, Palamedes, who once rode beneath Arthur's banner. And they will meet the runaway lovers, Tristan and Isolde.

Hunted by Saxons, Nabor ap Nabor, and Queen Morgana, this unlikely band must fight for their lives and for each other. For if there's to be any hope for Britain, Beran must deliver the boy to Camelot. But to do that, he must also face his own past . . .

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781787635197
Publication date: 6th June 2024
Author: Giles Kristian
Publisher: Bantam Press an imprint of Transworld
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 320 pages
Genres: War, combat and military adventure fiction
Historical adventure fiction
Action Adventure
Historical Fiction