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Lilibet Synopsis

A celebration of the life of Queen Elizabeth II, showing us that the Queen's qualities of duty, self-sacrifice and love of country were present in her from an early age. 'The moments in life of "knowing". On Bognor Beach, with Grandpa England, she had "known" that he, and Papa, and she, would carry something on, something given, something bigger than themselves.' Lilibet: a carefree child, a lover of horses and dogs, devoted to her family. And the girl who would be Queen. A.N. Wilson, one of England's most beloved writers, imagines the Queen reflecting on her early life. We watch as she discovers, at the tender age of ten, that she is heir to the throne. We witness her meet the dashing Prince Phillip of Greece, who she loved steadfastly from the age of fifteen, and see their friendship blossom into passionate love. Above all, we learn of her astonishing sense of vocation and public duty, which grew during the dark years of WWII and her father's subsequent years of ill health. Honouring the life of Her Majesty the Queen and her illustrious reign, Lilibet: The Girl Who Would be Queen is by turns funny, tender and heartfelt. 'Superb... captures our Queen better than any biography' - Sunday Telegraph 'It's packed with detail and conversations that bring to life all those who have been most important to her.' - Daily Mail

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781786582423
Publication date: 12th May 2022
Author: A. N. Wilson
Publisher: Manilla an imprint of Bonnier Books UK
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 112 pages
Genres: Biography: royalty