Paperback edition released 26/09/2014

by Phil Beadle

Part of the How to Teach Series

Literacy Synopsis

Part of Phil Beadle's How To Teach Series. Its author is an expert in teaching children how to speak and write well, and has transformed the oral and written communication skills of many thousands of students. In Literacy he shares how he does it and what he knows about this most important of all skills and reveals what every teacher needs to know in order to radically transform literacy standards across the curriculum. The stories, anecdotes and insights into the many practical activities in this book are, in turn, and often in the same sentence, heart breaking, inspiring, shocking and, as ever, funnier and more readable than those in an education book have any right to be.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781781351284
Publication date: 26th September 2014
Author: Phil Beadle
Publisher: Independent Thinking Press
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 224 pages
Primary Genre Teaching of a specific subject

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ISBN: 9781781351284
Publication date: 26/09/2014
Format: Paperback

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Phil Beadle knows a bit about bringing creative projects to fruit. His self-described 'renaissance dilettantism' is best summed up by Mojo magazine's description of him as a 'burnished voice soul man and left wing educationalist'. He is the author of ten books on a variety of subjects, including the acclaimed Dancing About Architecture, described in Brain Pickings as 'a strong, pointed conceptual vision for the nature and origin of creativity'. As songwriter Philip Kane, his work has been described in Uncut magazine as having 'novelistic range and ambition' and in Mojo as having a 'rare ability to find romance in ...

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