Shock Wave

Paperback edition released 28/12/2017

by Clive Cussler

Shock Wave Synopsis

FROM THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR A mysterious plague in the Antarctic. A diamond empire run by an evil genius. A devastating new technology that could kill millions of people. Tasman Sea, 1856. A British clipper ship bound for Australia's penal colony is crushed in a raging typhoon. A few lucky survivors wash up on a deserted island, with two women called Betsy Fletcher and Jess Dorsett among them, and discover an immense supply of diamonds. Seymour Island, Antractica, 2000. Dirk Pitt rescues Maeve Fletcher, a descendant of Betsy's, after an unknown cataclysm kills thousands of marine animals and destroys a cruise ship. Could Maeve's father, who runs a ruthless diamond cartel, be responsible? From a chilling escape at a high-security Canadian mine to a tiny boat adrift on lonely, shark-infested waters, the ingenious Pitt is racing to thwart the danger before an unthinkable disaster claims millions of innocent lives. Praise for Clive Cussler 'Clive Cussler is the guy I read' Tom Clancy 'Nobody does it better than Clive Cussler' Stephen Coonts 'The Adventure King' Sunday Express 'Cussler is hard to beat' Daily Mail 'Just about the best in the business' New York Post

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781471166716
Publication date: 28th December 2017
Author: Clive Cussler
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 544 pages
Primary Genre Thriller and Suspense

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ISBN: 9781471166716
Publication date: 28/12/2017
Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780751570908
Publication date: 24/08/2017
Format: Ebook

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About Clive Cussler

Clive Cussler is as active an adventurer as his fictional heroes which adds a thrilling authenticity to his writing. He is an avid collector of classic cars and has 75 examples of hand-built coachwork. He lives in Colorado with his wife and 3 children.

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Shock Wave
Shock Wave
Shock Wave
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