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In Praise of Religious Diversity

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In Praise of Religious Diversity Synopsis

As dialogue among the religions of the world has increased, the promotion of these exchanges by Christians, both Roman Catholic and Protestant, raises the question of the motives behind these discussions. Some Christians reach out in good will, others display defensive hostility, still others are simply following the mandates of their church. Religious diversity--rather than pluralism--challenges citizens of the world to learn from the differences between religions rather than glibly assuming their commonality. Acknowledging these differences, In Praise of Religious Diversity promotes active conversation--rather than conventional dialogue--as the mode of meeting between the religions. Only through a contemporaneous exchange of ideas can the benefits of diversity be realized. This new level of communication poses an exciting prospect from which previously unrecognized alternatives for religion and relationships between religions might contribute to even greater human possibilities.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781136671708
Publication date: 19th December 2013
Author: James Wiggins
Publisher: Taylor and Francis
Format: Ebook (Epub)