Murder on High Holborn

by Susanna Gregory

Part of the Adventures of Thomas Chaloner Series

Murder on High Holborn Synopsis

In 1665 England is facing war with the Dutch and the capital is awash with rumours of conspiracy and sedition. As an experienced investigator, Thomas Chaloner knows that there are very few grains of truth in the shifting sands of the rumour-mill, but the murder of Paul Ferine, a Groom of the Robes, in a brothel favoured by the elite of the Palace of White Hall makes him scent a whiff of genuine treason. As well as investigating the murder, Chaloner is charged with tracking down the leaders of a fanatical sect known as the Fifth Monarchists. As he comes to know more about the group and their meetings on High Holborn, he discovers a puzzling number of connections - to both Ferine's murder and those involved with the defence of the realm. Connections that he must disentangle before it is too late to save the country . . .

The Good Book Guide Review

Another baffling, dangerous and multi-layered case for the Earl of Clarendon’s investigator Thomas Chaloner. When an important courtier is found murdered in a city brothel, treason is quickly suspected, and Chaloner is soon drawn into the murky world of the Fifth Monarchists, a shadowy sect who meet on High Holborn, and whose machinations spell terrible trouble for the recently restored monarchy. War with the Dutch is always a complicating factor, and conspiracy and revolt are a constant threat. Cleverly plotted and packed with interesting historical details, this engrossing mystery is an exciting addition to the chronicles of Chaloner’s adventures.

Murder on High Holborn Press Reviews

A lively historical whodunnit...corpses a-plenty, exciting action sequences and a satisfying ending * Mystery People *

Book Information

ISBN: 9780751544381
Publication date: 16th October 2014
Author: Susanna Gregory
Publisher: Sphere an imprint of Little, Brown Book Group
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 448 pages
Categories: Historical mysteries,

About Susanna Gregory

Susanna Gregory was a police officer in Leeds before taking up an academic career. She has served as an environmental consultant, worked seventeen field seasons in the polar regions, and has taught comparative anatomy and biological anthropology. She is the creator of the Matthew Bartholomew series of mysteries set in medieval Cambridge and the Thomas Chaloner adventures in Restoration London, and now lives in Wales with her husband, who is also a writer.

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