Public Health Mini-Guides: Obesity

Paperback edition released 03/01/2014

by Nick Townsend

Part of the Public Health Mini-Guides Series

Public Health Mini-Guides: Obesity Synopsis

Obesity and its linked morbidity and mortality is a significant public health challenge on a global scale and places a burden not only on the individual but also on society as a whole. This Mini-Guide presents key themes relating to this challenge, including the means of measuring obesity, the most recent prevalence and trends, the health consequences and causes of obesity along with approaches to counter obesity both at an individual and a population level. ..useful for anyone preparing a presentation or policy on the topic. Reviewed by Nerys Williams on behalf of Occupational Medicine, January 2015 Understanding is facilitated through: Case Studies Boxed examples Thinking Points Summary Points at ends of chapters. Links to webpages, resources and further reading. The Public Health Mini-Guides provide up-to-date, evidence-based information in a convenient pocket-sized format, on a range of current key public health topics. They are designed to support the work of health and social care practitioners and students on courses related to public health and health promotion.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9780702046346
Publication date: 3rd January 2014
Author: Nick Townsend
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone an imprint of Elsevier Health Sciences
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 144 pages
Primary Genre Public health and preventive medicine

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ISBN: 9780702046346
Publication date: 03/01/2014
Format: Paperback

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Angela Scriven is a Reader in Health Promotion at Brunel University in London, UK. She has been teaching and researching in the field of health promotion for over 30 years and has published widely including authoring, editing or co-editing the following books Health Promotion Alliances: Theory and Practice (1998); Health Promotion: Professional Perspectives (1996; 2001 2nd edn); Promoting Health: Global Perspectives (2005); Health Promoting Practice: The Contribution of Nurses and Allied Health Professionals (2005); Public Health: Social Context and Action (2007); Promoting Health: A Practical Guide (2010); Health Promotion for Health Practitioners (2010); Health Promotion Settings: Principles and Practice (2012). Her research is centred on the relationship between health promotion ...

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Public Health Mini-Guides: Obesity
Public Health Mini-Guides: Obesity
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