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Trial of True Love

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Trial of True Love Synopsis

Fast-paced, beautifully crafted, and intellectually stimulating, The Trial of True Love is a captivating exploration of the nature of love, its elusiveness, and most of all, the universal human need to find it. Bron is a thirty-year-old writer living in London, a seemingly incurable heartbreaker and dodger of commitment. He is fascinated by the symbolist artist Paul Marotte and has made the artist the center of a book he is writing about love at first sight. On a visit to a friends country house, Bron encounters the beautiful, enigmatic Flora and suddenly the theme of his book takes on a completely new, intensely personal dimension. His pursuit of Flora takes him to Amsterdam, where a mysterious art collector offers to help him find the object of his desire, and the search for true love takes surprising twists. With the touch of a master, William Nicholson weaves thought-provoking reflections on art, literature, and human nature in a suspense-filled love storya novel that touches both the heart and the mind.From the Trade Paperback edition.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9780385673068
Publication date: 28th January 2011
Author: William Nicholson
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
Format: Ebook (Epub)