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No Moon as Witness

"Complete with rare photographs, diagrams and glossary documents, this is a compact and concise history of the training and missions conducted by the Special Operations executive (SOE) and Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during World War II. "

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Working alone or in small cells, sometimes with local resistance groups, SOE and OSS agents bravely undertook missions behind enemy lines involving sabotage, subversion, organising resistance groups and intelligence-gathering.

Notable successes included the destruction of a power station in France, the assassination of Himmler’s deputy and ending the Nazi atomic bomb program by destroying the heavy water plant at Vemork, Norway.  The life expectancy of an SOE wireless operator in occupied France was just six weeks.

In No Moon as Witness, former Special-Forces soldier turned historian, James Stejskal, examines why these agencies were established, their training regimes and the ingenious inventions developed to enable agents to undertake their missions.

There are a lot of books published about the SOE and OSS – many of them very thorough and detailed.  No Moon as Witness  is a more concise, more easily readable but nevertheless thorough account that benefits from the author’s particular knowledge and background as he applies his personal analysis to this important part of our military history.

An excellent read.

Matt Johnson

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