Asperger Syndrome in Adults

by Ruth Searle

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Asperger Syndrome in Adults Synopsis

Increasing numbers of adults are being diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, while children diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders - an estimated 300,000 in the UK - are growing up. Until recently, most information has been aimed at children with the condition, or parents. Asperger syndrome (AS) in adulthood brings different challenges, and, crucially, there are far fewer resources. According to I Exist, the National Society for Autism's report on how the needs of autistic adults are ignored, 45% of councils have no process for managing how autistic adults receive support if they don't fulfil the criteria for either learning disability or mental health services. As a result, adults are left to cope alone - and often don't cope well, with depression and other mental health problems as the result. Conversely, some adults with Asperger syndrome have learned to cover up their problems, so signs of the condition will often be quite subtle. This book addresses issues faced by adults with Asperger syndrome, and looks at the potential of adults with Asperger syndrome, exploring how they may contribute on their own terms. Topics include: what does it feel like to have AS? Asperger syndrome: disorder or difference? social relationships, including social strengths such as loyalty and patience; sensory overload and coping with the external environment; Asperger in love - finding and maintaining an intimate relationship; if your partner has Asperger syndrome; employment; help and advice.

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ISBN: 9781847090690
Publication date: 20th May 2010
Author: Ruth Searle
Publisher: Sheldon Press
Format: Paperback
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ISBN: 9781847090690
Publication date: 20/05/2010
Format: Paperback

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Asperger Syndrome in Adults
Asperger Syndrome in Adults
Asperger Syndrome in Adults
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