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by John Stewart

The Organisation Leaves No Traces

The Organisation Leaves No Traces

Author: John Stewart Format: Paperback Release Date: 03/12/2021

‘The Organisation Leaves No Traces’ by John Stewart is a collection of 6 crime fiction short stories with an interesting activist twist. Each story centres around some form of noise pollution, inspired by the author’s background, that is left unresolved by the legitimate channels. In desperation, each character finds themselves ensnared by The Organisation, an unscrupulous group that leaves no trace yet offers to step in and handle the issues in exchange for having their own criminal ends met. This collection could hypothetically be read as 6 individual stories, however I’m not sure they would have much of an impact if they were to be read as standalones, especially the final story, which is only one chapter, a couple of pages long, and to me acted as a definite conclusion to the overall plot. You see some of the same characters, in slightly different guises throughout each narrative, and I think it would take reading the book from start to finish to appreciate the entire story arc. An interesting twist on a criminal underworld story. Potentially everyone has experienced disruptive noise that has left them wishing a grim demise on the cause of the noise. Described in the book as “the forgotten pollutant” the reader discovers just how far these characters will go to find a solution to their own struggles. ‘The Organisation Leaves No Traces’ may even leave you asking what you’d be willing to do to put a stop to the noise. Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

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