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The Road To My Horizon

The Road To My Horizon

Format: Hardback Release Date: 01/04/2021

‘The Road To My Horizon’ by Timothy Parker is a detailed account of one man’s life. An autobiography initially created for his family and friends, anecdotal in nature as opposed to an in depth account of every stage in Tim’s life. The result is a vibrant story of a family and a man with a great deal of life experience and advice to offer based on those experiences. Dating from WWII to present day, this book is also a personal look through modern history and would be great for those with an interest in history. With appendices with additional detail pertaining to the events in the book, I can see this book having a wide appeal. ‘The Road To My Horizon’ is well-written, providing detail and in depth description in a conversational and engaging tone. I read this book with great interest, although not an upbringing I can relate to as such, I found this an entertaining story. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in people’s stories, as well as those wanting to read a personal recollection of modern history. I’m sure the anecdotes in this book will spark memories for many readers about their own childhoods and I think that this is a great way to catalogue your personal history for future generations to treasure.  Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

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