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by Peter Bailey

Rats in a Maze

Rats in a Maze

Author: Peter Bailey Format: Paperback Release Date: 15/09/2020

Rats in a Maze may begin as a police procedural but as the story develops the reader understands there’s so much more going on. When Detective Ray Fisher and his partner work on an open and shut case they discover evidence of something more sinister, and when an interview with a witness leads to questions and scenarios that seem impossible Ray and Brad end up in over their heads. This book is gritty and can be quite graphic in places. We are introduced in the middle of the action and left with questions that had to keep reading to find the answers to. The plot is full of twists and turns and I would never have guessed the revelations beforehand. The character development takes place slowly, and I think that the author has done incredibly well to so much depth within the book. This really is a gripping read and would be a great recommendation for anyone wanting to be surprised by the plot. As well as the police procedural elements, Rats in a Maze also embarks into the realm of the supernatural. I really enjoyed the way these two genres are merged together as well as how the supernatural elements are incorporated into the “real” world.  In summary, I think that this book is brilliant for fans of crime fiction as well as those looking for a supernatural mystery. 

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