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by Contessa

Innamorata (in love)

Innamorata (in love)

Author: Contessa Format: Paperback Release Date: 20/05/2019

Innamorata is the autobiographical look at love and relationships by Contessa. From first loves during school through to dating as a single parent and beyond this book is a frank, open and honest story that captured my attention from early on. I admire Contessa and her strength. Her work ethic is something to astonish and I really enjoyed her insight into a variety of career paths. I was lured into this book and watched as a cheerleader as Contessa overcame each obstacle in her way in order to succeed. Her strength of character really shines through in her writing and she is very inspirational. Contessa’s story seemed larger than life, with her friendship with members of a popular rock band and a well-known director. Contessa really has led an eventful life and to me is the perfect candidate to write an autobiography. I smiled to myself when I discovered that we share the same mantra (give me the serenity to accept things I cannot change…) and she has the strength of character I aspire to have. I really enjoyed this book and think that this would happily recommend this book. I especially think that this would be a great book for young women to read. Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

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