The final of BBC's The Traitors is upon us and there's soon to be a green cloak-shaped hole in our lives. The Traitors took the country by storm when the first series was broadcast last year and the second year hasn't disappointed; Team LoveReading is hooked. Watching a group of strangers gather in a Scottish castle trying to detect who amongst them is a Traitor, all whilst working to build up a cash prize, is a premise that appeals to our inner Sherlock Holmes. Would you want to be a Traitor or a Faithful? Do you think you'd have cottoned on to who was acting suspiciously? Would your theories about the Traitors' identities be any more accurate? Or would you be a master of deception and confident that you'd be able to make it to the final undetected and take the money for yourself?

Well, you could find out. Applications are being taken for the third season of the show. But you don't have long, applications have to be in by the 11th February 2024. If you'd rather test your strategy and deception skills out of the spotlight then you can also have some fun with The Traitors: The Interactive Game Book. Put your sleuthing skills to the test and figure out if your fellow players are a Faithful or a Traitor. There are over 20 standalone games in this book and you can play as a pair or in a group so you've plenty of material to keep you busy until the next season. 

The Christmas number one, Murdle is the perfect puzzle book for armchair detectives everywhere. With the original and Murdle: More Killer Puzzles, these murder mystery logic puzzles are the perfect gift for any puzzle fanatic and a great way for you to flex your detecting muscles. In these humorous mini-mysteries, examine the clues, interview witnesses and use the power of deduction to find out whodunnit: how, where and why. 

Dr Gareth Moore is the internationally bestselling author of brain-training and puzzle books and has created a selection of murder mystery based titles to choose from. Summon your inner Miss Marple and pit your wits against nefarious criminals to solve a townful of mysteries in The Whodunnit Puzzle Book. There are over 90 fiendishly puzzling cases to crack as you walk in the shoes of a seasoned investigator in The Perfect Crime Puzzle Book. If you think you have what it takes to be a spy you can take down prolific criminal networks in The Undercover Agent Puzzle Book. But be careful, you have to solve each of the eight cases in under an hour or your cover will be blown.

Think outside the book with The Cypher Files, an escape room in book form. With a curious mind, a pencil, a pair of scissors and an internet connection you can play this brain-bending game and obtain keys to move forward and escape the book. 

Looking for something less involved? There are plenty of murder mystery fiction titles to appeal to your inner amateur sleuth. Murder in the Family presents the investigation of Luke Ryder's murder in mixed media. As a group of experts re-examine the evidence for a podcast, read and see if you can solve the case before they do.

Shop all these books and a few more crime-based puzzle books below. Let us know in the comments how you plan on treating your Traitors hangover, and what puzzle books you have enjoyed and think would sit perfectly in this Collection.