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Putting Authors in the Picture #1: Holly Seddon

By Liz Robinson on 26th September 2018

Some of our favourite authors are going to be answering questions using photos with a caption rather than a fully written answer… it’s a slightly different take on the traditional Q&A session! The fabulous Holly Seddon is first to look through her photo albums for us. I have been fortunate enough to review all three of Holly’s books, Try Not to Breathe (2016), Don’t Close Your Eyes (2017) and Love Will Tear us Apart (2018). Holly’s books refuse to sit neatly in one genre, which personally I love, each has her beautiful style and yet is undoubtedly unique, I can wholeheartedly recommend them! I adore Holly’s photos, I couldn’t believe how neat her book case is… and then I saw her side table (and giggled, a lot!).

Q: Where do you prefer to read?


As you can see, my side table is jammed with books and drives my neat husband crackers.

Q. Show us a booky photo that makes you beam with happiness.

The very first renovation we did when we bought our flat: the bookcase.  

Q. Which was your most memorable book event?

My first book launch! I bought a beautiful dress then squeezed this t-shirt over it. 

Q. Your favourite writing spot?

It rarely looks this neat…

Q. Which photo best sums up your author journey?

I took this photo on the day my third book arrived, then I wept buckets. 

Q. Your favourite reading or writing snacks and beverages?

A Dutch classic! Cheese blocks (kaasblokjes) with mustard and gherkins. With either tea or beer, depending on the time of day/closeness of deadline. 

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