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Michael Brewer - Author

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Books by Michael Brewer

Mike Brewer's Warm Ups

Mike Brewer's Warm Ups

Author: Michael Brewer Format: Paperback Release Date: 22/08/2002

Mike Brewer's Warm-ups! is the indispensable handbook for singers and choral directors. Warm-ups are a series of activities that get the body and brain into gear, reinforce healthy and effective singing practice and are above all - fun! It is divided into 36 practical sessions, arranged progressively. The book is packed full with physical and mental activities to tackle all aspects of vocal technique, including: posture, breathing, sound-making, velocity, virtuosity and flexibility, range, register and resonance, harmony and blend, body, mind and spirit. With over 200 warm-up ideas, including seventy musical examples, you will find an abundance of ideas in Mike Brewer's characteristically lively and innovative style.

Kick-Start Your Choir

Kick-Start Your Choir

Author: Michael Brewer Format: Paperback Release Date: 17/04/1997

Kick-Start Your Choir is for teachers, choral directors, church musicians - anybody who directs a choir. It presents a treasure trove of ideas distilled from years of innovative work with singers of all ages. Practical strategies are offered on almost every aspect of choral directorship. Kick-Start Your Choir is the indispensable handbook for the choral conductor.