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Tom Kerss is an astronomer, astrophotographer, author, public speaker and science communicator, formerly based at the Royal Observatory. An avid stargazer, he is often found chasing dark skies all over the world but he’s passionate about urban astronomy and astrophotography.

Tom has written a selection of books with Collins to inspire and educate aspiring astronomers, including best-sellers Stargazing and Moongazing. His children’s book, YOU CAN explore the universe, is a how-to book for kids who love space. It’s easy to understand and tells them exactly what they need to know step-by-step. Tom’s latest book, Northern Lights, is an accessible guide for aspiring astronomers and seasoned night sky observers.

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Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Author: Tom Kerss Format: Paperback Release Date: 02/09/2021

Tom Kerss is an astronomer, astrophotographer and night sky explorer who has previously worked at the Royal Observatory Greenwich and now runs world-class courses on astronomy. The more adventurous will want to avoid paying a premium to an aurora adventure travel business or resort, and find their own path. This book doesn’t simply list destinations and access, but offers scientifically-backed advice on timings with respect to lunar and solar cycles and practical tips such as how best to position yourself with respect to towns and cities. Not being a scientist myself, it was great to read the science behind auroras explained in an accessible and entertaining manner. The book even explores the history of the lights and their interpretation and impact on our earthly cultures. The Northern Lights are out of this world, and they are here for us to enjoy and marvel at. Northern Lights provides everything that is required to take your trip to another level.    *** Don't miss Tom Kerss in conversation at A Day at the Riverside, 18th September when he shares the magic, mystery and the science of the Northern Lights.

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