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Lawrence Trevelyan Weaver is a paediatrician, nutritional scientist and gastroenterologist whose interests have turned to history. Now Emeritus Professor of Child Health and Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for the History of Medicine of the University of Glasgow, he spent much of his professional life thinking about human milk, caring for babies with feeding problems, and researching the gut disorders caused by what they were fed.

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White Blood

White Blood

Author: Lawrence Trevelyan Weaver Format: Paperback Release Date: 28/04/2021

White Blood explores the history and benefits of human milk, a natural food source that most people take for granted. Human milk nourishes babies from the moment they are born, providing them with all the nutrients they need for growth and development in their early months. Yet the debate on ‘breast versus bottle’ continues, especially in countries where breastfeeding rates continue to decline. Written by a paediatrician, nutritional scientist and gastroenterologist with an interest in history, White Blood is far more than just a reference book looking at how milk is made in the human body. Using research and quotes from leading physicians, historians and social historians, this fascinating book shows how human milk has been crucial to infant health, growth and survival over the centuries. It’s beautifully illustrated with pictures – colour artifacts, paintings and photographs – from ancient civilisations to the present day. This book explores the vital question of ‘why breastfeeding matters?’ and taught me a lot!

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Painter of Pedigree

Painter of Pedigree

Author: Lawrence Trevelyan Weaver Format: Hardback Release Date: 12/10/2017

At the end of the eighteenth century novel methods of breeding generated new farm and sporting animals with striking appearances and improbable dimensions. Thomas Weaver was one of a small group of artists who pioneered paintings of such livestock during the Agricultural Revolution. His career took him from picturing the ponies and mares of the local gentry, to painting portraits of prize farm animals and thoroughbred stallions for the foremost agricultural improvers of Georgian England. Weaver painted pedigree sheep for the 'great patron of agriculture', Coke of Norfolk, and the celebrated Durham Ox, bred by the Colling brothers. His pictures achieve accurate likenesses softened by humour, charm and luminous skies, and aspiring in mid-career to be a fine artist, he depicted horses in the pastoral and romantic styles of George Stubbs and Theodore Gericault. His fortunes rose and fell with the fashions and passions for new breeds and country pursuits, and as engravings became widely available, his paintings became popular subjects for prints Based on a unique and hitherto unexamined collection of Thomas Weaver's papers and pictures, including personal and professional correspondence, contemporary newspaper cuttings and verse, fragments of his diary and portraits of his family, Painter of Pedigree brings life to the working career of an animal artist in the age of agricultural improvement. It is illustrated with many of his paintings and prints, which now hang in English country houses, museums, art galleries and private collections.

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