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Christopher Jory was born in 1968 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He spent his early childhood in Barbados, Venezuela and finally Oxfordshire. He did a degree in English Literature and Philosophy at Leicester University and then worked as an English teacher for the British Council and other organisations in Italy, Spain, Crete, Brazil and Venezuela. He is currently a Publisher at Cambridge University Press. His first book, Lost in the Flames (Troubadour, 2011), was a moving account of RAF Bomber Command airmen and their families.

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Lost in the Flames A World War II RAF Bomber Command novel

Lost in the Flames A World War II RAF Bomber Command novel

Author: Christopher Jory Format: Paperback Release Date: 30/10/2014

There have been many factual accounts of the bombing of Germany, yet the myths that surround it still remain. Lost in the Flames brings to life the experiences of an RAF Bomber Command airman and his family within the story of a love that endures for 70 years. It is also a story of great courage and betrayal, exposing the personal dilemmas and moral controversies that have swirled around the Bomber Command crews and their families from WW2 to the present day. And how will the nation remember them - as heroes or war criminals or something in between?

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