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Glenn Meade was born in Ireland. He has lived in New Hampshire and worked in the field of pilot training and as a journalist before becoming a full-time writer. His novels to date - Snow Wolf, Brandenburg, The Sands of Sakkara, Resurrection Day, Web of Deceit and The Devil's Disciple - have been international bestsellers, translated into twenty-seven languages, enjoyed critical and commercial success, and earned rave reviews. During his free time, Meade travels in the American South anywhere below the Mason-Dixon line, where he loves the scenery and the courtesy and kindness of the people, garnished with just a genteel touch of rebel wackiness. To find out more about Glenn Meade visit his website at www.glennmeadeauthor.com

Author's Website: https://authorpages.hoddersystems.com/glennMeade/

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The Second Messiah

Glenn Meade


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Web Of Deceit

Glenn Meade


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