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Ray Puxley - Author

Ray Puxley was born in East London and first began to pick up rhyming slang in his first full-time job in East London's biggest bookmaking firm. Through various jobs, from mini-cab driver to courier, he honed his expert knowledge and in 1992, produced his best selling titles, Cockney Rabbit and its sequel Fresh Rabbit.

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Complete Cockney Rabbit: The Ultimate Dick 'n' Harry of Rhyming Slang by Ray Puxley
Complete Cockney Rabbit: The Ultimate Dick 'n' Harry of Rhyming Slang
Ray Puxley
Ray Puxley, a true cockney lad himself, provides an expert guide through the streets of this sparkling, cheeky and occasionally outrageous language. Not only is this a 'dick'n'harry' (dictionary) of slang, but origins, dates and relevant trivia that place the...
Format: Paperback - Released: 30/09/2008

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