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Nancy Huston was born in Calgary in 1953 and studied in New England and New York. At the age of twenty, she moved to Paris where she lives to this day. A prolific writer in both French and English, she translates her work herself. Fault Lines is her eleventh novel.

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Pucci de Rossi

Pucci de Rossi

Author: Nancy Huston, Jean-Louis Gaillemin, Laure Verniere, Ronan Bouroullec Format: Hardback Release Date: 25/09/2017

An artist-designer who defies classification, Pucci de Rossi (1947-2013) was a pillar of the European art scene in the 1980s. Originally from Verona, and trained by the American sculptor H. B. Walker, Pucci de Rossi created his first pieces by assembling wooden furniture to make some rather odd-looking and unstable forms, somewhere between thrones and time machines. My profession was a game to me, he once remarked. I was cutting, I was making, I was inventing. His first designs, steeped in poetry and humour, recalled the minimalism of Arte Povera as much as Studio Memphis' neobaroque. Jewellery, furniture, sculpture, painting: Pucci's universe knew no limits except those of his own imagination. In his hands, even the most modest materials transcended themselves to become works of great visual and functional power. This was soon recognised; after 1985 he regularly exhibited in Paris, and in New York at the gallery Neotu, founded by Pierre Staudenmeyer. Some of his most notable accomplishments involve designing the layout for the Barbara Bui boutique in Paris, and the palace of the auctioneer Jean-Claude Binoche in Venice. In the 1990s his work was on display at the Downtown Gallery, and in 1994-1995 he collaborated with the CIRVA in Marseille. Shortly prior to his death, Jacques-Antoine Granjon, one of his most faithful collectors, commissioned a sketch for the frontage of the building in La Plaine-Saint-Denis. Baptized 'Verona', the metallic skin covering the facade, which was inspired by that drawing, pays tribute to him today. Pucci de Rossi created more than 900 pieces during his lifetime; this book gives him the commemoration he deserves.



Author: Nancy Huston Format: eBook Release Date: 24/04/2015

Rena schenkt ihrem Vater zu seinem 75. Geburtstag eine gemeinsame Reise in die Toskana. Acht Tage, acht Kapitel. Wahrend der Vater, ein judischer Historiker, in den Uffizien und vor Michelangelos David im Kunstgenuss schwelgt, simst Rena erotische Botschaften an ihren arabischen Liebhaber Aziz in Paris. Von Beruf ist sie Fotografin; mit Vorliebe fotografiert sie Mannerakte mit Infrarotkameras. Es sollte eine kunsthistorisch ausgerichtete Reise werden, doch die Stiefmutter interessiert sich mehr fr Spaghettisoen als fr die Medici. Bald kommt es zu Konflikten, und die Reise im kleinen Mietauto ber die Hgel der Toskana wird von Tag zu Tag turbulenter. Da ruft Aziz an und bittet Rena, zurckzukommen, denn in den Pariser Vorstdten - wir sind im Jahr 2005 - ist die Gewalt ausgebrochen. Die Zeitschrift, fr die Rena arbeitet, droht ihr mit Kndigung, falls sie nicht sofort nach Paris komme. Rena jedoch bleibt. In den acht Tagen in der Toskana verliert Rena ihren Liebhaber, ihren Job und ihre Handtasche. Doch am Ende wei sie, was sie will. Ein sinnlicher, bestechend freizgiger und kluger Roman ber Erotik, Kunst, Vter und Tchter und die vielen Mglichkeiten zu leben.

The Mark Of The Angel

The Mark Of The Angel

Author: Nancy Huston Format: Paperback Release Date: 24/08/2000

The year is 1957 and the place is Paris, where the psychic wounds of World War II have barely begun to heal. Saffie, a young German woman, becomes maid, then wife, to Raphael, a privileged French musician who finds her remoteness provocative and irresistable. One day in the old Jewish quarter of the city, where she has taken Raphael's flute to be repaired, Saffie meets a Hungarian instrument maker - and all their lives are unexpectedly, dramatically altered. Driven by passion but damaged in different ways by war, these two people find themselves crossing dangerous boundaries. Told against the rising tide of violence unleashed by the Algerian conflict, The Mark of the Angel builds to a shocking climax conveying the loss of innocence and the tragic irony of these lives twisted out of shape by the weight of history.

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