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Michael Allaby - Author

Michael Allaby: 'I write books trying to explain weather and climate. Most of them are aimed at students, but writing a book is like talking inside your head to people you can’t actually see, and I like to think I’m talking to anyone who’ll listen, no matter what their age. After all, you’re as young or old as you think you are. Aren’t you? The atmosphere is a marvellous, beautiful, fascinating, exciting place, where amazing things happen. It’s a lot more fun than all those doomy tales of global warming and greenhouses make it sound and I enjoy telling stories about it. You could buy a book, just to test the water. Find out what happened to the naval task force that turned the wrong way and sailed into a typhoon by mistake. Find out what makes a typhoon. Read about what it’s like to be lost in the whiteout of a blizzard. And about the tornado that dropped a school bus on to the school stage. If you like the book, it proves you are young at heart. Honest.'

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