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The former Editor of BBC Television's flagship documentary 'Inside Story', Olivia Lichtenstein has worked as an executive producer on a long list of programmes that span subjects as diverse as Russian humour to the Oklahoma bomber. She currently works as a freelance producer, director and journalist. She is in her early forties and lives in West London.

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Things Your Mother Never Told You

Things Your Mother Never Told You

Author: Olivia Lichtenstein Format: Paperback Release Date: 18/03/2010

A sharp, funny and touching novel about the secrets mothers and daughters keep from each other. From the award-winning author of MRS ZHIVAGO OF QUEEN'S PARK. 'I hate you. When I'm a mother, I'm never going to be like you...' These words come back to haunt Ros, years later. As her marriage of twenty years collapses and her beloved twin sons prepare to flee the nest, Ros's world is tilting on its axis. It doesn't help that her dead mother seems to have taken up residence in her head, reminding her of things she once said. As Ros tries to adapt to sharing custody of the family dog and life without her husband and boys in the house, she embarks on a new regime to stay sane: yoga, herbal remedies, internet dating. But as Ros is trying to find herself, the arrival of a memoir her mother wrote begins to reveal a woman she never knew, taking her on a journey into her mother's past that will change for ever her idea of who she is.

Chloe Zhivago's Recipe for Marriage and Mischief

Chloe Zhivago's Recipe for Marriage and Mischief

Author: Olivia Lichtenstein Format: eBook Release Date: 05/06/2007

Heres the perfect recipe for mischief: Take one sexually neglected woman and one dashing, romantic foreigner. Add a craving for adventure plus a few drops of heady desire . . . then stand back, because in Olivia Lichtensteins sparkling and sharply observed comedy of lust, longing, and marital unrest, this mix proves to be deliciously volatile.Chloe Zhivago has it all: a successful career, two teenage children who still speak to her, a faithful best buddy, a Famous Friend from hell, and Greg, Chloes husband of seventeen years, a family-practice doctor who occupies his time writing letters to the parking commission.And then it suddenly hits her. Is this all there is? When did wild weekends of passion become nights of chaste kisses and snoring to wake the dead? What happens when the kids leave the nest but the husband stays behind? Enter Ivan. Married but questing and quixotic, he proffers notes of seduction written in Russian and lures Chloe to the precipice of one glorious, fortuitous fling. Does she dare?This wonderfully funny, sexy novel asks a vital questionhow do you keep love alive in a marriage?and answers it with poignancy and pure irresistible comedy.

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