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"his is a many layered thriller with twists that I didn’t see coming and would be enjoyed by other dystopian fiction fans."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Octogen is set in 2065, 35 years after global attacks wiping out use of fossil fuels and leading to a significant reduction in economic activity. The events of eleven / eleven led to the creation of an international coalition in order to ensure that resources don’t run out, and personal liberties are restricted. Deputy Jack Tirrand is a part of this collective authority INCOL, a rising star of the London Assembly, but all that is about to change as he realises the future and safety of his family is not as secure as he thought. There’s hidden agendas, secrets, betrayals and twists in this dystopian thriller. I liked the way that the setting was established, particularly in the description of Golf becoming an archaic and now virtual game as the land of golf courses are now used for growing crops for food. By including details like this in the storyline it shows a lot of the change that was needed following the eleven / eleven attacks and creates a clear picture for the readers of the different world we’re visiting. I liked how the storyline unfolded and we gradually learned how the prologue is connected to the main narrative, interlaced with the twists and turns of different character’s secrets. The change in character perspective kept me on my toes, and meant that there the story was multifaceted, the government quashing dissenters, the plans for codename Octogen and the media working to discredit those in power for their own gains. This is a many layered thriller with twists that I didn’t see coming and would be enjoyed by other dystopian fiction fans.

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

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