World Revolution, 1917-1936 The Rise and Fall of the Communist International

by C. L. R. James

Part of the The C. L. R. James Archives Series

World Revolution, 1917-1936 The Rise and Fall of the Communist International Synopsis

Originally published in 1937, C. L. R. James's World Revolution is a pioneering Marxist analysis of the history of revolutions during the interwar period and of the fundamental conflict between Trotsky and Stalin. James, who was a leading Trotskyist activist in Britain, outlines Russia's transition from Communist revolution to a Stalinist totalitarian state bureaucracy. He also provides an account of the ideological contestations within the Communist International while examining its influence on the development of the Soviet Union and its changing role in revolutions in Spain, China, Germany, and Central Europe. Published to commemorate the centenary of the Russian Revolution, this definitive edition of World Revolution features a new introduction by Christian Hogsbjerg and includes rare archival material, selected contemporary reviews, and extracts from James's 1939 interview with Trotsky.

World Revolution, 1917-1936 The Rise and Fall of the Communist International Press Reviews

The timing of the re-publication of World Revolution, to mark the centenary of the 1917 Russian Revolutions, might make the reader think that the work is only of historical interest. It is not. It is worth reading today because of the contemporary resonances. . . . If you are interested in the development of Marxist philosophy, in response to the horrors of the Stalinist counter-revolution, I recommend that you read World Revolution. -- Chris Gilligan * Marx & Philosophy Review of Books * World Revolution is a key part of the revolutionary Marxist tradition and well worth reading today. -- Tony Phillips * Socialist Review *

Book Information

ISBN: 9780822363248
Publication date: 11th August 2017
Author: C. L. R. James
Publisher: Duke University Press
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 544 pages
Categories: Revolutions, uprisings, rebellions, Marxism & Communism, General & world history, 20th century history: c 1900 to c 2000,

About C. L. R. James

C. L. R. James (1901-1989), a Trinidadian historian, political activist, and writer, is the author of The Black Jacobins, an influential study of the Haitian Revolution. He is also the author of The Life of Captain Cipriani, Toussaint Louverture: The Story of the Only Successful Slave Revolt in History, and Beyond a Boundary, all also published by Duke University Press. Christian Hogsbjerg is a historian and works for Leeds University Centre for African Studies. He is the author of C. L. R. James in Imperial Britain and the coeditor of The Black Jacobins Reader, both also published by Duke University ...

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