Reginald Perrin Omnibus

Paperback edition released 04/02/1999

by David Nobbs

Part of the Reginald Perrin Series

Reginald Perrin Omnibus Synopsis

______________________________________ A classic collection of the hilarious Reginald Perrin books: The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin, The Return of Reginald Perrin and The Better World of Reginald Perrin, immortalised in two BBC TV series, now being repeated on BBC Four. Reginald Iolanthe Perrin is surely one of the best loved comedy heroes of our time, in both literature and television. This omnibus brings together the first three Reginald Perrin novels containing a lifetime's outrageous and hilarious adventures. When we first meet Reggie, he is sick to death with selling exotic ice creams at Sunshine Desserts. Driven to desperation by the rat race and the unpunctuality of Britain's trains, Reggie's small eccentricities escalate to the extreme, until finally he leaves the unacceptable face of capitalism behind by driving off in a stolen motorised jelly. In his pursuit of the unconventional, he devotes himself to faking his own death, opening a shop devoted to selling completely useless goods, and setting up a commune strictly for the middle-class and middle-aged. Join Reggie, who didn't get where he is today without some help from some memorable supporting characters, in one man's quest to avoid an everyday existence.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9780099436669
Publication date: 4th February 1999
Author: David Nobbs
Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd an imprint of Cornerstone
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 896 pages
Primary Genre Modern and Contemporary Fiction

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ISBN: 9780099436669
Publication date: 04/02/1999
Format: Paperback

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About David Nobbs

David Nobbs was born in Kent. After university, he entered the army, then tried his hand at journalism and advertising before becoming a writer. A distinguished novelist and comedy writer best known for The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, David Nobbs was acknowledged by his peers as a comic genius. He died in August 2015.

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Reginald Perrin Omnibus
Reginald Perrin Omnibus
Reginald Perrin Omnibus
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