Since taking the world by storm with her Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses series, Sarah J. Maas has demonstrated time and again that she knows how to write emotionally investing high fantasy stories with strong female characters at their heart. Her books have sold millions of copies and are published in thirty-eight languages.

In Crescent City, her latest series, we are introduced to Bryce Quinlan, a lead character that has her world turned upside down and must go in search of answers and revenge. However unlike Maas' other popular series, Crescent City is an urban fantasy, mixing fantasy lore and creatures in a modern setting - think mobile phones and magic. 

Named after the four houses of Midgard (the world in which this series is set), the first book in the series, House of Earth and Blood was published in March 2020. Its sequel, House of Sky and Breath followed in February 2022 and left readers reeling from the shock ending. Now after an eager 2-year wait, the third book, House of Flame and Shadow hits our shelves on the 30th January and we're thrilled to have it as our Series of the Month. 

Having read all of the books in the "Maasverse", Crescent City is set to be my favourite series. I loved Bryce's fierce and sassy character and really enjoyed the modern twist in this series. The books so far have taken us on an emotional rollercoaster, from cinematic action to twists that had me welling up. It's been fun, as a fan of Mass' other series, to spot lines and phrases used by other characters and with a promise of some crossover, it's exciting to see where these threads might take us. 

Speaking of crossover, I believe that you can enjoy the volumes in Crescent City without having read anything else from Sarah J. Maas. However, if you've decided to commit to reading the Maasverse it might be prudent to start with A Court of Thorns and Roses and Throne of Glass first.

With the anticipation high, and fans eager to find what has become of their favourite characters, it's no surprise that there are exciting plans for the House of Flame and Shadow publication day, starting with a midnight release.

The Crescent City series so far

House of Earth and Blood - Introducing "half-human, half-Fae" Bryce Quinlan, whose world is turned upside down and must team up with the infamous Fallen angel Hunt Athalar to unravel a mystery and uncover the truth to seek revenge.

"A new, refreshing, enthralling modern and fantasy mix of a story within the Maasverse has begun!" Click here to read our full review

House of Sky and Breath - This sexy, action packed sequel sees Bryce and Hunt's relationship develop while being dragged into situations that will see the world as they know it unravel. 

"This second instalment of the Crescent City series takes everything from House of Earth and Blood and gives you more." Click here to read our full review

House of Flame and Shadow - The future rests on Bryce's shoulders as she fights to get back to those she loves as their world is brought to the brink of collapse.

Leave a comment to let us know how excited you are that House of Flame and Shadow is finally here, and let us know how long you've been waiting to read it. You can shop all the titles in the Crescent City series so far below. Add them to your basket or click the heart to add them to your wishlist.