Keeping up to date with all the news and happenings in the book world can be hard work - but no longer. Lovereading has just launched a brand new Book Newsfeed that updates automatically to show you what's going on and which authors are being hotly debated by the media. Another great feature for booklovers from the UK's best online independent bookstore !At the bottom of the email you will find more books in your chosen genres - but first a taster of what's on the site this month.


Author of the Month Patricia Cornwell

Patricia Cornwell has become a household name since her first novel in 1990. In her latest, Book of the Dead, long-suffering heroine Kay Scarpetta is baffled by murders in a poor South Carolina community. Cruel and Unusual, which Lovereading is also featuring, won a prestigious Golden Dagger Award. Download some free Opening Extracts to get your heart racing.

 Debut of the Month is the brilliant Poison Study by 

Philadelphian Maria Snyder. Family betrayal, a crazed serial-killer and a potential diplomatic crisis make life pretty unsettling for Yelena Zaltana, the 20-year-old heroine of this enchanting fantasy. But she's keen to get on with her magical training and join the hunt for the killer.


Finally some Sceptre for September. Lovereading has two more titles for the literary publisher's 21st birthday celebrations...

Carter Beats the Devil by Glen David Gold is a wonderful evocation of the early 1900s jazz age in America. A brilliant magician finds himself on the run from the Secret Service and some other even less savoury characters. Colour by Victoria Finlay is a unique book - part travelogue, part narrative history - which explores the history of colours, and the pigments that they travelled the world in.

So, fight off the autumn blues by downloading some free Opening Extracts and choosing some fantastic new books. Don't forget, you can pay by PayPal, and Lovereading's 25% discount on the RRP means you won't break the bank.


This Month's Featured 'Crime / Whodunit' Books

One UnderGraham HurleyA really gripping page-turner with totally unexpected resolutions. Hurley just gets better with each book. This one involves two separate cases being investigated by two friends, DI Joe Faraday who plays by the book, and DC Paul Winter who is... £5.24 Save 25%

The Chameleon's ShadowMinette WaltersAnother gripping and chilling tale from one of the best crime writers out there. This is going to keep you guessing right until the end as the main character and suspect has suffered mental and physical injuries, as a soldier... £13.49 Save 25%

The Shining SkullKate EllisA good convoluted West Country tale starring the black detective Wesley Peterson of her previous titles and mixing ancient and modern crimes together as is her norm. There is lots going on, lots of strands, lots of intrigue, lots to... £5.24 Save 25%

Death MessageMark BillinghamBillingham hits a winning formula again. The seventh in the Tom Thorne series keeps the body count high as a killer seeks revenge on those who killed his family while he was in prison and those who put him inside... £11.24 Save 25%


This Month's Featured 'Literary / Contemporary' Books

The Yacoubian BuildingAlaa Al AswanyAn astounding portrait of modern Cairo, of bribery and corruption, of love and despair, of opportunities sought and contradictions found, all hung around the occupants of a dilapidated department building. It has been a bestseller in the Arab world for... £5.99 Save 25%

The Spa DecameronFay WeldonThe new novel from one of Britain's best loved writers. Witty compassionate and casually libidinous The Spa Decameron is a real return to form for Fay Weldon. £11.24 Save 25%

Carter Beats the DevilGlen David GoldThe jazz age of the early 1900s brought vividly to life in one the best historical novels I have read in a long time. It follows the life of a magician, the death of a president and the ensuing investigation. ... £5.99 Save 25%


This Month's Featured 'Relationship Tales' Books

I Never Fancied Him AnywayClaudia CarrollLovereading view to appear soon... £8.24 Save 25%

The Bright Side of DisasterKatherine CenterConvincingly written tale of a woman struggling to come to terms with suddenly finding herself a single Mum when her fiancé walks out the day before the baby is born. It's funny and moving and makes you fully aware of... £5.24 Save 25%

The MannyHolly PetersonA great insight into New York's super-rich, superficial and supercharged people with more money than sense. Their antics are shown to us through the eyes of a harassed, endearing mum who hires a saviour ... a male nanny. Sharp, fast... £5.24 Save 25%


This Month's Featured 'Mystery / Thriller' Books

Exit MusicIan RankinSo the time has come for Rebus to retire. After 20 years of writing him Ian Rankin has decided to put Rebus out to pasture, although you never know what might happen in the future. Our old detective might be... £14.24 Save 25%

Echo ParkMichael ConnellyHarry Bosch is back, believing he missed a clue thirteen years ago and is therefore partly responsible for what is happening now. What a fabulous character this man is and, in a tale of red herrings, lies, the power of... £5.24 Save 25%

The PaybackMike LawsonA very human drama of spying, loyalty and the interplay of relationships, a cut above the norm. Involving suspected fraud at an American naval base, exposing a spy ring and racing towards a dramatic showdown, this is complex, pacy and... £5.24 Save 25%


This Month's Featured 'Historical Fiction' Books

The Sixth WifeSuzannah DunnTold by a close friend of hers, this is the story of the life of Catherine Parr after the death of Henry VIII. A tenderly moving portrait of a woman and a time.Comparison: Philippa Gregory, Jude Morgan, £5.24 Save 25%

ResurrectionistJames McgeeA lovely read, this second Hawkwood novel has all the charm and excitement of the first. My only problem was remembering who's who from the previous one, as we are given very little recap or memory triggers. As its title... £5.24 Save 25%

Wolf of the PlainsConn IgguldenAuthor of the magnificent 'Emperor' series on Julius Caesar now turns his considerable talent to the life of Genghis Khan and his descendants. Another tale of high adventure, brutal times and ambitious people. Wonderful stuff with a lot of human... £5.24 Save 25%

Blood TiesSam HayesA hard-hitting tale of abduction, prostitution, child abuse, family secrets and betrayal. With a few red herrings scattered around to confuse, a gritty sense of real-life drama and a page-turning compulsion, this is a sort of misery memoir (albeit fiction)... £5.24 Save 25%

Happy Lovereading !