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LoveReading Library of the Month #5: Library of Innerpeffray

By Liz Robinson on 7th December 2018

Here at LoveReading we love all things books, in particular libraries, and I am really thrilled to announce that this month we celebrate the Library of Innerpeffray, which was founded in 1680. It is Scotland’s oldest free public lending library and quite simply, an absolute gem! The current Library Manager and 31st Keeper of Books is Lara Haggerty, she asked the Innerpeffray volunteers to answer our questions about their library. You can follow the Library of Innerpeffray on Twitter and Instagram: @Innerpeffray and their Facebook page is @innerpeffray.

Heidi Colquhoun the Lower Mountains Library Coordinator for the Blue Mountains Library in New South Wales Australia contacted LoveReading suggesting we feature the Library of Innerpeffray, having taken a look how could we refuse, the library is now high up on my list of booky places to visit. Heidi wrote a piece about the Library of Innerpeffray for her own Library’s blog (which will be featuring in a later LoveReading piece).

Tell us about your library and the area it sits in.

Innerpeffray is often described as being in the middle of nowhere!  We are in a very rural location, right in the centre of Scotland beside the River Earn in Perthshire, not far from the market town of Crieff and internationally famous Gleneagles Hotel.

Describe your library in three words.

This was very hard! – Inspiring, Magical, Timeless

Apart from plenty of reading material, what other services does your library offer?

Gillean:  We can search our amazing Borrowers’ Register for your family history.

What is the strangest book-related question your team has been asked?

Jimmy:  I was once asked “Why did Robert Burns write poetry?”

If you were to become a character from a book for the day, who would it be and why?

Bill: The editor of The Scots Magazine – it has been going since 1739, the oldest monthly magazine in the world.

What’s been the biggest surprise about working in a library?

 Alice: it has been unexpectedly entertaining!

What are your top three must-reads?

The Borrowers’ Register, Topsell’s History of Four Footed Beasts, The Scots Magazine from the 18th century.

What is your favourite book from your childhood, and why did you love it?

We had lots of fun reminiscing favourites were The Wind in the Willows, because it transports you to another world, Black Beauty for the story and The Box of Delights for the magic of it all.

Why are libraries such a vital link in our communities?

Our history shows time and time again how a library brings a community together.

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