Lovereading most popular books 13 - 20 November 2016

By peter on 21st November 2016

Lovereading Top 10

The Art of Beatrix Potter Sketches, Paintings, and Illustrations The Art of Beatrix Potter Sketches, Paintings, and Illustrations Emily Zach A beautifully presented celebration of the art of one of our most famous and well-loved children’s author, this collection shows us the wealth of material she produced and the true extent of the legacy she left behind.  The key to ... Download free opening extract
The Secret The Secret Katerina Diamond November 2016 Book of the Month. Intense, shocking, thrilling… this is a fast-paced read, so as curveballs and whammies ricochet towards you, make sure you're on your toes and ready to keep up. DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles are ... Download free opening extract
The Beautiful Dead The Beautiful Dead Belinda Bauer November 2016 Book of the Month. Oh my, this is a clever, chilling, and penetrating read. 29 year old TV crime reporter Eve Singer looks for murder and mayhem, but she needs to watch out, as one particular killer is staring ... Download free opening extract
The Museum of Cathy The Museum of Cathy Anna Stothard November 2016 Book of the Month. This latest novel from the acclaimed author of the Orange-longlisted The Pink Hotel is an exploration of memories, consequence and the difficulties of living with the past. Cathy is a curator of natural history in ... Download free opening extract
Lyrebird Lyrebird Cecelia Ahern November 2016 Book of the Month. Just so, so gorgeous! Laura lives on her own in the woodland wilds of South West Ireland, a film crew discover she has a special gift, will she be exploited or set free? I always ... Download free opening extract
Under a Pole Star Under a Pole Star Stef Penney November 2016 Book of the Month. Flora Mackie leads a remarkable life.  Daughter of a whaling captain, with her mother dead, she spent many of her teenage years sailing with him and living with the Inuit of Greenland.  When grown, it ... Download free opening extract
The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow Jackie Morris Gosh, this is absolutely and completely enchanting. The moment I laid eyes on ‘The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow’ I knew I had fallen in love, I hugged the book before even opening the pages. I felt like a ... Download free opening extract
Deep Water Deep Water Christine Poulson November 2016 Book of the Month. A quietly dramatic novel, ‘Deep Water’ thrusts questions forward, and I found myself asking ‘what would I do?’ as I read. Several interlinked stories weave their through and around a clinical trial into obesity, and ... Download free opening extract
Small Great Things Small Great Things Jodi Picoult November 2016 Book of the Month. Just incredible… this punchy, beautiful, readable story vibrates with a powerful energy. After Turk Bauer accuses nurse Ruth Jefferson of murdering his new born son, Kennedy McQuarrie defends Ruth in court. Each of the three ... Download free opening extract
Himself Himself Jess Kidd November 2016 Debut of the Month. Dublin-wise, orphaned young man goes in search of his birth mother. He has a photograph with a note on the back and the name of a village. This is very Irish and completely charming. The ... Download free opening extract