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Putting Authors in the Picture #2: Sarah Hilary

By Liz Robinson on 18th October 2018

Some of our favourite authors are answering questions using photos with a caption rather than a fully written answer… it’s a slightly different take on the traditional Q&A session!

It is no secret that I adore Sarah Hilary’s books, her ‘DI Marnie Rome’ series is a must-read and I live in dread of it finishing, yet also of course great excitement at what may come afterwards! The characters in this series are absolutely fascinating, and have taken up residence in my mind. Book five is the superb Come and Find Me which is out in paperback on the 4 October. Just to let you know that this will be on my best books of the year list, and the series as a whole is an all-time favourite. Sarah has been kind enough to hunt out some of her most loved book photos, I think Sarah's writing spot looks beautiful, and I just want to gather up The Hound of the Baskervilles and give it a great big hug!

Sarah can be found on twitter: @sarah_hilary or on her blog:

The book that made you first want to become an author.

Scary, exciting, a bit twisted. Everything I wanted my books to be.

What is your favourite book cover to date?

My UK publishers, Headline, designed this cover for my second book, No Other Darkness. This is the Swedish translation which is even cooler — because it’s Swedish.

Which photo best sums up your author journey?

Imagine the stack of files and manuscripts are my early attempts — oh, and the reams of rejections. You get the picture.

Which is your most beloved and well-read book?

My grandmother won this in her English class at school in Calcutta when she was seven. She read it to us as children, it holds all my happiest memories.

Your favourite writing spot?

Your favourite reading or writing snacks and beverages?