August 'must reads' all with free Opening Extracts

Hopefully you've just come back from a relaxing summer holiday, or you've still got one to look forward to. But even if you're stuck in Blighty, you can escape from workaday life any time when you've got a great book in your bag. - but first a taster of what's on the site this month.

Life on Fridge DoorOur Book of the Month is a universally compelling story Life on the Refrigerator Door, by Alice Kuipers, follows the relationship between a mother diagnosed with cancer and her teenage daughter via notes left on the fridge. But it is ultimately an uplifting book about how much can be said with so few words, if we just take the time to say them. Debut of I See Youthe Month is I See You by Gregg Hurwitz, a scary thriller perfectly balanced with humour. Drew Danner wakes up in hospital, only to be told he is responsible for the murder of his ex-fiancée. With no memory of the crime, he turns detective and sets out to find the truth. A tough task, as he isn't 100% sure he didn't do it.


author Author of the MonthMichael Crichton

Michael CrichtonAuthor of the Month is Michael Crichton, famous for mixing cutting-edge science with gripping story lines. Anyone who got goose bumps the first time they saw Jurassic Park will find his books even more awesome. Michael's latest, NEXT , is both funny and disturbing, tackling as it does real US gene patent and human tissue laws. It features a movie-quoting parrot, a talking chimpanzee called Dave, and a bar of soap made from a politician's liposucted fat. Tasty!


Historical Romance

Anyone nostalgic for a simpler time, when life wasn't all 100mph confusion, will love our new Village Life feature. We celebrate the relaunch of the Miss Read novels, and books by Rebecca Shaw and Katie Fforde. Miss Read (or Dora Saint, in real life) was born in 1913 and still lives in Berkshire today. Her first rural novel was Village School, published in 1955. And she continued to delight readers with the minutiae of village life until she retired in 1996. If you're too busy to spend all day baking scones and dead-heading roses, then these books will have much the same rejuvenating effect.


Finally, two more literary gems from the Sceptre 21st Birthday celebrations:

Barcelona Plates is by the multi-talented Alexei Sayle. A septuagenarian contract killer and a chronic hypochondriac are two of the characters who populate these hilarious and twisted short stories. Just don't expect happy endings! McCarthy's Bar by Pete McCarthy is funny in a different way. Pete's tale of his journey to every bar in Ireland that bears his name is full of wonderful places and people. A portrait of modern Ireland in all its glorious contradictions.

So download some free Opening Extracts of this month's brilliant books. And remember, at 25% off the RRP, a Lovereading book could turn out to be the cheapest and most exotic holiday you've ever had.

WhodunnitThis Month's Featured 'Crime / Whodunit' Books


Murder at the LaurelsMurder at the LaurelsLesley CookmanThis is a charming crime novel with lots of intrigue, sinister goings on and plenty of good old fashioned British humour. This is the second murder mystery amateur sleuth, Libby Sargeant, finds herself drawn in to. There are plenty of... £5.24 Save 25%


The Book of Air and ShadowsThe Book of Air and ShadowsMichael GruberConspiring theories, old manuscripts, people prepared to kill for the secret and the 'lost' journal in Elizabethan English presented for you to find the clues, this is intricate stuff, weaving together a contemporary thriller and an historical mystery which eventually... £5.24 Save 25%


Hollywood StationHollywood StationJoseph WambaughJoseph Wambaugh is the father of modern police fiction and Hollywood Station, his first book in twenty years, is a true masterwork £5.24 Save 25%


This Month's Featured 'Literary / Contemporary' Books


A Hidden LifeAdele GerasLou Barrington, 23 years old and a single mother, feels she's made a mess of her life. When her malicious grandmother dies leaving her fortune to the rest of the family and Lou the copyright for her grandfather's books (which... £9.74 Save 25%


The Rossetti LetterChristi PhillipsA fascinating novel set in Venice - Alessandra Rossetti, a 17th century courtesan, lives dangerously, being dragged into espionage, murder and treachery, whilst trying to protect the man she loves. Simultaneously, the novel tells us of the 21st century historical... £8.99 Save 25%


McCarthy's BarPete MccarthyA journey round Ireland to visit every bar that bears the author's name. What a wonderful idea and what a journey, made unique by its guide. This is not a travelogue but a delightful, highly humorous, warm look at different... £5.99 Save 25%


Barcelona PlatesAlexei SayleA stunning, bitter and darkly comic collection of short stories; rather like looking at life through 'fairground mirrors' seemingly ordinary situations take on an absurd, hilarious or tragic turn with the smallest of movements. Thoroughly enjoyable but don't expect any... £5.99 Save 25%


This Month's Featured 'Relationship Tales' Books


Ready or Not?Grace Wynne-jonesAnother delightful story from Grace Wynne-Jones, this time four creative, interesting people are all searching for something that is missing in their lives. A tale of love, friendship and commitment told with warmth and wit. £5.24 Save 25%


Vintage BabesElizabeth OldfieldA refreshing read about three women who form a fast friendship. They also find that being of a certain age can certainly have it's advantages in a world where some believe you're passed your sell by date. Funny, pacy and... £5.24 Save 25%


The Romancipation of Maggie HunterJane SigaloffA funny heart-warming read . Some very good observations in this, I found myself thinking "thank goodness I'm not the only one who does that" on several occasions. Instead of struggling to find Mr Perfect and then get him to... £5.24 Save 25%


The Chocolate Lovers' ClubCarole MatthewsWhat a lovely scenario, how refreshing not to be made to feel guilty about one of most women's passions. This 'Club' is made up of four 'addicts' who all find comfort in chocolate but it is actually each other they... £5.24 Save 25%


This Month's Featured 'Mystery / Thriller' Books


Last Known VictimErica SpindlerSpindler weaves another masterful work of murder and suspense. The backdrop to this crime novel is the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina where, in the aftermath, a ghoulish discovery of severed female hands are found in a refrigerator. Captain Patti... £5.24 Save 25%


Run the RiskScott FrostThis is real cat and mouse stuff as a killer taunts Lieutenant Delillo in a race against time. The action is fast and furious as the tension builds and the psychological games being played out keep you mesmerised and intrigued... £5.24 Save 25%


I See YouGregg Andrew HurwitzAugust 2007 Debut of the MonthThis is gritty, scary and psychologically deep but perfectly balanced with humour and wit. Los Angeles, with its smog, silicone and constant drone of the freeways is the apt setting. Drew Danner is a... £5.24 Save 25%


HeartsickChelsea CainA brilliant thriller from this new crime writer. Heart Sick has pace and action and a fantastic psychopathic serial killer, something you feel all the more because the killer is a woman. Tension mounts brilliantly, the past and present stories... £7.5 Save 25%


This Month's Featured 'Historical Fiction' Books


SanctuaryRaymond KhouryFollowing his massive success with The Last Templar, Khoury brings us another gripping thriller. Following a geneticist who gets caught up in a deadly quest for a secret that has destroyed everyone in its path for centuries, this is... £11.24 Save 25%


Chaucer's TriumphGarry O'connorA humourous, historical tale bringing together the medieval chivalry of Chaucer's time along with the savageness of the age. There is plenty if intrigue, back stabbing and moral corruptness to make this a pacy romp of a novel, as well... £11.99 Save 25%


The Expected OneKathleen McgowanThis book genuinely surprised me. Many people believe the events of The Da Vinci Code to be more than fiction. What will they make of this which is not only far better written, but actually based on fact? If... £5.99 Save 25%


Far From HomeLyn Andrews1920's Liverpool and a gritty tale from one of the best in this area.Similar this month: Annie Groves.Comparison: Helen Forrester, Ruth Hamilton, Katie Flynn. £5.24 Save 25%


Happy Lovereading !

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