Ambassador Book Buzz: The Nothing Man by Catherine Ryan Howard

The Nothing Man is the latest book from Catherine Ryan Howard and is published on the 6th August. Merging thriller with true crime, the story follows Eve Black, the only know survivor of the serial killer the Nothing Man, who is publishing her memoir to much fanfare in order to lure him out. 

Meanwhile, Supermarket Security guard, Jim Doyle notices the book on the shelves, and is reading too. The more he reads the more his rage builds because he is the Nothing Man. Jim needs to read more to find out how much Eve know and how close she is to discovering the truth.

The Nothing Man includes two books in one as Eve's true crime memoir is enveloped in thrilling, tension building storytelling as the  we ait to discover whether the truth will be revealed.

We've been incredibly excited about the release of this fascinating new book from Catherine Ryan Howard and we are excited to be able to share the #booklove with our Ambassador Book Buzz. 

Please find below the dates and details of our Ambassador Book Buzz, as well as the links to their blogs. Please show them some #BookLove and see what they had to say about The Nothing Man.

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