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Contemporary Classics

Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy Blood Meridian

Tells the story of a teenage runaway known only as 'the kid', who falls in with a group of notorious outlaws: the Glanton Gang. This novel traces the destiny of 'the kid' as he falls further and further from grace,...
Format: CD-Audio - Released: 03/08/2009
Lovereading Price: £15.99 - Saving £4.00 (20%)

No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy No Country for Old Men

Llewelyn Moss goes on the run after being tempted by the bounty of a drug deal gone awry. A thrilling sequence of events ensues as a ruthless hitman and benevolent sheriff trail him in a nail-biting and suspenseful chase that...
Format: CD-Audio - Released: 28/03/2009
Lovereading Price: £13.59 - Saving £3.40 (20%)

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