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The Wives Reader Reviews

The Wives

Maureen Gourlay

Three Wives who have it all. Or do they? Looking for revenge when one of them is wrongly accused causes all of them to re-think what it is they really want. A racey good read for the beach this summer.

We first met Emily Charlton when she worked for Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. Since leaving she started her own successful Celebrity Publicity Agency but is now losing clients, so when she hears about a friend who has been wrongly accused of a Drink Driving offence she sees this as a way to help her friend and her flagging career. They plan revenge on the husband when they realise he has set this whole thing up. With twists and turns along the way we discover that The Wives, who seem to have everything, are not as happy and secure as they they think they are, despite their money and glamorous lives. This is a fun and racey read and a good sequel to TDWP - definitely recommended
Holiday reading !

Clare Reynolds

Emily's back - and this time it's personal! If you only choose one book this summer, make sure it's The Wives!

Emily, Miriam and Karolina are three successful women who are all in the throes of coming to terms with changes in their once successful and privileged lifestyles.

When Emily's business starts to suffer at the hands of a younger rival, she decides to visit her friend Miriam, once a successful lawyer and now a stay at home mum. When Miriam's friend Karolina is set up by her husband as a way to seamlessly exit their marriage, the wives come together to clear Karolina's name and bring him down.

The Wives is a whip smart, funny and brilliant read. It not only shows the power of female friendship, and the amazing things that happen when women work together, but also that however much money and power you have, women all over the world have the same doubts and fears.

Lauren Weisberger writes like a dream, her descriptions of social situations and relevant cultural references are acerbic and spot on every single time. There is not one wasted sentence.

I read The Wives in two days - I loved every single page, and cannot tell you how fabulous it was to meet Emily and Miranda Priestly all over again.

A perfect Summer read, and one I will recommend to everyone!

Catherine Jenkins

The perfect serving of a creamy, luxurious venti vanilla latte - with a shot of cheeky intrigue!

For fans of The Devil Wears Prada and its world of high-end fashion and luxe lifestyles, this is a must-read. The descriptions are as stylish as one could hope for, and Emily and Miranda have lost none of the "charm" that made us fall in love with them (or, in Miranda's case, at her awe/terror), in the first place. The plot is deliciously vengeful, and is just made to be a Netflix series one day. A bath-tub read, or even better on the beach, this deserves to be a hot summer pick.

Emma Lewis

Revenge, Relevant, Women power, pure escapism. Loved it. Best book I've read in a long time.

Ah so lovely to step back (or escape) into the glamourous expensive world with Emily, where she is now an image consultant who is a little bit down on her luck. A mutual acquaintance needs her help and Emily and two other strong female leads all work together to exact revenge. They even come up triumph against their own personal battles they face day to day alongside the main crisis they are dealing with.

I loved this book and read it in two sittings, just could not put this down. I also love how Lauren references recent events in the celebrity world including #metoo so the book is very topical and relevant. Oh and did I also mention that Miranda Priestly also features? The prefect book to read on holiday, on the train, night in, in the bath, just anywhere. A must read and you won't be disappointed.

kathryn Jolley-Whitfield

Female friendship at its best! When times are hard you need your friends, especially to help you with revenge. Loved it!! It is entertaining, emotional, laugh out loud funny, just brilliant.

I loved this story, such a fun read. It has reference to the previous 2 books but I would say it a standalone book. Emily is a brilliant character, she is so funny and tells people how it is, which is harsh at times but true. I loved all 3 female characters, Emily, Karolina and Miriam. All strong females but when life changes for the worst they come together to get through. Perfect balance of serious and funny, I think Lauren Weisberger is such a brilliant writer. You will probably devour this in one sitting, a perfect page turner for your holidays.

Cathy Small

Never forget that what goes around normally comes back around. When Karolina’s husband sets out to disgrace her and get a divorce, he didn’t account for revenge that would come back at him.

KarolIna was a wife just trying to do the best for her stepson and her husband but she got in the way of his career aspirations. When she hits the lowest that she can, it's her oldest friend that picks her up and calls in reinforcements to get her revenge. Lauren takes us through the highs & lows of the marriages for the main characters with a brief interlude when the terrifying Miranda Priestley makes a brief return. A story of heartbreak but will moments of hilarity that keep you turning the pages.

Jo-anne Atkinson

Weisberger has a real talent for taking a subject and dissecting it with a sharp turn of phrase. This book is genre-defying in the quality of its writing and it so enjoyable.

I have to say that I am not a lover of 'chick-lit' and very rarely read 'bonkbusters'! If choosing a book by its cover I would avoid this like the plague. However I loved 'The Devil Wears Prada' because Weisberger has a really sly turn of phrase and a way of looking beneath the surface of the subjects of her satire, so when offered the chance to read 'The Wives' I decided to take the plunge. Three hours later and I realise I've devoured a 400 page book! Yes, it's trashy. Yes, it's like the empty carbs that her characters bemoan but Weisberger has again hit the zeitgeist
Returning to the character of Emily Charlton ('one stomach flu away from my goal weight'), who is now feeling aged and somewhat obsolete but still fighting against being relegated to motherhood in the suburbs, Weisberger pokes fun at the rich women whose life is one suburban competition. The men in this book are merely adornment or targets, it's all about the woman and for the three main characters it's about empowerment. It's witty and clever and so addictive

Britteny Sutcliffe

I fell into this book when reading, and did not want it to end.

This book starts with Emily, the image consultant who is currently having her career pulled from her feet by a younger model. With her husband working away, she decides to go stay with Miriam, an old friend who was a well known lawyer but after having her 3 kids decided to give up the job and be a stay-at-home mum.
Miriam, sees something in the newspaper about her friend Karolina, that could literally ruin her life and her family.

Emily, Miriam and Karolina become a brilliant threesome and are ready to ensure that the person responsible for this terrible situation, gets what they deserve!
Can they do it? While also dealing with some of their own personal issues?

I absolutely loved this book, I am definitely keeping my eye open for some more books from this author. I fell into this book when reading, and did not want it to end. I am aware that some of the characters overlap from other books from the author, this did not have an affect on this story in any way, however does make me want to read the others! I definitely recommend this book!

Heather Byrne

A zippy novel, that delivers humour, gossip and zing - perfect for the holidays.

Written with humour and fairly buzzing along, Lauren Weisberger's latest novel brings three women together ostensibly to right a wrong, but at the same time learn a lot about themselves, their relationships and how important friendship is.
Whilst I'm aware of the other novels by Weisberger I have not read them and, although some of the characters overlap, this does not impact on the enjoyment of this story.
A fun novel for someone who wants a book that doesn't particularly challenge but delivers a fast-paced, humorous read.


Definitely worth the read, and is also a book that I would consider reading again.

Really enjoyed this book, had a bit of everything for me. The story had some seriousness as well as some funny bits which is a great balance in my opinion.

I have read a few of Lauren Weisberger’s previous books and I enjoyed those as well, all her books are well written and easy to follow with good story lines, along with this one. Definitely worth the read, and is also a book that I would consider reading again.

Nicola Edwards

Great characters, lots of laughs, what more do you want from a fun, summer beach read!

I had previously read ‘the devil wears Prada’ and really enjoyed it, so I was very excited to see what the characters had been up to.

Emily was previously the PA to Miranda Priestly, but is now an image consultant who is experiencing a number of ups and downs with her business as she has competition from a younger version of herself. After meeting her friend Miriam, she comes across Karolina, a senator’s wife who has just been charged with drink driving.

As her business is spiralling out of control, Emily jumps at the chance to help Karolina and the three women become great friends and help each other out through some tough times.

This is a very amusing book, with some laugh-out loud moments, but also some emotional times as the three women go through some challenging times. I loved these characters as they are all so different. This book is an ideal summer beach read!

Susan Wallace

A nice, easy, frivolous read for when you're lying on the beach. Don't expect to take it seriously - just enjoy it.

From the author of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, this book, ‘The Wives’, follows Emily Charlton, a city girl who, as a former assistant to legendary fashion editor Miranda Priestly in New York, learned to be a bitch, but is now struggling to keep her clients as an independent image consultant. She goes to stay with an old friend, Miriam, in Greenwich, a posh suburb of New York, and gets embroiled in the marital problems of supermodel, Karolina, who employs Emily to re-establish her image and sort out her family problems.
This is not the sort of book I would normally read, but I actually quite enjoyed it. It doesn’t have any great depth. Some of the characters are, quite frankly, unbelievable in the things they say and do, but perhaps rich people in upmarket suburbs are really like that. The three main characters are depicted as very insecure and really very shallow. Despite that, it’s a nice easy read in a sort of silly way. Don’t expect to take it seriously and you may well enjoy it.

Alison Bradbury

This is a nice summer read but the character's felt like they lacked a little depth to me and I struggled to really care about what happened to them. It was very reminiscent of The First Wives Club only without the humour really which is a shame. Still enjoyable so don't be put off.

Hmm, what to say about The Wives....

This is the story of three women, Karolina, Miriam and Emily. Anyone familiar with The Devil Wears Prada will be have heard of Emily...and several of the other characters too. Emily no longer works for Runway magazine but instead is an image consultant working on getting celebrities out of trouble - that is until they start to decide that she isn't young, trendy and in touch with social media enough and she starts to lose clients to a younger woman. Emily is only too glad to step in when Karolina's Senator husband decides that the best way to divorce his wife is by setting her up on drink driving charge so that he can appear like the good guy trying to protect his children....cue Emily and her spin machine. Even Miriam is coaxed back into work to help dig the dirt for Emily, and not before time as she is starting to worry that her husbands midlife crisis car is actually hiding an affair - just what is he up to?

This is a nice summer read but the character's felt like they lacked a little depth to me and I struggled to really care about what happened to them. It was very reminiscent of The First Wives Club only without the humour really which is a shame. Still enjoyable so don't be put off.

Evelyn Love- Gajardo

A really enjoyable read.

This is a perfect summer read-fun and frothy, with some characters from previous books, including a cameo from the supremely awful Miranda Priestley. It's got some great details about the lives of rich yummy mummies in suburban New York and is highly entertaining.If you enjoyed The Devil Wears Prada you will love this too.
A really enjoyable read.

Natalie Plant

Not a favourite I’m afraid!

I really struggled to get into this book if I’m honest. The main protagonist, Emily, is around my age, but quite annoying, feels like she’s desperately hanging onto a past life when it would be better to move with the times. I think she was in a previous novel, so maybe I would feel more for her if I knew her backstory better. The book name also drops a lot of celebrities, which I don’t think is at all necessary.
I felt for Katrina, who I being treated terribly by her husband, and I felt an affinity with mum of young kids Miriam, not feeling she fits in with the incrowd etc. But none of the characters were particularly likeable. The premise of the book would be good with more interesting believable characters, but it just didn’t do it for me, and it was all wrapped up quickly and neatly at the end. Not for me I’m afraid!

Rachael Anderson

A bit hit and miss.

The Wives is broken up into chapters, with the sub chapter title of one of the three main characters: Emily, Miriam and Karolina. Emily Charlton is the former assistant to Miranda Priestley (The Devil Wears Prada), now image consultant and stylist to Hollywood stars. Karolina is a former model and friend to Miriam, whose husband, Graham, a senator, who throws away his wife in a particularly ugly fashion. The three forementioned characters group together in order to get revenge on Graham. There are other plot threads, however, this is the most dominant one. The plot on the whole is completely unbelievable. The plots twists (?) are somewhat implausible and one of the end ones involving Miranda, plain irritating. Karolina is initially very naive and trusting, but is very different in the final chapters. Not sure how likely this character development would be in real life. However, if you just let these areas wash over you it is a reasonably enjoyable book, if a little to lengthy for my liking. The ending is satisfying (for me anyway), but very much expected. All in all could be better, but good enough for the holidays.

Adrienne Kinsella

Revenge, scandal and feisty friendships set in a world of wealth and privilege make this a great summer read. A woman's husband sets her up for a spectacular fall from grace, but her friends are determined to ensure he pays.

Karolina, Emily and Miriam are super wealthy and all once had glittering careers. Karolina and Miriam are now stay at home moms and Emily's career is fading fast. When Karolina's husband sets her up and publicly announces their divorce, they come together to prove her innocence and ensure Graham gets what he deserves. Along the way, Emily and Miriam both learn more about their own marriages and how they can improve their lives. A light, witty and highly entertaining summer read with an interesting mix of characters.

Jess R

With pop-culture references galore and snappy dialogue, THE WIVES is a punchy, up-to-the-minute story of three strong women, exploring how their lives alter through age, motherhood (or lack of) and career/relationship changes.

THE WIVES is a punchy, up-to-the-minute story of three women – one of whom, Emily Charlton, is already well-known to readers of Lauren Weisberger's previous books. Having moved on from her Runway days, Emily is now in LA working as a consultant to the stars, fixing issues and bad PR and generally helping stars’ lives go smoothly. When she heads back east to see an old friend, Miriam, she ends up offering to help a local friend of Miriam’s - Karolina, an ex-model, is experiencing a personal and humiliating disaster in front of the world’s media and nobody is listening to her side of the story...

This book explores the sisterhood of women – both old friends and new – and how assumptions about people based on their social stature and the way their lives look can often be wrong. It’s a fun, yet sometimes sobering, look at issues within relationships and how they change over time – and it’s the type of story where you can spot yourself and others you know in the characters. There are pop-culture references galore, snappy dialogue, and an honest look at how women’s lives alter as they get older, experience motherhood (or not) and make career changes. I really enjoyed the interplay between the three main characters, and the satisfying ending. The read was easy and yet stimulating, and there’s (as you might have guessed or hoped) a little star turn during the book from someone we know...!

Book Information

ISBN: 9780008276256
Publication date: 12th July 2018
Author: Lauren Weisberger
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Hardback
Genres: Reader Reviewed Books, eBook Favourites, Exclusive Pre-Publication, Family Drama, Modern and Contemporary Fiction, Relationship Stories,