Everything You Need to Know, But Have Never Been Told by David Icke

By Charlotte Carus on 23rd November 2017

Are you ready for a perception reboot? Reality is not what we think it is, and we need to escape The Matrix before it’s too late.

So says David Icke, the bestselling author, public speaker and ‘King of the Conspiracy Theorists’ in his latest controversial book, Everything You Need to Know, But Have Never Been Told.

For the uninitiated, Icke was a promising footballer until his burgeoning career was derailed by arthritis - a subject he tackles in a chapter on the big pharmaceutical companies. He went on to be a popular sports pundit before a very public ‘unravelling’, when the mainstream media declared, as politely as ever, that he had lost his marbles.

Icke has written many bestselling books over a 20-plus year career but this could be his most comprehensive and powerful work to date, in which he brings together an encyclopaedia’s worth of conspiracy theories that might appear to be unrelated but, he argues, are all deeply interconnected.

His aim is nothing less than to expose the extent of the lies that he believes we have been fed, reveal the shocking extent of humanity’s enslavement, our misperception of ‘reality’ and how it relates to current world events.

Icke’s straight talking is a trademark of his writing, and he tackles some extremely heavy subjects with a lightness of touch that ensures his messages come through loud and clear.

Admittedly, it takes an open mind to get on board with some of his theories – shape-shifting royals; the planet Saturn as an “enormous broadcasting system” beaming a fake perception of reality that we call the ‘real world’” – but his detailed discussions of how humanity is being manipulated by a shadowy elite resonates with today’s world, where people are becoming increasingly sceptical about our leaders’ proclamations and are looking for alternative, more enquiring voices.

His ideas are backed by an impressive amount of research, and even the most die-hard sceptics will find some of their preconceptions challenged.

Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told is as much a call to arms as a title. Fearing that the elite’s end-game is fast approaching, and being horrified by the ease, even willingness, that the masses are blindly racing over the edge, Icke urges his audience at every turn to “step out of the Matrix”, and become open to new ways of thinking about reality.

Although he writes with an engagingly informal voice and a dash of humour, Icke’s message is deadly serious. In no uncertain terms, he says we must wake up and challenge the existing world order before it’s too late.

Central to Icke’s rationale is his well-reported belief that humankind is being controlled by multi-dimensional extra-terrestrial ‘Archontic Reptilians’, who secretly make up the world’s ruling powers and secret societies. Think that sounds far-fetched? That’s exactly what ‘they’ want you to believe, he argues.

Another major concern for him is the increasing reliance on technology and push towards transhumanism, where the human body and computers combine. Icke has warned constantly about a global police state for the last few decades and so, he wonders, why would anyone care to insert gadgets under their skin that can be tracked and controlled remotely.

It’s one of many good questions that come from reading the book, and it certainly succeeds in getting the reader to consider many ‘truths’ they take for granted. It helps that the author backs up his theories all the way with solid reasoning, combined with anecdotes from his own life and experiences. If all you know about David Icke are the pokes in the popular press then you will be pleasantly surprised by the lucidity of his writing.

His arguments may go against what we consider to be rational, but, Icke argues, our very notion of rationality needs to be reprogrammed.

Whether you read it out of mere curiosity or a desire to know what’s really behind the World Agenda, and what to do about it, Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told is a controversial yet fascinating read.

Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told by David Icke (David Icke Books) is out now, priced £14.99. Visit davidicke.com.